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15 April 2015

Labour - party of cuts

At the 2015 TUSC manifesto launch, photo Senan

Oppose the 'logic of capitalism': Election polls continue to show Labour and the Tories neck and neck. This is an indictment of Labour: After five years of the most vicious attacks on the working class, they cannot decisively pull ahead of the Tory toffs

15 April 2015

100% against austerity? Vote TUSC

Dave Nellist with other TUSC candidates at the manifesto launch in London's Canary Wharf, photo Paul Mattsson

"This is a rich country, the fifth richest on the planet. It's just that the wealth is in the wrong hands - in the hands of a few millionaires and billionaires. TUSC is the only unashamedly socialist party in these elections."

15 April 2015

NHS is collapsing under a mountain of PFI debt

Health service is not safe in Labour or Tory hands: When you go into one of the main blocks at St Bartholomew's hospital in central London, it's almost like going into a posh hotel, writes Alison Hill.

15 April 2015

Nuclear scrap

Labour and the Tories have been at loggerheads over who can beat a patriotic war drum loudest regarding a replacement to the trident submarine 'nuclear deterrent' system

15 April 2015

Low pay: Stop subsidising the bosses

Low-paid workers, typically employed in fast-food outlets and high street shops, have been the focus of trade unions and activists in the global day of action on 15 April

15 April 2015

Public sector wage restraint - myth and reality

In 2012 Policy Exchange, the Tories favourite think tank, produced a paper - 'Local pay, local growth' - which argued that holding down public sector wages and pensions and bringing them into line with 'equivalent' jobs in the private sector would save 6.3 billion a year.

15 April 2015

Them & Us

Mr Big: A 47 billion takeover bid by oil giant Shell for smaller rival BG Group will net 'Norway's Mr Oil' - Helge Lund - a cool 25 million, for just two months' work!

15 April 2015

We can end the housing crisis

All the indicators of homelessness are on the rise. The number of children living in temporary accommodation has risen by nearly 10,000 in the last 12 months. One in 25 children in London are now homeless

8 April 2015

No end to austerity from 'The Magnificent Seven'

They called the leaders' debate last Thursday the meeting of "The Magnificent Seven", but Disney's 'Seven Dwarfs' could have done better - with Dopey surpassing Farage any day!

8 April 2015

Will SNP deliver on "anti-austerity" promises?

According to media commentators the SNP's leader Nicola Sturgeon emerged as the 'victor' in the Leaders' debate

8 April 2015

Looking after the millionaires, not the millions

On 1 April the Tory-supporting Daily Telegraph splashed its front page with the names of 103 senior business leaders, issuing a dire warning that deviating from the Tories' economic plan would spell an end to Britain's 'recovery' and threaten thousands of jobs

8 April 2015

NHS fees warning: Vote TUSC

photo Paul Mattsson

The next government could bring in charges for NHS services. This was the warning made by Mark Porter, head of doctors' organisation the BMA, because of the NHS's 30 billion deficit

8 April 2015

Low pay? No way!

photo Paul Mattsson

Employers around the country - large and small, including the public sector - have created a culture of despair. Poverty pay means millions cannot afford the basics they need for a decent life

8 April 2015

NHS: Anti-union blacklisting threat

Just before Parliament closed for the general election, a select committee revealed that the Consulting Association (which provided names of thousands of trade unionists to construction industry bosses, who then blacklisted them) had discussed with companies working in the NHS

8 April 2015

Them & Us

Easy money: Should Tony Blair's "education, education, education" mantra be replaced by "money, money, money"?

8 April 2015

Hillsborough inquests: Heartbreak, disbelief and anger

The 26th anniversary of the Hillsborough stadium disaster in Sheffield, when 96 Liverpool football supporters were crushed to death, takes place on 15 April

7 April 2015

Immigration: Workers' unity needed

In election hustings Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidates will be asked what their attitude is to immigration. How should Socialist Party members respond?

1 April 2015

No cuts to welfare!

The planned cuts will hit disabled people and their carers, photo Paul Mattsson

Brutal Tory axe to fall on poor: The Tories plan to savagely cut 12 billion from welfare benefits. This brutal axe will fall on disabled people and carers, among many low-income and vulnerable households

1 April 2015

How to fight the anti-union laws

A TUSC supporter protesting outside Labour's Collins Review conference in 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

Supporting Labour will not defeat them: The Tories have proposed even more repressive legislation, including that 40% of all balloted union members have to vote for strike action. Only 15 MPs would have been elected in 2010 on this basis

1 April 2015

NHS funding crisis deepens

Main parties have no alternative strategy: Despite an underfunding crisis - against the backcloth of government austerity - a recent Kings Fund report shows the National Health Service (NHS) bearing up well and high patient satisfaction rates

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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At the 2015 TUSC manifesto launch, photo Senan

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photo Paul Mattsson

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