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25 February 2015

Kick out corrupt politicians

'Cash for access' scandal shows MPs still have their snouts in the trough, cartoon Alan Hardman

For workers' MPs on a workers' wage: What has changed in the two decades since parliament's first 'cash for questions' scandal? 'Nothing at all,' is the answer. Former ministers Jack Straw and Malcolm Rifkind have been caught offering to sell the influence of their public positions

25 February 2015

Put the bankers in the stocks!

It's bankers' bonuses week! The public can expect a slew of media stories detailing how these capitalist parasites have once again stuffed their pockets with fabulous sums of money

25 February 2015

Defend the right to protest

As the general election approaches, even though the result may be hard to predict, one thing is clear: the victory will be with big business as austerity continues

25 February 2015

Them & Us

Monopoly money: With daily revelations of tax dodging scams by the super-rich it's of little wonder then that millionaire Tory Chancellor George Osborne is keeping a low profile

25 February 2015

50 years on: the assassination of Malcolm X

Malcolm X, 12 March 1964, photo Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection, Ed Ford, World Telegram staff photographer

21 February this year marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Malcolm X. As anti-racist protests continue across the US following last year's high profile police killings of two black men - Mike Brown and Eric Garner - the lessons of his life and struggle should be examined

25 February 2015

End the housing crisis!

Rent control now - build council homes: Rising private sector rents and cuts to social housing stocks makes it feel like social cleansing is taking place

25 February 2015

Councils at breaking point: the strategy to fight back

Fighting the cuts in Tower Hamlets, East London

Councils up and down the country are setting budgets, once again forcing through tens of millions - in some cases hundreds of millions - of pounds of cuts

18 February 2015

Workers' pay down 2,500... Bosses' pay up 700,000

Workers' pay down 2.5k - Bosses' pay up 700k

Fight for decent pay, jobs and benefits: Feeling the pinch? Cutting back on spending? Wondering how you'll make it to the end of the month? You're not alone. Workers everywhere are struggling with stagnating wages and rising prices

18 February 2015

Preparing the forces to fight capitalist austerity

Watford Socialist Party member Sajith Attepuram, photo Senan

On 14-15 February, branch delegates and visitors gathered at 2015 Socialist Party congress to discuss and debate the key political developments internationally and in Britain, and to map out the party's tasks over the next 12 months

18 February 2015

HSBC tax dodging scandal

Put the establishment on trial!: The HSBC tax dodging scandal has further exposed the rottenness of the political establishment. Both the Tory party and Labour received millions in donations and loans from super-rich tax avoiding clients

18 February 2015

How the super-rich get away with it

"Tax avoidance - everyone does it." That is according to multimillionaire, former hedge fund manager and Tory donor, Lord Fink

18 February 2015

Them & Us

Vanilla fudge: Ed Miliband claimed a political victory after Lord Fink retracted his threat to sue the Labour leader who, in a parliamentary bun fight with Prime Minister David Cameron, had accused him of being a "dodgy donor" to the Tories

11 February 2015

Take the wealth off the super-rich!

We are the 99% Take the wealth off the 1%, photo Paul Mattsson

HSBC tax evasion scandal: The super-rich live on a different planet. They go on several foreign holidays every quarter. While away, they visit the bank manager. They don't change any money in advance but draw it out while there

11 February 2015

Is Labour anti-big business?

Stefano Pessina the tax-exile billionaire boss of Boots has rounded on Labour's election tax plans as 'anti-growth and anti-business'. However, Tessa Warrington argues that, on the contrary, Labour remains subservient to big business interests, at our expense.

11 February 2015

A working class party needed

The pattern of two-party politics in Britain is breaking up. Anger at austerity and declining living standards is increasing the distrust of all capitalist politicians

10 February 2015

Defend the PCS - Solidarity to defeat union-busting

The government plans to render PCS incapable of defending and representing its members, and to silence its opposition to cuts and privatisation, writes John McInally

4 February 2015

Get organised and fight back

photo Paul Mattsson

Struggling to live on low pay? None of my workmates at the major supermarket I work for would be surprised by the latest figures showing young people's wages have gone down 9% since 2008.

4 February 2015

Hands off our housing benefit!

"These cuts will sink us further into poverty": The government's plan to abolish housing benefit for under-21s has demonstrated, once again, how sorely out of touch they are with reality

4 February 2015

NHS crisis: Establishment parties can't be trusted

photo Bob Severn

Physics professor Stephen Hawking - who has motor neurone disease and considers that the NHS saved his life - has said that it "must be preserved from commercial interests who want to privatise it"

28 January 2015

Is the Green Party the answer?

Green Party leader Natalie Bennett, photo Paul Mattsson

Widespread electoral disillusionment with the Tory, Labour and Lib Dem establishment parties has opened up a political vacuum. Claire Laker-Mansfield questions whether the Green Party provides the answer to the lack of working class political representation.

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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triangle26 Feb ICO staff on strike for fair pay

'Cash for access' scandal shows MPs still have their snouts in the trough, cartoon Alan Hardman

triangle25 Feb Kick out corrupt politicians

Fighting the cuts in Tower Hamlets, East London

triangle25 Feb Councils at breaking point: the strategy to fight back

Malcolm X, 12 March 1964, photo Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection, Ed Ford, World Telegram staff photographer

triangle25 Feb 50 years on: the assassination of Malcolm X

triangle25 Feb Firefighters' strike and demo

triangle25 Feb Greece: Syriza at a crossroad

triangle23 Feb Unison activists challenge New Labour

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