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From The Socialist newspaper, 21 June 2007

Why you should join ISR

War, low pay, top-up fees, climate change, racism; this is why you should join International Socialist Resistance (ISR).

Ben Robinson ISR national co-ordinator

ISR is an anti-capitalist organisation. These attacks we face such as low pay and attacks on education, together with war, poverty and climate change, are a result of the drive for profit and domination of a small elite of rich individuals over the fate of billions.

It was for the interests of the oil multinationals that Blair and Bush invaded Iraq, as well as the hope of an increase in their international prestige.

Top-up fees, together with city academies, are steps towards an education system run for profit. Low pay and exploitation at work also come from the desire of bosses to enrich themselves at the expense of workers.

This capitalist system dominates the globe. ISR members took part in the anti-G8 protests recently, putting forward the slogan 'a socialist world is possible'.

We stand for an alternative way of running society, based on meeting everybody's needs, not just a tiny elite.

Low pay and attacks on rights at work have prompted increasing levels of struggle. The recent strike and ongoing dispute at the Ritzy cinema in London shows the determination of young people to take action.

In London alone there are ongoing campaigns against cuts in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes, across the board attacks on education in Lewisham, and the recent victory to maintain school dinners in Waltham Forest. All of these education campaigns have shown that young people are willing to fight back.

ISR has been involved in all of these campaigns, and has a proud record. To join ISR means that you have links with other campaigners across the country, and internationally.

ISR members vote on campaign policies at our national conference and elect a national leadership.

It's only through democratic discussion that the different experiences and ideas of our members can come together.

We also aim to have regular discussions, such as on what is capitalism, how can the problems of the environment be solved, who was Che Guevara, the situation in Iraq and the Middle East and more.

We think that it's important to discuss these issues, alongside our campaigning work, in order to learn from history and increase our understanding of what's going on, why, and how we can change it today.

There are ISR members across the country, campaigning, discussing, fighting for a better world. If you could like to take part in this, and get involved in ISR, feel free to contact us for more info, or see our website

Join ISR on the ISR website, or send a cheque or postal order (2 unwaged/4 waged) to ISR, PO Box 858, London, E11 1YG. Contact us on or call 020 8588 7947.

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