The Socialist

The Socialist 8 December 2000

Health Crisis Deepens

Health Crisis Deepens

End the Transport Chaos

Build Unity to Stop Hackney Cuts

Fight Global Capitalism: For workers unity and world Socialism

Nice conference: Shame about the treaty

Israeli Government: One Big disaster


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The Socialist 8 December 2000, Health Crisis Deepens

spotHealth Crisis Deepens

NEW LABOUR claims to have spent billions on solving the crisis in the NHS. In particular, it says it's spent 150 million to deal with coming winter pressures. But still there's talk of yet another...

spotEnd the Transport Chaos

The headline in the Independent 1 December: "Government seizes control of railways" wouldn't have been out of place in an April Fool's Day paper...

spotBuild Unity to Stop Hackney Cuts

HACKNEY'S COMMUNITY Conference on Sunday 3 December was an excellent opportunity to develop the campaign against the council attacks on jobs and services, writes Chris Newby.

spotFight Global Capitalism: For workers unity and world Socialism

Representatives of the Committee for a Workers' International (CWI - the Socialist International organisation to which the Socialist Party is affiliated) recently met to discuss developments in the capitalist world economy, the political struggles of the working class, and the prospects for sociali...

spotNice conference: Shame about the treaty

THE FRENCH Riviera is the venue for the European Union (EU) intergovernmental conference on 7/8 December. In Britain, the talks will provoke more media hysteria, and more voter indifference, writes Manny Thain.

spotIsraeli Government: One Big disaster

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict deepens and the death toll nears 300, Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Barak has called fresh elections for next year...