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From: The Socialist issue 924, 9 November 2016: Bosses' government, bosses EU...fight for socialism

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Bosses' government, bosses' EU...fight for socialism

A French trade unionist marching against UK culture sector cuts in London, 5.11.16. We need to build an international workers' movement against capitalism, photo by Paul Mattsson

A French trade unionist marching against UK culture sector cuts in London, 5.11.16. We need to build an international workers' movement against capitalism, photo by Paul Mattsson   (Click to enlarge)

James Ivens

An existential crisis threatens the Tories after the High Court ruling on Brexit. The Corbyn movement must now press the advantage.

On one side, the Tories face their friends and funders, the capitalist class. All the major institutions of capitalism were desperate to remain in the EU. Now they'll want their party to block Brexit, or at least stay in the free-trade zone.

On the other side, the EU referendum was a mass expression of anger against all establishment politicians. If the Tories ignore this fiery mood, it will be at their peril.

This crisis creates a big opportunity for the Corbyn movement: to push for a socialist, internationalist Brexit, based on independent working class action.

The Tories won't deliver it. The Blairites won't deliver it. And whatever they decide, the judges won't deliver it either.

The state is not a neutral body. The capitalists designed it, and their lackeys manage it.

One of the judges in the Article 50 case was Lord Justice Sales. He was the highest-paid lawyer in government under Tony Blair. Unsurprisingly, he recently ruled against allowing 130,000 new Labour members to vote in the leadership election.

The workers' movement can only rely on its own strength. Kick out the Tories, kick out the Blairites, and build a party for the 99%.

Fight for a Brexit that defends and extends workers' rights. Scrap the free-market foundations of the EU. For a voluntary socialist confederation of Europe.

  • 'Were socialists right to say no to the EU?' - one of the sessions at Socialism 2016 see

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