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Job cuts soar

Don't let Blair wreck the NHS

MORE THAN 7,000 hospital job cuts have been announced in the last few weeks. And this devastating fact is not the end of the story. Job cuts could go as high as 24,000, as more hospitals and trusts go into deficit.

NHS bosses wring their hands and say they're sorry that "some job losses have been necessary".

But the reality is that NHS resources are being frittered away on expensive schemes designed to line the pockets of private companies.

Instead of repairing the damage that decades of underfunding and neglect has done to the NHS, New Labour is just further opening up one of our most precious assets to the profiteers.

But there is a fight back in many areas.

Socialist Party member and local GP Jackie Grunsell is standing in the local elections in Huddersfield.

"It is almost impossible to knock on a door and find someone who hasn't heard about the attacks on local health services" she says.

"The government are standing by while hospitals sack staff claiming it is due to a deficit crisis, caused by a few poor managers in local areas.

"In reality the 700 million NHS debt is peanuts to them. They could easily wipe it out in the same way they have just given 5.1 billion subsidy to get British Energy (a private company) out of financial trouble.

"The sad fact is this government wants these job losses and cuts to take place to pave the way for further marketisation of our health care. We can't stand by and let this happen.

"A national demonstration and industrial action are becoming more urgent."

  • No more cuts and privatisation. Take back all the privatised NHS services into public ownership - we fought for them, we paid for them, we should run them democratically for the benefit of all.

  • Link all the community and trade union campaigns together - first in a national demonstration, then in strike action.

  • Nationalise the pharmaceutical and supply industries and use the profits to rebuild the health service into something we can be proud of.

let Blair wreck the NHS

off Cardiff's schools

Condition critical

eying regime change in Iran

to fight fuel poverty

Election manifesto 2006: Standing for the millions...

...not the millionaires

Time for change - we need a new party!

- the bandwagon is rolling!

"Standing up for working people"

campaigns boost sales of the socialist

fund target smashed - again!

Day greetings

Mass struggle forces government retreat

immigrant workers demand legal rights

general election

Riot police repelled by shanty town residents

conference: Stop New Labour's old Tory policies

pensions in crisis

Len Hockey, UNISON health SGE

to defend jobs at Visteon

government pensions: New deal in the offing?

Socialist Party book: 1926 General Strike




Home   |   The Socialist 13 - 19 April 2006   |   Join the Socialist Party

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In this issue

Socialist Party campaigns

Don't let Blair wreck the NHS

Hands off Cardiff's schools

Iraq - condition critical

Bush eying regime change in Iran

How to fight fuel poverty

Socialist Party election campaign

Huddersfield - the bandwagon is rolling!

"Standing up for working people"

Election campaigns boost sales of the socialist

Fighting fund target smashed - again!

May Day greetings

Socialist Party review

1926 General Strike - Workers taste power by Peter Taaffe

International socialist news and analysis

Mass struggle in France forces government retreat

Build for 1 May general strike in the USA

Italian opposition scrapes home but workers must stop the return of Berlusconi

Kazakhstan Riot police repelled by shanty town residents

Socialist Party workplace news

Stop New Labour's old Tory policies

Rail pensions in crisis

Vote Len Hockey

Organise to defend jobs at Visteon

New deal in the offing in local government?


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