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This is a brief A - Z selection of some feature articles carried in The Socialist newspaper. There's more on this site, and much more carried in the pages of The Socialist 

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What is Socialism?



What is Marxism?


Jaguar: Don't Let The Fat Cats Bury The Big Cat

Kashmir conflict: Capitalist Crisis Threatens Nuclear War

Kashmir Crisis: Regional Powers Threaten New War

Kelly Death Deepens Blair's Crisis

Kosova: One year after NATO's war

Khrushchev: The Stalinist who denounced Stalin

Kyrgyzstan's ‘Tulip revolution’

Labour sleaze: Time for a new workers' party

Labour And The Unions

Labour: Making The Break With Labour

Labour Party: Origins of the Labour Party 1900 – 2000: Fighting for a new workers party

Labour Party: see also "New Labour"

Labour Party: New Labour's 'ten year' plans

Labour Party conference: Why We Need A New Workers' Party

Labour's Power Struggle, Behind

Labour Party funding : Stop Funding Blair: Time for a new workers' party

Labour Party: Should The Unions Campaign To "Reclaim The Labour Party"?

Law and order: Soft on a criminal system

Lebanon: New crisis in Middle East?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month

LGBT rights: 'Family values' fears produce confused equality measures

Liverpool 1983-87: The Council That Took On Thatcher

Liverpool: Activists Say Build A New Workers' Party

Liverpool: The City That Fought Back

Local elections 2006: A death blow for Blair?

London: The political landscape after the local elections

London: Obscene Wealth And Abject Poverty

London bombings and Iraq

Low Pay: Kick Low Pay Out Of The NHS

Macedonia's Impending Civil War

Madrid Bombings: Anti-War Anger

Malcolm X: "They called me the angriest Negro in America"

Manufacturing: a terminal sickness?

Mao - the story is known

May Day: The Fighting Origins of May Day

May Day Greetings

May Day 2001

May Day 2002: Fight For A Socialist Alternative

Mental Health Bill: Danger To Us All

Mexico: Zapatistas and the struggle for power

MG Rover: ugly face of capitalism

Middle East: Edging closer to all-out war

Middle East Crisis: The failure of imperialism

Migrant workers: Struggle for survival

Militancy: When Workers Showed their Discontent Analysis of militancy in the 1970's

Military Families Speak Out

Militant turned socialism into reality

Militant - 40 Years Fighting For Socialism

Militant’s Proud Role in defeating the poll tax

Millennium analysis: Into the New Millennium  Article by Peter Taaffe, General secretary of the Socialist Party, giving a Marxist analysis of the new millennium.

Millennium crisis: One of two articles introducing the new millennium with Marxist analysis, by Lynn Walsh, editor of Socialism Today, the Socialist Party's monthly magazine.

MI5: Inside Britain's Secret State

Miners' strike: When Maggie Did A Blair?

Miners' strike 1984-85

Miners' strike, 20th anniversary of

Minimum Wage: We need a decent minimum wage

Monbiot's Utopia - Capitalism Unchallenged

Montreal conference - Little change on climate change

Music industry: His master's voice?

Muslims Cartoon backlash: Worldwide 'cartoon' backlash

Nationalisation - But Not As We Know It (Railtrack)

Nationalisation applied to the car industry.

Nationalisation, Socialist

Nepal: General strike movement against regime

Nepal: No Way Out Under Capitalism

Netherlands: Government Scapegoats Asylum Seekers 

New Labour, Building Alternative To 

New Labour's Second Term

New Labour: He who pays the piper...

New Labour's menacing Zero Tolerance

New Technology: Are the dotcoms deadcoms?

New mass workers' party: Conference for action needed

New Mass Workers' Party Stop Funding Blair: Time for a new workers' party

NHS: Condition critical

NHS: Big business plunges NHS into crisis

NHS: Labour's great NHS sell-off

Nicaragua: Lessons Of the Sandinista Revolution

Nice conference: Shame about the treaty

Nigeria: Strike Forces Government Back

North Korea - The 'Evil' George W. Bush Can Live With

Northern Ireland Riots

Northern Ireland elections 2005

Northern Ireland: Crisis for republicans - political alternative needed

Northern Ireland elections: Divided Vote Hides Workers' Disillusionment

Northern Ireland: Socialist To Lead Biggest Union

Northern Ireland Assembly: What Lies Behind Assembly's Collapse?

Northern Ireland: Workers Must Challenge The Bigots

Northern Ireland: Sliding Into Sectarian Conflict

Northern Ireland : Why the IRA shifted on arms

Northern Ireland: Another Middle East in the Making? 

Northern Ireland: What's behind the Loyalist Feud?

Northern Ireland: Parades crisis and The Alternative 

Nuclear Energy: Is this the nuclear industry’s dying days?

Nuclear option - US threatens

Nuclear Threat? After 11 September 2001

NUS extraordinary conference

NUT conference: For real unity through action 2001

NUT conference: Building A Fighting Leadership 2004

Occupation Not Liberation (Iraq)

Off-Shoring: The Bosses' Global Attack On Workers

Oil: Capitalism unbound

Oil: Black Gold Rush And Casino Capitalism

Oil Prices: On a roller coaster ride

'Orange Revolution' in Ukraine - an eyewitness account

Orwell, George: Facing Up To The Contradictions

Pakistan government clamps down

Pakistan - ready to explode

Pakistan: Workers Fight Regime

Pakistan Telecom workers: Strike ends but opposition to privatisation continues

Palestine: Fatah leaders 'unite' behind Abbas

Palestine: The Socialist Road To National And Social Liberation

Palestinian State Halted By Sharon Roadblock

Palestinian Anger, Repression And War Fuels 

Paedophile issue: An outpouring of anger

Palestine: How Can A Palestinian State Be Achieved?

Palestinian Uprising

Partnership Bill: End All Discriminatory Laws

Party: The need for a new workers' party

Party: Time For A New Workers' Party

PCS dispute: Support Action For Safety

PCS: Victory For The Socialist Party And The Left In PCS

Pensions: Keep up the pressure on bosses and union leaders

Pensions: United mass action can defeat Blair's pensions plans

Pensions: Is there a pensions crisis?

Pensions: The great pensions robbery

Pensions feature: "Unity in action"

Pensions: Feature: Hands Off Our Pensions!

Pensions crisis

People's assembly: How to stop the countdown to war

Philippines after Estrada, The

Poland: Rise and fall of Solidarnosc

Police cover-ups: No more police cover-ups

Police Racism Caught Red-Handed

Political Voice, We Need A 

Poll Tax, Thatcher, and the Militant (The Socialist Party's forerunner) The Battle that brought down Thatcher (See also Militant’s Proud Role in defeating the poll tax

Portugal: 1974: Revolution In Portugal

Postal Workers Win Important Victory

Poverty Kills: Change the system

Pride 2003: Fight The Bigots And Bullies

Privatisation: A 'Call To Arms' Against Privatisation

Privatisation: Action not words to defeat privatisation

Privatised power blacks out California

Profit System's The Problem, not the workers

Profits soar, wages fall in the globalised economy

Prostitution Debate

Putin: 'Cotton revolution' shakes Putin

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