16 February 2017

Aslef members reject Southern deal - now for coordinated action to fight to win

Train drivers in Aslef have delivered a tremendous answer of working class solidarity

12 July 2002

Strike Back Against Low Pay

Council workers say...: THE DECISIVE votes for strike action by members of UNISON, GMB and TGWU working for local councils, reflects their growing anger over low pay, writes Brian Blake, service conditions officer, Ealing UNISON, personal capacity.

12 July 2002

Potters Bar inquiry: Bring Rail Bosses To Justice

RAIL WORKERS and passengers will be horrified by the findings of the inquiry into the Potters Bar rail crash, which killed seven people in May

12 July 2002

Summer Of Discontent

What We Say: NEXT WEDNESDAY, 17 July could see the biggest industrial strike in Britain for more than 20 years. Low-paid council workers have voted to reject a 3% wage offer; up to one million are expected to take

12 July 2002

Another Dangerous New Mental Health Bill

NEW LABOUR'S Mental Health Bill includes provision for people with mental illnesses to be committed to long stay accommodation in case they may become a danger to the public (or themselves), writes Clare Wilkins.

12 July 2002

Big Business Scandals - Don't Let Workers Pay The Price

WORLDCOM is the latest American company to rock world stock markets with its false accounting. Apparently at least one of its directors couldn't tell the difference between expenses and profit. This scandal

12 July 2002

How Capitalism Rips Off The Working Class

IN THE third article in our occasional series on Marxist classics, KEN SMITH looks at Karl Marx's pamphlets, Wage Labour and Capital and Wages, Price and Profit

12 July 2002

Aids pandemic: Pharmaceutical Giants Obstruct Progress

AS 15,000 delegates attend the International Aids Conference in Barcelona, the United Nations estimates that 68 million people could die of the Aids disease by 2020

28 June 2002

Who Can Live On Poverty Pay?

ADAIR TURNER, the new chair of the Low Pay Commission, the body which decides how low to set the national minimum wage, has admitted that he "couldn't possibly envisage" surviving on the national minimum wage level of 4.10 an hour - 164 a week

28 June 2002

Hands Off Comprehensive Education

ESTELLE MORRIS, New Labour education secretary, has threatened that the "comprehensive ideals" prevailing since the 1960s would "wither and die" if schools did not embrace New Labour's agenda for change

15 February 2017

Council cuts can be fought - and they must be!

No cuts!, photo by JB

During February many council budget-setting meetings are taking place across the country, slashing millions more pounds off vital services.

15 February 2017

Corbyn needs to stand up to Brexit rebels

What we think: While most Labour MPs have no problem with defying the large-scale opposition of their constituents to austerity, it's a different matter for a section of them on the issue of the EU referendum

28 June 2002

An Appeal For Socialist Unity

IN THE light of the success of a range of Left candidates in the last local elections, the Socialist Party wrote the following letter to the Socialist Alliance

5 July 2002

Change This Rotten System

Enron, Anderson, WorldCom, Xerox,...: GREED, FRAUD, sleaze - every day the real nature of capitalism is being revealed. WorldCom, the US's second biggest long-distance telephone company, has carried out the biggest corporate fraud in history

5 July 2002

WorldCom fraud: Capitalism Is A Bankrupt System

THE US, the most powerful economy in the world, responsible for a third of world output, is reeling with shock

5 July 2002

New Labour's tax-avoiding friends

A Nice Little Racket: AT THE Wimbledon tennis championships last week KPMG - one of the top accountancy firms suspected of malpractice in the recent big business scandals - had a corporate hospitality marquee

5 July 2002

Making Criminals Out Of Us All

HOME SECRETARY David Blunkett hopes to introduce Identity (ID) Cards which we would have to carry to gain access to public services such as health, benefits and education, writes By John Reid.

15 February 2017

March to save #OurNHS

Our NHS is collapsing. On 4 March, we will march in London to save it.

15 February 2017

Socialist Students: growing, brimming with confidence

Socialist Students conference showcased a growing organisation

15 February 2017

Save child refugees, fight the cuts

There was widespread disgust after a written statement from the Home Office announced it was to end a vital rehoming scheme for refugee children

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