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22 October 2014

A Freudian slip?

'We demand a better future for disabled people': How much is a disabled person worth? According to Tory welfare minister Lord Freud it's around 2 an hour

22 October 2014

Undercover cops report - a whitewash

A massive new report on undercover policing from HM Inspectorate of Constabulary was published last week

22 October 2014

Them & Us

Classless Ukip?: Ukip claims to represent 'all social classes'. So what is the commons voting record of Ukip's newest MP, Tory defector Douglas Carswell?

22 October 2014

50 years of socialist ideas and workers' struggle

Militant supporters march against the poll tax, photo Steve Gardner

Anniversary of the first issue of Militant: When we started publishing Militant, the Socialist's predecessor, in October 1964, few of our political opponents expected that we would not only continue publication for 50 years, but become an important factor in subsequent battles of the labour movement

22 October 2014

Where's our recovery?

Tory triumphalism over rising employment masks the misery of millions of working class people in low pay Britain

22 October 2014

Socialist change to halt climate change

Socialist Alternative members on the People's Climate March in New York, 21 September 2014, photo Socialist Alternative

Chris Baugh, deputy general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), spoke to the Socialist about the recent mass public protests over global warming which preceded the United Nations summit in New York on climate change

22 October 2014

Priced out? Strike back!

Part of the 18 October 2014 'Britain needs a pay rise' TUC demo, photo Paul Mattsson

Workers need a pay rise. Even Alan Milburn apparently agrees. As 100,000 people marched against low wages, this ex-New Labour minister come coalition-appointed 'social mobility tsar' released a damming report. Britain is becoming 'permanently divided' into haves and have-nots

22 October 2014

The unions' pay battle must continue

The local government pay dispute is hanging by a thread, also putting at risk the prospect of large-scale coordinated industrial action this side of the general election

15 October 2014

Come to Socialism 2014

Kshama Sawant, photo Kevin Allen

Hundreds of thousands are striking and marching for better pay. The question of a political voice is also on minds. Ukip's Clacton victory and Labour's narrow shave in Heywood have set many workers' thoughts racing. But a brilliant Ireland byelection result shows the potential for an anti-austerity programme

15 October 2014

Tories and Labour in crisis after Ukip win

72% of Ukip voters support renationalising rail - unlike Ukip! photo Paul Mattsson

Cameron and Miliband woke up on 10 October with a common sense of dread. Both their parties have been left reeling at the results of byelections in which Ukip has dealt them a hefty blow to the face

15 October 2014

Them & Us

Victorian pay: Real earnings for workers have slumped by a massive 8% between 2007 and 2014 according to the TUC, ahead of its Britain Needs A Pay Rise demo on 18 October

15 October 2014

How a mass campaign stopped the cuts

The lessons of Liverpool's socialist council 1983-87: Despite crying crocodile tears, Labour-run councils throughout Britain have implemented devastating government cuts in jobs and public services - in some cases with enthusiasm, alienating many working class Labour voters

15 October 2014

Challenging the austerity parties

Britain needs a pay rise. It also needs a new mass party that stands firmly on the side of working people and their families, argues Dave Nellist, national chair of the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

15 October 2014

A socialist world is possible

Jarrow March 2011: Jarrow March for Jobs arrives in London, photo Paul Mattsson

End poverty, inequality and capitalism: "Britain needs a pay rise" is the demand of the TUC's demonstration on 18 October. The first question to ask is "Which Britain?" The bosses don't need a penny more - they are gorging themselves

15 October 2014

Fight for mass action to end cuts and low pay

On the 26 March TUC demonstration - 24 hour General strike now!, photo Paul Mattsson

Britain needs a pay rise: How can we get it? When the TUC first organised their 'Britain Needs a Pay Rise' demonstration on 18 October, it is hard to believe that they saw it as an integral part of a campaign of co-ordinated strike action

15 October 2014

PCS members again show anti-austerity determination

A PCS picket in Manchester, 15.10.14, photo Alex Davidson

Civil servants in the PCS union were out on strike in force, part of the rolling programme of strikes planned for this week

10 October 2014

Stop Ukip: Byelection results reveal crisis of austerity parties

Austerity is failing - but all mainstream parties support it, photo Paul Mattsson

The two byelections on 9 October were a disaster for the main parties. The results reflect a rejection of austerity - all that is on offer from Labour and the Con-Dems

8 October 2014

We need ideas to change the world

We need ideas to change the world

And once the budget deficit was wiped out, everyone lived happily ever after. Only in a Disney film? Don't be surprised if Tory ogre George Osborne gets a cameo role as a hero in some sickly sweet Disney flick. After all, the British government has handed Disney almost 170 million to make films here

8 October 2014

We can beat the pay freeze!

At the London Traflagar Square strike rally on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

Vice president of the PCS, John McInally, speaks about the 13-15 October strikes

8 October 2014

NHS - The black hole

Stop the cuts, scrap rip-off PFI privatisation schemes: The National Health Service (NHS) is mired in a deep financial crisis and in a desperate attempt to highlight this a body of health professionals have written an open letter to the government, writes An NHS worker.

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Socialist Party on anti-war demonstration in 2005. Photo, Alison Hill

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Part of the 18 October 2014 'Britain needs a pay rise' TUC demo, photo Paul Mattsson

triangle22 Oct Priced out? Strike back!

Socialist Alternative members on the People's Climate March in New York, 21 September 2014, photo Socialist Alternative

triangle22 Oct Socialist change to halt climate change

Militant supporters march against the poll tax, photo Steve Gardner

triangle22 Oct 50 years of socialist ideas and workers' struggle

triangle22 Oct The unions' pay battle must continue

triangle20 Oct Care UK strikers lobby Miliband for public support

TUC demo, 18.10.14, photo by JB

triangle20 Oct TUC 'Britain needs a pay rise' demo

triangle20 Oct 'No Raise - No Rays!' - say radiographers

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