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The Socialist 4 February 2000

Student Protest Grows

Student Protest Grows

Rail strike victory

Immigration - what's the problem?

Tobogganing towards disaster

Sweden's YRE exposes racist hypocrisy


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The Socialist 4 February 2000, Student Protest Grows

spotStudent Protest Grows

A FOUR-day occupation by students at the School of Oriental and African Studies was brought to an end in the early hours of Saturday morning, writes Kieran Roberts, Save Free Education (SFE).

spotRail strike victory

DRIVERS FOR for Connex South-East railways have won a stunning victory. The drivers, members of rail union ASLEF, forced the employers to concede most of their demands after just one day's strike action...

spotImmigration - what's the problem?

Home Secretary Jack Straw's response to the rise in asylum seekers in Britain has been to clamp down on so-called 'fake immigrants.' He suggests that "access to social security cash benefits in Britain acts as an incentive for many seeking a better life."NAOMI BYRON unravels some immigration my...

spotTobogganing towards disaster

THE WORLD Economic Forum in Davos has been punctuated by the shrill pronouncements of the crusaders of capitalist triumphalism, Tony Blair and Bill Clinton...

spotSweden's YRE exposes racist hypocrisy

WHILE TWENTY heads of government and politicians from more than 50 countries attended a conference to discuss the Holocaust in Stockholm, Elevkampanjen, (Sweden's YRE - Youth Against Racism in Europe) mobilised thousands of school students in three demonstrations around the country, writes Laurence Coates, Socialist Justice Party, Sweden.