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1 October 2014

More brutal cuts from the imploding Tories

The Tory party conference is a vision of a party in peril, and a leader surviving by the seat of his pants

1 October 2014

Them & Us

Priority, it's Ed: 'Move aside - the Labour leader is coming through!'

1 October 2014

No to imperialist war

Bombing will not stop sectarian violence: Once again the government is banging the drums of war. Parliament has now agreed airstrikes on Islamic State (IS) which will see the return of British military intervention in Iraq

1 October 2014

Housing - a history of class struggle

Housing is one of the most pressing social issues in Britain. Millions are struggling to pay their rents or mortgages. Government policies have resulted in rents and house prices reaching crazy heights

1 October 2014

Pay cuts: Angry and ready to strike!

NHS workers last took naitonal action on the 30 November 2011 pensions strike, photo Paul Mattsson

Public sector workers - including in the NHS, local government, colleges and the civil service - are due to take part in rolling strike action on 13-15 October

1 October 2014

Labour: no real alternative

This year's pre-election Labour Party conference was an opportunity to enthuse those people to vote Labour. They failed to do so because they provide no real alternative

1 October 2014

Labour's housing failure

A commitment to build new housing was trumpeted by Miliband at the Labour Party conference. As a document, agreed at Labour's recent National Policy Forum, states: "Britain is in the midst of the biggest housing crisis in a generation"

1 October 2014

US led bombings will worsen divisions

The brutal bombing onslaught led by US imperialism on 'Islamic State' held parts of Iraq and Syria is pouring more fuel on the fires of civil war. Abhorrence is felt by people across the globe at reports of Islamic State killings. But the air attacks will solve nothing

26 September 2014

Local government pay: Reject employers' proposal

Build October strikes to move them further: It appears that the local government employers have made a set of new proposals in the pay dispute to the unions - Unison, Unite and the GMB, writes Build October strikes to move them further.

24 September 2014

Labour to continue austerity offensive

The Labour Party conference in Manchester was the last before the general election with Labour setting out its policies for a future government

24 September 2014

Climate change: Summit for nothing

Ahead of the United Nations summit, hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated in 161 countries to demand immediate action on climate change

24 September 2014

1.6 million vote Yes in revolt against austerity

Scotland Referendum, photo SP Scotland

In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of more than 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly from the working class, securing 45%, writes Philip Stott Secretary, Socialist Party Scotland.

24 September 2014

We need 10 an hour now!

Demonstrating outside Labour's national conference in Manchester to demand a 10 minimum wage,  photo Hugh Caffrey

Ed Miliband has pledged that Labour will increase the minimum wage to 8 an hour. But you'll have to wait till 2020!

24 September 2014

United strike action can win

Hackney council workers striking for better pay on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

Support the October pay walkouts: The image of a homeless person rummaging through a bin for food is sadly quite common. But now many low paid workers are also being forced into that situation, writes Jean Thorpe, Nottingham City Unison rep, personal capacity.

23 September 2014

Scotland's referendum: A working-class revolt

The referendum has turned British politics upside down - even though the No vote won. The Yes campaign became a mass mobilisation of working-class communities: against austerity and rotten establishment politics, and for a positive future. This turning point raises key issues for socialists, writes Peter Taaffe.

24 September 2014

After Scotland revolt: all capitalist parties in crisis

Scotland Referendum

Voting Yes in Scotland's referendum became, for many, a mass revolt against austerity. The capitalist class - major corporations, most of the media and the Westminster politicians - united to predict Armageddon if a majority voted Yes

19 September 2014

1.6 million vote Yes in a working class revolt against austerity


In the teeth of a ferocious campaign from the British capitalist establishment, the independence campaign in Scotland won the support of over 1.6 million people, overwhelmingly working class

17 September 2014

10 NOW!

Fast Food Rights campaigners in Leeds on 28 August 2014, photo Erika Sykes

Workers' action to raise the minimum wage: Every day we are bombarded by new facts and figures showing that the cost of living has gone up

17 September 2014

Step up fight against Tories

One of the mass protests in the campaign to defeat the bedroom tax in Scotland, photo Socialist Party Scotland

After Scotland vote: The Con-Dem government is teetering. Whatever the vote in Scotland, taking place as we go to press, the government has been damaged, writes Steve Score.

17 September 2014

Keep hospital services in the NHS

People's March for NHS, photo Simon Elliott

The five board members in charge of Interserve, a private company which has taken charge of estates and facilities cleaning at three hospitals in Leicester, take home just under 3 million a year between them

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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Doncaster Care UK workers protesting outside Care UK owners Bridgepoint private equity, photo Paul Mattsson

triangle1 Oct Doncaster Care UK workers start record strike

NHS workers last took naitonal action on the 30 November 2011 pensions strike, photo Paul Mattsson

triangle1 Oct Pay cuts: Angry and ready to strike!

triangle1 Oct US led bombings will worsen divisions

A Socialist Action forum during the Hong Kong democracy protests

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