The Socialist

The Socialist 19 May 2000

Save Jobs, Sack the Bosses

Save Jobs, Sack the Bosses

Workers halt health sell-off

Livingstone's London

Students still say - don't pay the fees

Occupation in Kent

Don't fall for divide and rule

South Africa general strike signals turning point for workers


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The Socialist 19 May 2000, Save Jobs, Sack the Bosses

spotSave Jobs, Sack the Bosses

THE GOVERNMENT'S car industry and manufacturing crisis is far from over, despite Phoenix's acquisition of Rover for 10, writes John Dale, Bolsover.

spotWorkers halt health sell-off

ANCILLARY WORKERS at Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield reacted angrily when they heard the Trust board were going to discuss a paper recommending market testing catering, domestic, portering, security and transport services, writes Adrian O'Malley and Mick Griffiths, Wakefield and Pontefract Hospitals UNISON.

spotLivingstone's London

HE'S BEEN in the news every day, he's spoken out on the major issues affecting Londoners, he's advocated a 'new style', 'inclusive' politics, he's asked Tony Blair for more money for London, writes Paula Mitchell.

spotStudents still say - don't pay the fees

AT THE lobby of Ken Livingstone in London, part of Save Free Education (SFE) day of action, PETER LEARY, non-payer at Goldsmith's College and one of the organisers of the occupation at Goldsmith's last year, spoke to Molly Cooper...

spotOccupation in Kent

THE UNIVERSITY of Kent is implementing cuts for students by changing its examination policy. The changes mean that, for the first time ever, almost 300 students will have to sit three, three-hour exams...

spotDon't fall for divide and rule

THE SOCIALIST Party opposes attacks on asylum-seekers' rights from the media, the far-right, Tory leaders and the New Labour government...

spotSouth Africa general strike signals turning point for workers

In the biggest mobilisation since the early 1990s, on 10 May the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU) led more than four million workers - half the workforce - in a general strike that brought major centres and several towns to a standstill for several hours...