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7 October 2015

Kick out the Tories!

The Tories call themselves the "workers' party" while desecrating jobs. Let's put them out of work.

7 October 2015

100,000 march against Tory cuts

100,000 people and thousands of pig-themed objects marched through Manchester on Sunday 4 October to demonstrate against Tory party conference.

7 October 2015

NHS cutters pay doctors not to refer sick patients to hospitals

General practitioners (GPs) are being paid to reduce referrals to hospital in some areas.

7 October 2015

Tories: let pensioners freeze to death, they can't vote us out then

Smug Tories discussed letting pensioners die of cold to save cash at their Manchester conference.

7 October 2015

Them & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. #PrivetDrive housing outrage, Tory online democracy hypocrisy, Cameron's Jamaican jail insult.

7 October 2015

No wage cuts! Fund equal pay in Derby

After years of failing to pay women equally, Derby City Labour council's pay review will see many women and some male council workers lose thousands of pounds from their annual pay.

7 October 2015

RMT president election: back Sean Hoyle

In this year's election, Portsmouth RMT member and TUSC supporter Sean Hoyle has emerged as the strongest left candidate, receiving 37 branch nominations, making him best placed to continue building a fighting, democratic, socialist trade union.

7 October 2015

Steely anger in Redcar as plant is mothballed

The last steel plant on Teesside, the second largest in Europe, is to be mothballed resulting in the loss of up 2,200 jobs.

7 October 2015

Workplace news in brief

Short reports on some of the latest trade union struggles. Traffic wardens' sick pay, victimised CWU rep John Vasey, 'Kill the Bill' lobby, junior doctors protest.

7 October 2015

The housing crisis - a crisis of the profit system

The ever-dwindling numbers of affordable homes to buy or rent is behind the deepening housing crisis in the UK.

7 October 2015

Junior doctors campaign

As we go to press nearly 90,000 people have signed an online petition supporting industrial action by the British Medical Association, which is balloting junior doctors over changes to their contracts.

6 October 2015

'No time to lose' to organise against austerity

Right wing step up campaign against Corbyn: There is a concerted attempt by Labour's right, cheered on by the poisonous capitalist media, to completely undermine the effects of Jeremy Corbyn's leadership victory and what it represents.

30 September 2015

Gravy-train Labour MP claims expenses to rent house next door

Money-grubbing Labour MP Pat McFadden has claimed over 21,000 expenses - to rent a house next to one he owns! The shadow Europe minister has access to three homes.

30 September 2015

Hypocritical attacks on tube control room strike

Workers are fighting for fairer pay and status in line with their duties.

30 September 2015

Junior doctors fight government attacks

In a scandalous attack, the government is pushing through a brutal new contract

30 September 2015

Pollution cheat Volkswagen kills thousands for profit

Volkswagen, the world's largest car maker, fraudulently fitted eleven million diesel engines with "defeat devices" to rig pollution tests, writes Richard Worth.

30 September 2015

Gouging boss demands price hike for life-saving drug

Ordinary people were shocked and disgusted by a gouging capitalist's sudden 5,000% increase in the price of a life-saving drug last month, writes Michael Wrack, NHS healthcare assistant.

30 September 2015

Nominate Roger Bannister for Unison general secretary

Local government union Unison is facing huge challenges posed by a government hell-bent on imposing austerity. For this reason a strategy to defend local government is urgently needed.

30 September 2015

Them & Us

It's one world for the super-rich, and another one for the rest of us. Suicide-causing Wonga debt rates versus bank bailouts; David Cameron accused of getting huntsman mate off charges.

30 September 2015

How can we bring down the Tories?

On 4 October thousands of people will throng through the streets of Manchester to demonstrate against a vicious government of the rich. As the huge popularity of Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign has demonstrated, big numbers of people want an alternative to endless austerity.

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