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From The Socialist newspaper, 21 July 2010

The Socialist Party needs you!

And you need the Socialist Party! If you agree with what you read in The Socialist please don't leave it at that, take the next step and join the Socialist Party.

Hannah Sell, Socialist Party deputy general secretary

The need to get organised has never been greater. Capitalism is a system in crisis and the big-business politicians are determined to make sure that it is working class people who pay for their system's failures. The Con-Dem coalition is launching an all-out assault on every aspect of our public services, NHS, benefits, pay and pensions.

If the workers' movement doesn't get off its knees we will be trampled into the dirt by this millionaires' government.

The Socialist Party is confident that there will be mass movements against the cuts. However, we believe our party has a crucial role to play in fighting to ensure that the movements are successful - that we stop this government in its tracks.

Our sister parties in Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal are playing a role in the mass movements against cuts that are already taking place. The Socialist Party is part of an international group, the Committee for a Workers' International, which organises in over 40 countries worldwide.

Twenty years ago it was the Socialist Party - then called Militant - that led the 18-million strong movement which defeated the hated poll tax and brought down the Iron Lady, Maggie Thatcher.

Cameron can also be defeated but it will require a determined struggle. The Socialist Party is arguing that the first step should be a massive national demonstration, as preparation for a 24 hour public sector strike. At the same time our members are involved in bringing together trade unionists with community campaigns in order to create local anti-cuts unions in every local area.

We cannot have enough members to help us with this crucial task. We need every public sector worker who can convince workmates that it is possible to fight and win; every student member who can raise the need for a campaign against cuts at his or her university; every school student, parent or teacher who can put the case against academies; every young unemployed person who can get active in Youth Fight for Jobs. Every contribution, great or small, will play a part in taking the struggle forward.

Socialist alternative

Socialist Party members are not only campaigning to stop the cuts, but also making the case for socialism. Capitalism has always been a system based on the exploitation of the majority by a small minority.

The profound crisis that global capitalism entered in 2008 is resulting in increased hardship for hundreds of millions of people globally. The International Labour Organisation estimates that up to 200 million people worldwide have been pushed below the poverty line.

In Britain millions have been thrown out of work. Meanwhile the city speculators' profits are as high as ever; not least because of their obscene gambling on food prices which is driving the cost of staple foods through the roof - leaving millions starving.

Capitalism does not work. It is now 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall which saw the capitalists claiming that theirs was the only viable system. For years the representatives of capitalism have claimed victory for their system, declaring that the 'free market' is the only way of running the world and that it would bring us all peace, democracy and prosperity.

This has been shown to be the lie that it always was. As a result growing numbers are looking for an alternative. This includes an increasing number of people who, angry at the effects of the economic crisis, are drawing the conclusion that socialism is the way forward.

From January to June 2010, hundreds of people joined the Socialist Party and nine new Socialist Party branches were founded - in York, Halifax, Rotherham, Grimsby, Wirral, Salford, Nottingham, Plymouth and Carlisle. That is a big step forward, but is only a glimpse of what is possible.

In the second half of the year we are confident of smashing through our recruitment target and surpassing 2,000 members in England and Wales. We will then launch a campaign to reach 3,000 members and beyond. If you think you are a socialist, and want to fight back, we appeal to you to join us.

Why not click here to join the Socialist Party, or click here to donate to the Socialist Party.

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