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The Socialist 24 March 2000

Fight every Job Loss

Fight every Job Loss

Government starves public services and blames refugees

How a socialist planned economy could work

Nationalise Rover

When Cuddly Ken was Red Ken


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The Socialist 24 March 2000, Fight every Job Loss

spotFight every Job Loss

AFTER THE BMW bosses sold Rover to vulture capitalists Alchemy, thousands of jobs in Rover's West Midlands plants were threatened. Cowley works in Oxford also cut production by over 50%...

spotGovernment starves public services and blames refugees

Build unity against Labour attacks WHEREVER YOU look in the media, from TV news to the smallest local paper, there are negative stories about asylum seekers, writes By Naomi Byron.

spotHow a socialist planned economy could work

"FROM EACH according to ability, to each according to need" - this is how Karl Marx characterised the way a socialist economy will work. But far from being preposterous or utopian, as the supporters of capitalism argue, such a vision of socialism is a practical and realisable alternative to the horrors of the market system. PETE DICKENSON explains.

spotNationalise Rover

TONY BLAIR supposedly shook with anger when told of BMW's plans to shut Rover. Maybe it was fear at the workers' anger that will be directed at this government...

spotWhen Cuddly Ken was Red Ken

KEN LIVINGSTONE'S present-day popularity comes partly from the perception of his battles against Thatcher's Tories as Greater London Council (GLC) leader from 1981 to 1986, writes By Roger Shrives.