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21 January 2015

Take the wealth off the super-rich!

photo Paul Mattsson

80 billionaires own half the world: The charity Oxfam has produced a report showing that the richest 1% of people on this planet are on course to own more than 50% of the world's wealth by 2016 - a testament to the inherent greed and inequality of the capitalist system

21 January 2015

Oil price crashes as world economy slows

World capitalism faces a gloomy future according to recent reports issued by the International Monetary Fund and World Bank

21 January 2015

Care home scandal: When profit comes first...

The privately run Parklands House care home in Rochdale was so bad that according to the Manchester Evening News: "Residents were seen sitting in soiled clothing, medication was left lying around and some patients were not receiving the right prescriptions."

21 January 2015

Them & Us

Underpaid: Prime Minister David Cameron reckons he's getting tough with employers who pay below the statutory minimum wage of 6.50 an hour to their workers

21 January 2015

Opposing establishment parties is not 'wasted vote'

A TUSC campigner in Hackney calling for rent caps not benefit caps, photo Paul Mattsson

On 24 January, the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) is meeting to discuss the 2015 elections. Clive Heemskerk, TUSC national election agent, puts the case for the biggest possible challenge in both the general election and local council contests on 7 May

21 January 2015

Youth unemployment: anxiety and anger

A new report by the Prince's Trust shows the devastating impact of unemployment on young people in Britain

21 January 2015

Labour Party won't protect our NHS

A political alternative is needed: As waiting times at A&E's hit their highest levels since records began, Labour's lead over the Tories on the NHS has widened to 18 points

21 January 2015

Safeguarding PCS against vicious Tory attacks

As the Tories threaten to increase Britain's draconian anti-trade union laws beyond the general election, thousands of trade union reps across the trade union movement are even now facing huge cuts in their facility time

14 January 2015

Billionaires five times richer than in 2004

Fight inequality with socialism, photo Senan

Fight inequality with socialism: Eye-wateringly massive inequality. An ever-widening wealth gap between the super-rich and the rest of us. Scandalous tax-avoiding arrangements

14 January 2015

France: counter terrorist threat with mass unity

The shocking terrorist attacks in Paris, mainly at the journal Charlie Hebdo and in a Jewish supermarket, were met with mass revulsion and outrage. These atrocities were directed at ordinary working people and do nothing to counter oppression

14 January 2015

Circle vulture flies out of Hinchingbrooke

Just three years into a ten year contract the private company Circle has pulled out of its contract to run Hinchingbrooke National Health Service (NHS) hospital in Cambridgeshire, writes Jackie Grunsell.

14 January 2015

Stop the Tory strike ban plan

Last Sunday, in Paris, Prime Minister David Cameron was happy to rub shoulders with fellow right-wing political leaders at the head of the millions strong march to defend 'democracy'

14 January 2015

Them & Us

Fat Cat Tuesday: Britain's fat cats are now so wealthy that according to the High Pay Centre their earnings overtake the average worker's salary in less than two days

10 January 2015

Counter terrorist threat with workers-led mass unity

The shocking, cold blooded slaughter of journalists and others in the Paris office of satirical journal Charlie Hebdo, and more killings in subsequent days, has been met with mass outrage

14 January 2015

NHS in crisis: This emergency is no accident

Hands off our NHS! photo Paul Mattsson

The NHS is under increasing strain as the crisis in hospitals' Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments deepens. A&E waiting times have been the worst since records began. The number of trolley waits has more than trebled

7 January 2015

Bankers get bonuses... workers get the boot

City Link workers and fellow trade unionists protesting outside the bankrupt company's headquarters on New Year's Day 2015, photo Coventry SP

City Link redundancies: It was a happy new year for City banking bosses. With their bonuses, 121 members of Goldman Sachs were paid an average of 3 million each last year. It was not such a happy new year for everyone however

7 January 2015

Scottish Labour leadership: more of the same

Jim Murphy's election as Labour's new Scottish leader has underlined the need for the affiliated trade unions to break from Labour

7 January 2015

NHS crisis: Government cuts to blame - not patients

Save our NHS! photo Paul Mattsson

The ongoing crisis in the National Health Service (NHS) has become the latest general election battleground for the establishment parties - with Labour, Tories, Lib Dems and Ukip all pledging to make it work

7 January 2015

Benefit sanctions ruin lives

The target driven use of punitive benefit sanctions on poor people by this government of millionaires is a national disgrace

7 January 2015

Them & Us

Fat cat City bankers were paid an average of 1.3 million last year, making their pay packages worth almost 50 times the average annual wage in the UK

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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triangle21 Jan Safeguarding PCS against vicious Tory attacks

photo Jed Travers

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photo Elaine Brunskill

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TUSC chair Dave Nellist and other Socialist Party members out campaigning in Coventry

triangle21 Jan Election appeal: Don't just boo - help fund the fightback!

A TUSC campigner in Hackney calling for rent caps not benefit caps, photo Paul Mattsson

triangle21 Jan Opposing establishment parties is not 'wasted vote'

Striking unions include Unison, Unite, GMB and the Royal College of Midwives, photo Paul Mattsson

triangle21 Jan Striking NHS workers say: 'Give us pay we can live on'

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