The Socialist

The Socialist 23 March 2001

Blair's Hated Policies

Blair's Hated Policies

Restore Free Education

Another match in the Balkan tinderbox

Foot and mouth crisis: A 'plague' made by big business

Students need union leaders to oppose New Labour

Trust Me: I'm A Scientist


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The Socialist 23 March 2001, Blair's Hated Policies

spotBlair's Hated Policies

*72% oppose privatisation of National Air Traffic Service
*76% demand renationalisation of railways
*52% oppose Labour's handling of foot and mouth outbreak

spotRestore Free Education

STUDENTS IN all forms of education from schools to universities saw Gordon Brown's Budget pass them by, writes Amrita Huggins, Save Free Education.

spotAnother match in the Balkan tinderbox

What We Think: THE FIGHTING that raged between Albanian guerrillas and government troops last week showed once again that imperialism has no solution to the problems that beset the Balkans...

spotFoot and mouth crisis: A 'plague' made by big business

TONY BLAIR's government is increasingly turning to desperate measures to eradicate foot and mouth disease (FMD) and allow their planned May election to proceed...

spotStudents need union leaders to oppose New Labour

National Union of Students conference: SINCE NEW Labour were elected to office in 1997, they have consistently carried through policies against the interests of students, writes Kieran Roberts, Save Free Education (SFE) campaign.

spotTrust Me: I'm A Scientist

SCIENTISTS - IMPARTIAL seekers after the secrets of the universe or hired guns for world capitalism? GEOFF JONES looks at the massive change of attitude towards scientists and science in general over the...