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16 April 2014

Tamiflu scandal exposes bloodsucking big pharma

Nineteenth century snake oil sellers travelled the USA, claiming they could cure all manner of illnesses, writes Jon Dale.

16 April 2014

Them & Us

Cash cow: Asylum seeker deportee Jimmy Mubenga died in the custody of G4S security guards; armed forces personnel had to be drafted in to secure the London Olympic Games after G4S failed to provide enough stewards...

16 April 2014

Ending MPs' expenses scandal requires socialist change

House of thieves, photo Peter Symonds

To anyone outside the Westminster bubble it seems incredible that David Cameron believed he could save the career of Tory ex-cabinet minister Maria Miller by offering her 'warm support'

9 April 2014

House of Thieves

photo Peter Symonds

Maria Miller resigns at last: With memories of duck-houses lingering in our minds, we didn't need another expenses scandal to remind us of the rottenness at the top of society, writes Dave Nellist

9 April 2014

Housing emergency

Housing emergency!

Cap rents not benefits - build quality council homes: My local area, the Labour-controlled south London borough of Lewisham, is no longer an affordable place to live, writes Chris Flood, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate in Lewisham.

9 April 2014

Break with pro-cuts Labour now

A Labour defeat, said Unite general secretary Len McCluskey, was likely if it went into the 2015 general election promising "a pale shade of austerity"

9 April 2014

System change to save the environment

The recent Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report (see last week's Socialist) has pointed to the devastating impact on food production, and habitat, and the resulting risks of increased famine, water shortages and state conflicts if human induced climate change is not halted, writes Kate Jones, Socialist Party Wales.

9 April 2014

House of Thieves

photo Peter Symonds

With memories of duck-houses lingering in our minds, we didn't need another expenses scandal to remind us of the rottenness at the top of society, writes Dave Nellist, National chair, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition.

9 April 2014

Hillsborough tragedy - the final chapter?

'Heartbreak, tributes, tears' was the headline in the Liverpool Echo as the next chapter in the Hillsborough tragedy unfolded, writes Tony Mulhearn.

9 April 2014

OECD report: A system in crisis

"Society at a Glance 2014 OECD Social Indicators" doesn't sound like the most exciting document. However, many of the report's conclusions point towards a deep unease about the future direction of capitalism

9 April 2014

Them & Us

House of shame: Culture Secretary Maria Miller's insulting 30-second apology after fiddling thousands of pounds in expenses has reminded the public of the 2009 MPs' expenses scandal

2 April 2014

Climate change: Socialism and global planning essential

IPCC report: Climate change has arrived, and it is not politely knocking on the door. The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a 'call to action', hit the headlines

2 April 2014

Unplug the 'Big Six' profiteers

The massive energy price rises at the end of last year have forced 4.5 million households into fuel poverty, families deciding whether to heat their homes or to eat

2 April 2014

Them & Us

New Poll Tax: Lord Warner, the former government NHS minister under Tony Blair and cheerleader for private healthcare, says the NHS is broken and needs fixing

2 April 2014

Real jobs for all!

Youth Fight for Jobs - real jobs for all!, photo Paul Mattsson

Governments that try to "guarantee a job to every person are doomed to fail", according to Tory Chancellor George Osborne. What an indictment of the capitalist system he represents!

2 April 2014

TUSC: No-cuts election challenge grows

The Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition national steering committee is about to approve the 440th candidate for the challenge in May's local elections. Of 160 councils with elections in May, TUSC already has candidates in place in 76. In 12 councils TUSC will be standing in at least ten seats.

26 March 2014

Fight for a 10 an hour minimum wage

Under the Con-Dem government, households at every income level have had a fall in living standards, declared the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

26 March 2014

Killed asylum seeker - victim of racism and privatisation

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has announced that, nearly four years after the death of Jimmy Mubenga, three guards will now face manslaughter charges, writes Becci Heagney.

26 March 2014

Pensions: Osborne's 'counter-revolution'

The right-wing media has been falling over itself to heap praise on George Osborne's "pension revolution". This follows the Chancellor's relaxation of rules regarding private pensions

26 March 2014

Them & Us

David's den (number ten): Tory chairman and housing minister Grant Shapps has defended his party's patronising 'bingo and beer' poster, which was distributed immediately after the Budget

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House of thieves

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