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15 August 2014

Iraq: Only united action can stop sectarian war

Iraqis and Kurds must not trust imperialist 'helpers': Millions of working people around the world have been shocked at the rapid advance of the extreme religious fundamentalists of 'Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant' (ISIS)

15 August 2014

Socialism and national rights

London Gaza demo 19 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

The bloody conflict in Ukraine, alongside the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza, has brought the issue of the 'national question' once more forcefully onto the political agenda. How can we open a road to begin to solve seemingly age-old intractable issues? Peter Taaffe writes.

6 August 2014

Capitalist crisis continues

Working class must and will play decisive role: Extracts from a keynote speech at the 2014 CWI summer school by Peter Taaffe, general secretary of the Socialist Party, on world relations and the perspectives for capitalism and the world workers' struggle

6 August 2014

Regulating the banks? Don't make me laugh!

Deep in the heart of London, the world's largest centre for international finance, bankers are quivering in fear, writes Tessa Warrington.

6 August 2014

Energy giants' profits continue to defy the laws of gravity

The next Chief Executive of Centrica, the parent company of British Gas, will be the aptly named Mr Conn, formerly of oil giant BP, writes Matt Gordon.

6 August 2014

Them & Us

Super-dooper: One statistic indicating economic recovery which Chancellor George Osborne isn't crowing about is the booming sales of super-yachts

6 August 2014

Unite to fight pay robbery

Striking in Hackney, London, on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

- Lobby the TUC on 7 September
- Coordinate strikes on 14 October
- Join the TUC London demo on 18 October:

Workers in Britain have been hit by the biggest fall in pay since 1880. Increasingly, work simply does not pay! But as incomes drop, the anger is rising

6 August 2014

Labour policy forum: continuing Tory austerity

The Labour Party leaders have repeatedly promised to continue this government's policy of cuts. If pro-capitalist Labour wins the next election they guarantee we will face more public sector job losses

6 August 2014

Scotland: Countdown to independence referendum

For an independent socialist Scotland: Intense discussion and debate are developing over the independence referendum in Scotland on 18 September. The vote will not be the end of this process, writes Matt Dobson.

31 July 2014

Economic recovery - so where's our share-out?

Marching against austerity on 20 October 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

The Tories can barely conceal their glee. With a general election just ten months away, Chancellor Osborne has announced that the economy has now expanded for the sixth consecutive quarter

31 July 2014

Them & Us

Clipped wings: Record house prices and low wages mean that millions of young people cannot move out of their parents' home

31 July 2014

Miliband needs a makeover... ...of his party and his politics

Labour leader Ed Miliband doesn't have an image problem, he has a policy problem. The problem is he doesn't have any, or at least policies that answer the gravity of the situation, writes Nancy Taaffe.

31 July 2014

No more carnage in Gaza - Mass struggle to end the siege - Stop Israeli state terror

London Gaza demo 19 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

Worldwide, people have once again been shocked and appalled by the terrible images broadcast from Gaza.

16 July 2014

Cherry Groce - Met apologises 29 years later

End police racism: Early one morning in September 1985, police smashed their way into a family home with a sledgehammer and shot an innocent, unarmed mother in front of her children

16 July 2014

Abuse scandals reveal abusive system

Never before have the institutions of British capitalism been so distrusted.

16 July 2014

Con-Dems and Labour fast-track 'snoopers charter'

Prime Minister David Cameron is rushing a new 'snooper's charter' through parliament. Using the threat of terrorism as a pretext, the law contains wide-ranging surveillance powers

16 July 2014

Them & Us

Tough at the top: Poverty pay and the cost of living crisis are the big issues for many workers and their families. But for those at the top, life it seems couldn't be better

16 July 2014

Raise the minimum wage: 10 NOW

10 Now! photo Senan

"If we are to stop future generations spiralling into never ending poverty, we have to support and more importantly campaign for a minimum wage of 10 now"

16 July 2014

J10 strike success: Now build movement to end low pay

Picketing Hackney Town Hall on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

"Work should pay, not keep you in poverty." After the 10 July strike of over one million workers, no one could be in any doubt that low pay is a major issue in Britain

16 July 2014

Scotland: Threat of a Yes majority forces concessions

The independence referendum campaign in Scotland is approaching its concluding two months with opinion polls still showing a lead for the No side - 57% compared to 43% for Yes

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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triangle15 Aug Iraq: Only united action can stop sectarian war

London Gaza demo 19 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

triangle15 Aug Socialism and national rights

Striking Care UK workers outside the company's Mansion House in Doncaster, 09.08.14, photo Alistair Tice

triangle12 Aug Care UK strike is a fight for the NHS

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