The Socialist

The Socialist 1 December 2000

Stop the Corporate Polluters

Stop the Corporate Polluters

Political hot air at the Hague

How to win Fees Battle

Socialist challenges break New Labour's grip

How socialists saw off Labour

Our Bodies - their profits

The Difference between Life and Death

Irish Teachers strike over pay


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The Socialist 1 December 2000, Stop the Corporate Polluters

spotStop the Corporate Polluters

THE ROMAN emperor, Nero played his violin while the city of Rome burned. This example of political irresponsibility is nothing compared to the world's leaders last week at the failed conference on climate...

spotPolitical hot air at the Hague

THREE YEARS ago in Kyoto there was an agreement to reduce the release of greenhouse gases that effect the world's climates, writes Bill Hopwood.

spotHow to win Fees Battle

MANY COLLEGES are beginning to wind down for the Christmas break. But for many students the season will not bring glad tidings, writes Kieran Roberts, Save Free Education campaign.

spotSocialist challenges break New Labour's grip

What we Think: THE EXCELLENT victory for the Socialist Party in the Pepys ward by-election in Lewisham is another example of the potential support there could be amongst working people and their families for a credible and viable socialist alternative to the Labour and Tory parties...

spotHow socialists saw off Labour

SAMANTHA DIAS is now the Socialist Party's second councillor in Lewisham. This great achievement showed that where a serious socialist alternative is offered, voters will support it, writes Martin Powell-Davies.

spotOur Bodies - their profits

MISS WORLD will be held in the millenium dome and hosted by Jerry Springer. Ticket prices start from no less than 100 going up to 400 for the night, writes Clare James.

spotThe Difference between Life and Death

THE THEME of World Aids Day on 1 December is 'Men Make A Difference', which focuses on one aspect of the pandemic...

spotIrish Teachers strike over pay

SIXTEEN THOUSAND secondary school teachers in Ireland took strike action on 14 November as part of their continuing campaign for a 30% pay rise, writes Stephen Boyd, Dublin.