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Youth Fight For Jobs

International Socialist Resistance website

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Youth and Students

28 May 2015

1,000 demonstrate against austerity

Leeds Youth Fight for Jobs organised a protest on the day of the state opening of parliament

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photo Paul Mattsson

photo Paul Mattsson

27 May 2015

Fight for our future!

Tories threaten young people's welfare, housing and education: Sitting in my first A-level economics lesson a year before US bank Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy my teacher said: "before you finish this course the economy will have crashed"

More ...

27 May 2015

Stop the privatisation of student loans!

No one was surprised to hear of the Tories' plans to continue with their brutal austerity programme after winning a majority

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27 May 2015

A new chapter in Chile's political crisis

Chile: mass demonstrations: Hundreds of thousands took to the streets of major Chilean cities this month. Demonstrators - mostly youth, but also workers and older people - insisted the government meet students' demands for free

More ...

27 May 2015

Protest against the Queen's speech

Wednesday 27 May: Protests happening in towns and cities up and down the country - check out to find one near you!

More ...

20 May 2015

Tories rig exams to favour rich students

I recently wrote a letter to Mr Neil Carmichael, Stroud's Conservative MP, about my concerns surrounding A-level reform - but was fed an unsatisfactory automated response

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photo Sujeeth

20 May 2015

Tory war on youth

Protest at re-opening of parliament on 27 May: Shock at election result has quickly turned into anger and action

More ...

20 May 2015

Management thrashed in academies debate

Students, staff and parents gave management a sound drubbing in a south London debate over whether three schools should be converted into academies, writes Beth Sutcliffe, Lewisham Socialist Party.

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Cartoon Alan Hardman

20 May 2015

Build a movement to defeat the government's savagery

When Maggie Thatcher first spoke from the Downing Street steps she quoted Francis of Assisi, promising harmony and hope. Instead she ruled ruthlessly for the 1%. Cameron's promise to be a 'one nation' prime minister is a lie on the same scale

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15 May 2015

Civil disobedience day

YFJ plans protests on Wednesday 27th May, the day of the state opening of the new parliament

More ...

13 May 2015

Leeds YFJ anti-austerity protest

After only being online for a day, over 2,000 people have indicated they will attend an anti-austerity protest organised by Leeds Youth Fight for Jobs (YFJ) on the day of the state opening of parliament

More ...

13 May 2015

Rage in Baltimore: aftermath of Freddie Gray's death

On 26 April, the first black US President, Barack Hussein Obama, stepped to the podium at the annual White House Correspondents' Association dinner to engage in frivolous banter with fellow politicians, corporate media hounds and comedians, dressed in their finest tuxedoes and gowns

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13 May 2015

Left gains at NUS conference

Last year at the National Union of Students conference, support for free education passed by a whisker, overturning a decade of opposition. This year, 90% of delegates voted to back free education, writes Ian Pattison, Socialist Students national chair.

More ...

30 April 2015

Why you should join the socialists

Are you sickened that in the last year one million people had to rely on food banks?

More ...

23 April 2015

Wales: Hundreds protest cuts to adult education

Staff and students across colleges in Wales took part in protests against cuts

More ...

22 April 2015

30 years ago: 250,000 school students walked out.

This month marks the 30th anniversary of the 1985 school student strikes. Militant, the predecessor of the Socialist Party, played a leading role in organising them

More ...

22 April 2015

TUSC's election broadcast - "at last - a left wing alternative"

On Friday 17 April the TUSC party political broadcast aired on all five terrestrial TV channels

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22 April 2015

NUS women's conference

Now is a time when fighting back is becoming ever more important. But no mass organisations are willing to play the role of leaders. Socialist Students has to step up!

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19 April 2015

Only TUSC can be trusted to save local services

"You're the first person who has made sense in this election" said a council worker

More ...

15 April 2015

Putting socialism back in LGBT politics

Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (LGSM) is once again on the frontline of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) politics, writes Jack Chadwick, York University Students' Union LGBTQ Officer.

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