The Socialist

The Socialist 20 October 2000

Don't Pay for the Bosses' Greed

Fight the Job Cuts

Rail Safety before Profit

Middle East Crisis Staring into the Abyss

The Reality of being Black and British

Rallying against corporate capitalism

Can Brown's "cunning plan" buy off fuel protests?


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The Socialist 20 October 2000, Don't Pay for the Bosses' Greed

spotFight the Job Cuts

Don't Pay for the Bosses' Greed: NEW LABOUR ministers claim to have abolished mass unemployment. The percentage of workers claiming benefit is the lowest for 25 years, though this is largely due to a harsher social security regime...

spotRail Safety before Profit

JUST OVER a year after Paddington another privatised train company has seen one of its trains crash with the loss of at least four lives and over 80 injured, when a train carrying 100 people derailed near Hatfield on 17 October...

spotMiddle East Crisis Staring into the Abyss

THE SPIRALING conflict in the Middle East is taking on a distinctly nationalist, religious character, with Imams in the Gaza mosques calling for the defense of Al Aqsa, and for attacks against Jews, writes Mandy Rabin, Maavak Sozialisti, (CWI, Israel).

spotThe Reality of being Black and British

RAPH PARKINSON is a Socialist Party member and a Black member of the national executive of UNISON, the public-sector union. He is also chair of the North-West Black Members' Committee...

spotRallying against corporate capitalism

WHILE THE media circus follows the fortunes of big business-backed presidential hopefuls - Democrat Al Gore and Republican George Bush - they ignore the mass rallies organised in support of independent Left candidate, Ralph Nader...

spotCan Brown's "cunning plan" buy off fuel protests?

THE PROSPECT of pickets resuming protests outside fuel depots may have receded following a secret meeting between the Chancellor, Gordon Brown, and the Road Haulage Association, writes Dave Reid