The Socialist

The Socialist 29 September 2000

Blair's Empty Promises

Blair's empty promises

Biwaters workers fight closure

Prague Protests Czech police go in heavy

The movement which stopped Britain

When Housing goes to market

Indian kidnapping stokes sectarian divisions

New Labour and the Trade Unions

What's the alternative to New Labour?

Free the Funds


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The Socialist 29 September 2000, Blair's Empty Promises

spotBlair's empty promises

TONY BLAIR and his government used their party conference speeches to frighten voters about a possible return of the Tories...

spotBiwaters workers fight closure

THE BATTLE to save 700 jobs at Biwaters pipe works in Clay Cross, is getting underway. Since the takeover of the company by multinational Saint Gobain, with closure announced 45 minutes later, trade unionists,...

spotPrague Protests Czech police go in heavy

TENS of thousands of people demonstrated in Prague against the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meeting there, writes Molly Cooper and Rob Crowhurst report from Prague.

spotThe movement which stopped Britain

FOR A week in September, fuel protests and pickets almost brought Britain to a halt. The protests though stirred up much controversy, with the government accusing the protesters of colluding with the...

spotWhen Housing goes to market

MARGARET THATCHER promised to create a "property owning democracy" by selling council houses and applying the 'benefits' of the market to housing provision, writes Jared Wood.

spotIndian kidnapping stokes sectarian divisions

THE CITY of Bangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka is facing a general strike on 28 September over the kidnapping of veteran film actor Rajkumar by the infamous bandit Veerappan...

spotNew Labour and the Trade Unions

Workers' disgust at New Labour's failure to deliver anything on wages, pensions, jobs or services has raised once again the question of Labour's links with the Trade Unions and the need for a new workers' party...

spotWhat's the alternative to New Labour?

THE RECENT oil protests graphically demonstrate the need for a new workers' party. The action of the protesters represented the most serious challenge to the Blair government since it came to power in...

spotFree the Funds

'FREE THE Funds - trade union campaign for a new workers' party' is the new cross-union campaign initiated by the Socialist Party...