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11 December 2014

Put CIA torturers and paymasters in the dock

The US Senate report on the CIA's interrogation of suspected terrorists amounts to a grisly catalogue of torture. It also points the finger of guilt at the UK government's counterparts

10 December 2014

Tenants can resist Scrooge landlords

Housing crisis: Last month, evictions hit record-breaking levels. According to the homelessness charity Shelter, more than 1,300 people are put at risk of repossession or eviction every day

10 December 2014

Climate change: Sacrificing the future

On the same day the Met Office announced that 2014 is likely to be the hottest year on record, Tory Chancellor George Osborne's budget gave tax cuts for the fossil fuel industry

10 December 2014

Them & Us

Seasons' greetings: Christmas, we're told, is a time for giving and for families. And it appears to be Christmas all year for MPs' spouses and relatives who were paid a total £3.7 million from the public purse

10 December 2014

Europe: a new wave of workers' struggle has begun

A striking Belgian firefighter

Once again workers are in revolt against "elderly and haggard" European capitalism - as the Pope accurately described it. Six years into 'the Great Recession' austerity and mass unemployment have become permanent continent wide

10 December 2014

Save our NHS

Marching against NHS cuts and privatisation, London 2014, photo Bob Severn

Defend universal access: Due to a deficit in Devon NHS, some people will be denied surgery unless they quit smoking or lose weight

10 December 2014

Osborne's savage cuts: No return to the 1930s!

Stop the cuts!

The Tories plan to send us back to the 1930s. The Office for Budget Responsibility said public spending levels will be thrown back 80 years if Osborne's Autumn Statement plans are implemented

10 December 2014

Reject the lie that is austerity

Plans for a 24-hour general strike to stop cuts must be brought to the top of the agenda of all trade unions. , photo Arti

Trade unions must now act to resist Osborne offensive: On Wednesday 3 December the Tories declared all-out war on the working class and all our futures. The Autumn Budget Statement has been described as a “Book of Doom”

3 December 2014

NHS: the money's running out

TUC march against Tories demanding action on NHS, photo Paul Mattsson

Tories' £2bn funding lie: The money is running out - at Medway Foundation Trust in Kent, maybe as early as January.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt's additional "winter pressures" payments won't even touch the sides. Nor will Chancellor George Osborne's £2 billion nationally - much of it is already in the NHS budget anyway!

3 December 2014

The bitter pill of cuts

Austerity is failing, photo Paul Mattsson

With angry voters to face, Tory hopes that Chancellor George Osborne could deliver significant budget tax cuts as pre-election sweeteners are off the menu

3 December 2014

Osborne's solution deficit

Austerity is failing, photo Paul Mattsson

£50 billion cuts still to come: Budget statements are about party politics as much as economics. Especially this one: six months before the general election. But this time there have been few 'election sweeteners', because the government’s own strategy of ‘eliminating the deficit’ is failing

3 December 2014

Terrorism Bill: May continues job started by Blair

The government's latest attacks on civil liberties, masked as anti-terrorism laws, are not only dangerous for trade unionists, socialists and social justice campaigners; they reinforce the very causes of 'extremist radicalisation' they aim to stop

3 December 2014

Them & Us

Home care crisis: A new report by former care minister Paul Burstow has slammed the home care system in England as putting people at risk because of underfunding and the exploitation of care workers

3 December 2014

Tower Hamlets: Government attacks local democracy

Fighting the cuts in Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets hit the news when Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles threatened to send in government commissioners. How can councils fight the cuts and is the use of commissioners a threat to councils who do fight?

26 November 2014

Housing crisis! What do socialists say?

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition stands for rent control and building council housing, photo Waltham Forest TUSC

The housing crisis is hitting everyone in the face. The mainstream press, politicians and economists all feign concern. Not to mention the real concern of those of us actually affected by it!

26 November 2014

Hands off our NHS

The deepening staffing and funding crisis in the National Health Service (NHS) is causing hospital Accident and Emergency departments (A&Es) to be stretched to breaking point

26 November 2014

Education: "a hurricane of ill thought initiatives"

In a 2010 election manifesto, the Tories said they'd give many more children the kind of education that was only available to the well off. A more honest manifesto would have said they'd give many more children the kind of education that is best for the market

26 November 2014

14 day deadline to breadline

photo Paul Mattsson

Scandal of unequal Britain: Many MPs will be looking forward to 2015 - perhaps not to the general election but to the 11% pay rise they'll get if they survive it

26 November 2014

Them & Us

Food banks: The Con-Dems austerity cuts have pushed hundreds of thousands into poverty

26 November 2014

Rochester: 'Business as usual' politics falling apart

Save Strood library

The Rochester and Strood byelection was an expression of one of the major developments of the post-economic crisis world. The growing anger of the 99% is starting to find expression

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A striking Belgian firefighter

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We are the 99%, photo Paul Mattsson

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