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Youth Fight For Jobs

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Youth and Students

25 February 2015

Fight tuition fees - support the TUSC alternative

Labour's recent announcement that, given a win at the up-coming elections, they plan on reducing tuition fees to £6,000 a year would be laughable to students if it was not a complete insult

More ...

25 February 2015

Worse off than our parents

With the approaching general election, many young people, like me, are looking for answers to the multitude of problems over jobs, pay, housing, and education, etc, writes Tanis Belsham-Wray, Leeds Socialist Party

More ...

25 February 2015

Warrington 'vanity project' youth service cuts

Warrington's Labour council is pumping millions into a new 'Youth Zone' recreation centre. This is at the expense of professionally trained and paid youth workers - and without listening to the needs

More ...

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

18 February 2015

Preparing the forces to fight capitalist austerity

On 14-15 February, branch delegates and visitors gathered at 2015 Socialist Party congress to discuss and debate the key political developments internationally and in Britain, and to map out the party's tasks over the next 12 months

More ...

Protesting the arrests of anti-water tax campaigners

18 February 2015

"Dogs of war" unleashed against water tax movement

"Call off the dogs of war on people in Jobstown." These were the words of Socialist Party TD (member of parliament) Ruth Coppinger when she challenged the Tánaiste (deputy prime minister) Joan Burton in the Dáil (Irish parliament) on 12 February

More ...

Workers' pay down £2.5k - Bosses' pay up £700k

18 February 2015

Workers' pay down £2,500... Bosses' pay up £700,000

Fight for decent pay, jobs and benefits: Feeling the pinch? Cutting back on spending? Wondering how you'll make it to the end of the month? You're not alone. Workers everywhere are struggling with stagnating wages and rising prices

More ...

18 February 2015

Lewisham: striking against 'academisation'

NUT union members from Sedgehill and the three Prendergast Federation schools, in Lewisham, south London, came out on strike on 12 February against the threat of forced 'academisation'

More ...

18 February 2015

Individual registration excludes voters...

Almost a million fewer people are registered to vote than last year - another barrier to anti-establishment campaigners in elections, writes David Maples, Lambeth Socialist Party.

More ...

11 February 2015

Campaigns news in brief

East Mids conference: Socialist Party members held their annual regional conference on 31 January. We discussed events in Greece and Britain's coming election, as well as women's, young people's and workplace campaign work

More ...

4 February 2015

Rebuilding the student movement in Leicester

"Students and workers, unite and fight!" was the chant that summed up the spirit of the Leicester March for Free Education

More ...

4 February 2015

Academies victory: one down, four to go!

Lewisham branch of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) has balloted members in five schools for strike action against privatisation

More ...

4 February 2015

Hands off our housing benefit!

"These cuts will sink us further into poverty": The government's plan to abolish housing benefit for under-21s has demonstrated, once again, how sorely out of touch they are with reality

More ...

photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

4 February 2015

Get organised and fight back

Struggling to live on low pay? None of my workmates at the major supermarket I work for would be surprised by the latest figures showing young people's wages have gone down 9% since 2008.

More ...

Greek workers marching in Thessaloniki, photo Ged Travers

Greek workers marching in Thessaloniki, photo Ged Travers

28 January 2015

Syriza victory shows austerity elite can be beaten

That's the message ringing out from Greece in the aftermath of the country's parliamentary elections on 25 January

More ...

21 January 2015

Youth unemployment: anxiety and anger

A new report by the Prince's Trust shows the devastating impact of unemployment on young people in Britain

More ...

Tesco: every little cut helps

21 January 2015

Tesco: every little cut helps

In a small store such as ours, managers often end up working side by side with ordinary staff, all doing the same job. It's called "rumble", and can be a fun activity, joking and chatting, writes a Tesco worker.

More ...

19 January 2015

UCU: Clear strategy needed to reignite pensions action

On 14 January the UCU lecturers' union continued the suspension of the marking boycott to allow for a ballot of members on new proposals from the employers, which will run from 16 to 26 January

More ...

14 January 2015

Charlie Hebdo: no to terrorism

Don't let us be divided! Fight against racism!: This statement was written (on 8 January) by Gauche Revolutionnaire (the sister organisation of the Socialist Party in France) in response to the attack on Charlie Hebdo

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