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20 May 2015

Labour leadership contest - appealing to big business

The Labour leadership contest begs the question: what is the point of the Labour Party?

20 May 2015

Cut rents not benefits

photo Paul Mattsson

Eleven thousand families were thrown out of their accommodation in the first three months of 2015. This is a 51% increase compared to six years ago. These evictions are due to excessive rents, coupled to low pay and to government benefit cuts

20 May 2015

Ukip provocateur unmasked

Ukip, the divisive right-wing party, admits that it sent an agent provocateur into Stand up to Ukip which was campaigning against Nigel Farage in South Thanet, Kent during the general election

20 May 2015

Them & Us

100,000: The number of jobs the government intends to axe from its departments over the next five years, seriously damaging public service delivery

20 May 2015

Stop the "elites fortifying their power"

Police film London May Day demonstrators, photo Paul Mattsson

No Place To Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA and the US Surveillance State by Glenn Greenwald is reviewed by Tony Saunois, secretary of the Committee for a Workers' International

20 May 2015

Fight Tories' new 'anti-extremism' law

The Tories plan to announce a raft of new 'anti-extremism' powers for the state in the Queen's Speech on 27 May alongside their proposed scrapping of the Human Rights Act

20 May 2015

Build a movement to defeat the government's savagery

Cartoon Alan Hardman

When Maggie Thatcher first spoke from the Downing Street steps she quoted Francis of Assisi, promising harmony and hope. Instead she ruled ruthlessly for the 1%. Cameron's promise to be a 'one nation' prime minister is a lie on the same scale

13 May 2015

Labour annihilated as SNP sweeps in

photo Wikimedia Commons

The general election produced a "political revolution" in Scotland. The Scottish National Party (SNP) won 56 of 59 Scottish seats, polling 1.45 million votes. Now a new independence referendum seems inevitable

13 May 2015

Bradford Fire: victims demand independent inquiry

Thirty years ago, on 11 May, 56 people died and 256 were injured in a devastating fire which gutted Valley Parade, the home ground of Bradford City football club

13 May 2015

New Tory cuts: Hammering the poor

photo Paul Mattsson

Champagne corks popped as Tory-backing hedge fund managers, corporate chiefs and super-rich elite, celebrated the election result

13 May 2015

Housing crisis deepens

Shelter, the homelessness charity, says more than 80% of homes for sale in England were unaffordable for the average working family looking to buy their first home

13 May 2015

Them & Us

The richest tenth of the UK's population pay 35% of their income (not wealth) in tax. The poorest tenth pay 43%

12 May 2015

Organising resistance against Tory austerity starts now

Millions of people are contemplating how they can survive another five years of austerity, writes John McInally

11 May 2015

Fight against "five more damned years"

"Our sweet victory", read the London Evening Standard, owned appropriately by a Russian oligarch and reflecting their delight at the unexpected victory of the Tories. Peter Taaffe writes.

9 May 2015

With the votes of 24%, Tories have no mandate for more savage cuts

On 8th May the front page of the Daily Mirror was entirely black apart from the words: "Condemned again - five more damned years"

8 May 2015

After Labour's failure to defeat the Tories: Help build fightback against austerity

Campaigning in Carlisle

Millions of people woke up on 8th May to face the nightmare of a Tory majority government - full of fear of the misery that this new government will mete out

5 May 2015

Russell Brand mistaken to sow illusions in Labour

"Russelllllllll Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!". This response from the Artist Taxi Driver probably summed up what many people felt when they saw the latest episode of Russell Brand's Trews internet

30 April 2015

Them & Us

Viva Cuba?: Rent control to stop excessive rents being charged by rip-off private landlords is very popular

30 April 2015

NHS in crisis

Cuts and privatisation kill, photo Paul Mattsson

Reverse all cuts and privatisation: The scene: a Medical Incident Officer - a standby doctor normally called upon for major accidents - arrives at Worcestershire Royal Hospital to treat patients who have been waiting for hours, untreated in ambulances outside the hospital

30 April 2015

After the election: prepare for the battles to come

While no one yet knows which political party or parties will be in government after the general election, many of the tasks facing the trade union and anti-cuts movement after polling day are already clear

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