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2002 archive:

May 2002 Council Elections Socialist Party Candidates  

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He who pays the piper

A Worker's MP on a Workers' wage


Picture: Mick Griffiths, Socialist Party candidate, Wakefield East

Socialist challenges break New Labour's grip


Election Campaign 2005

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2002 archive:

The Socialist Party recently won councillors -- in Coventry, London and Preston.  More Socialist Party candidates are standing, and some of our councillors are up for re-election, so we appeal to you to help our campaign.

Between 1983 and 1992 our three socialist MPs -- Dave Nellist, Terry Fields and Pat Wall -- lived on the average wage of the workers in their areas and not the inflated salaries of Parliament. 

Any Socialist Party member elected will only accept the average wage of the workers they represent, so that they remain part of the working class communities they represent.

Phone our national office on 020 8988 8777 to see what you can do to help our campaign.



Dave Nellist

DAVE IS the leader of the Socialist group on Coventry city council. He is also national chair of the Socialist Alliance.

Dave was MP in the city from 1983 to 1992, when he was known as a workers' MP on a worker's wage. He took only the wage of a skilled factory worker, less than half of what other MPs took for themselves.  Standing to be re-elected as councillor.

Tel: 024 76 525 394


Ian Page


IAN IS a Lewisham councillor standing for re-election in Telegraph Hill, Deptford. A councillor for ten years, Ian has been active in defending services across the borough. He led opposition to the council's attempt to privatise local council housing.

He was expelled from the Labour Party in 1995 for opposing their policy of cuts in council housing services and has since become the first councillor to be elected for the Socialist Party in London.

Tel 020 8988 8777



Sam Dias


Education, Education, Education?

"Labour's plans to end comprehensive education will hit all working class families hard, but Black and Asian students will be hit amongst the worst. Our schools need a massive injection of public funding, not shortages and selection."

SAM DIAS, Socialist Party councillor, Lewisham.



Mick Griffiths 

Wakefield East

MICK IS a trade union representative at Pinderfields Hospital, where he works as a porter. Collecting 20,000 petition signatures, he spearheaded the long-running campaign for public funding for the new hospital development, and opposed the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) proposals.

Mick's efforts to force a Wakefield-wide referendum on hospital funding led to the Wakefield Express ballot of public opinion, which rejected PFI's back-door privatisation and massively supported government funding. Tel 01924 365 795



Peter Glover


PETER IS a teacher and stood in the 1997 general election. He has campaigned against low pay, cuts in the NHS and for a clean environment for the people of Bootle. Tel 0151 922 6077



Gavin Marsh


GAVIN IS a registered nurse who has been active in local politics for nearly 20 years. Gavin is currently leading a campaign against Southampton New Labour council's cuts.

Tel 023 8049 5266





Press Release and full list of candidates:


Socialist Party stands in 33 local council elections  - Four councillors defending seats.


The Socialist Party is providing a socialist alternative to Labour in 33 council seats in the forthcoming local elections in England.  Four of those standing will be sitting councillors: Dave Nellist in Coventry; Ian Page and Sam Dias in Lewisham, south-east London and Paul Malliband in Preston. Additionally, a Socialist Party candidate is standing in a by-election in the Marsh-house ward in Teesside on 16 May.

Our candidates will be standing on a programme of being for the millions not the millionaires.  We want a system which takes the economy out of the hands of the rich minority and allows working-class people, through democratic ownership and control, to plan society to meet the needs of the majority - not just the privileged few.New Labour has failed to reach their target of lifting 1.2 million children out of poverty.  3.9 million children are still poor.  But Britain's super rich have seen their combined wealth grow to 159.6 billion.

Councillor Paul Malliband

defending Preston Brookfield


Low-paid workers will get a measly 10p an hour rise in October, taking the minimum wage to just 4.20 (3.60 for 18-21-year-olds).  That's an increase of only 2.4%.  Fat cat directors however had an average pay rise of 107% between 1994 and 2001.

Taxes have gone up to pay for spending on the NHS.  But New Labour refuse to increase income tax for the very rich.  Corporation tax for big business is one of the lowest in industrialised world.  85 billion is lost to the exchequer every year through tax avoidance by the rich -  nearly twice the annual budget for the health service!

New Labour always put the profits of their big business friends before the interests of ordinary working people. 

Voting for the Socialist Party will give people the chance to give a genuine, fighting voice for working-class people in councils up and down the country.

The full list of candidates is shown below: All Socialist Party candidates are standing under our party's registered electoral name of Socialist Alternative.


Seat -- Candidate


Newcastle Byker -- Bill Hopwood


Hull Southcoates -- Keith Ellis


Doncaster Thorne -- Mary Jackson


Rotherham Aston -- Paul Marshall


Sheffield Park -- Terry Wykes


Sheffield Manor -- Alistair Tice


Huddersfield Newsome -- Dylan Murphy


Wakefield East -- Mick Griffiths


Pontrefact -- John Gill


Leeds Beeston -- Dave Jones


Preston Brookfield -- Councillor Paul Malliband


Merseyside Bootle -- Pete Glover


Birmingham Northfield -- Louise Holdey




St Michaels -- Councillor Dave Nellist


Fosehill -- Jim Hensman


Longford -- Martin Reynolds


Whoberley -- Mark Power


Westwood -- Ella Manley


Binley/Wilenhall -- Becky Tustain


Henley -- Martha Young


Lower Stoke -- Jane Ashwell



Stevenage Bedwell -- Steve Glennon


Lewisham Telegraph Hill -- Councillor Ian Page, and Councillor Sam Dias


Walthamstow Markhouse -- Louise Thompson, Suzanne Muna, and  Kevin Parslow


Hillingdon Pinkwell -- Julia Leonard


Hackney Cazenove -- Chris Newby


Southampton -- Gavin Marsh


Bristol Lockleaze -- Roger Thomas


Bristol Bedminster -- Robin Clapp


Swindon -- Jean Walker

Further information: contact Ken Smith on 020 8988 8778

Ken Smith


Press release ends 


He who pays the piper...

The Funding of the Establishment Political Parties: NEW LABOUR has reluctantly admitted receiving three individual donations of 2 million each. The three donors - supermarket magnate and government minister Lord Sainsbury, wealthy publisher Lord Hamlyn and ex-Tory backer Christopher Ondaatje - are further proof of Labour's subservience to big business: and high time the trade unions break their finacial links with Labour. 


State Funding - Where do socialists stand?


Workers' MP on a Workers Wage: "Rise with your class, not out of it" -- Coventry Socialist Party councillor and former MP Dave Nellist spells out what our demand means in practice


The Tories: Paragons of sleaze


Fund the fight for socialism


Trade Union donations: Free the funds


Political Parties Act - full of holes

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