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From: Notebook, 16 June 2017: Brief articles and notes on the Socialist Party website

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Protest at the Queens Speech

Youth and workers are united to say "May Must Go!"

Corbyn In! Tories out!

A London Socialist Party press release:

A protest will take place at the Queens Speech on Wednesday 21st June at 4pm in Parliament Square.
Paul Callanan, London Socialist Party (formerly Militant) said:

"We do not know yet the exact details of the agreement between the Tories and the DUP. But what we do know is that this agreement is to allow May to retain her shaky grip on power in order to impose further austerity and wreak more misery upon working class and young people.

At last week's election working class and particularly young people, in their millions, rejected Tory austerity. The vote for Corbyn was a clear vote for free education, £10 an hour, council housing, an end to cuts and privatisation and a vote for public ownership.

Whatever deal is reached we need a movement that unites all of our forces against a government for and by the 1%. A movement that fights for a Corbyn-led government and a radical socialist programme."

Helen Pattison, Socialist Students London organiser, said:

"Young people voted in their droves last Thursday to reject tuition fees and low pay. If 16 and 17 year olds were allowed to vote, Jeremy Corbyn would be prime minister already. The fact that the Tories are now being propped up by a reactionary, anti-gay, anti-woman, sectarian party like the DUP will leave many people feeling that we have been robbed. We will be at the Queen's Speech next week to support Corbyn and McDonnell's efforts to end tuition fees and low pay. We will also be there to say: if we unite and fight we can win."

For more info call Paul Callanan on 10893 286 976 or email

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