The Socialist

The Socialist 10 November 2000

Blair's Fuel Tax Lies

Blair's Fuel Tax Lies

Can't Pay Won't Pay

Hackney: Time to strike back

Victory for Glenn Kelly: Bromley's embarrassing climbdown

Socialist victory teachers' union

End Student Poverty

Build mass non-payment of fees

Top-up fees: New Labour's next step

Socialist Party councillors: not like the rest

Labour's deflating balloons


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The Socialist 10 November 2000, Blair's Fuel Tax Lies

spotBlair's Fuel Tax Lies

TONY BLAIR says that he can't cut high fuel taxes because the pensioners will suffer and he'll have less to spend on the NHS and education. What rubbish!...

spotCan't Pay Won't Pay

OVER 20,000 students are expected on the National Union of Students (NUS) "Grants not Fees" demonstration in Central London, writes Paul Hunt, Coventry (SFE) Save Free Education..

spotHackney: Time to strike back

TGWU UNION members and building workers in Hackney are to ballot for industrial action after the Labour-Tory council agreed cuts of 4 million on 6 November, writes Chris Newby.

spotVictory for Glenn Kelly: Bromley's embarrassing climbdown

GLENN KELLY, secretary of Bromley UNISON, has won a resounding victory against Bromley council bosses, writes Bill Mullins.

spotSocialist victory teachers' union

WHEN SOCIALIST Party member Linda Taaffe was defeated in elections for the national executive (NEC) of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) earlier this year, the NUT right wing declared that never again should a Trotskyist be elected to the NEC...

spotEnd Student Poverty

THIS YEAR is the first in which all students will face paying tuition fees. More than ever students will be straining under the weight of debts and poverty, writes Kieran Roberts, Save Free Education (SFE).

spotBuild mass non-payment of fees

SAVE FREE Education (SFE) are building a mass movement of resistance against tuition fees, the abolition of the grant and oppose universities that try and enforce sanctions against students who do not pay their fees...

spotTop-up fees: New Labour's next step

NEW LABOUR undoubtedly want to go even further in charging for education. There is plenty of evidence to suggest they will allow universities to introduce top-up fees after the next general election...

spotSocialist Party councillors: not like the rest

By-election in Lewisham: SAM DIAS, Socialist party candidate in the Pepys ward by-election in Lewisham, south London, spoke to The Socialist...

spotLabour's deflating balloons

THE LANCASHIRE Socialist Alliance (LSA) campaign for the Preston by-election is beginning to take off, writes Max Neill.