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The Socialist 6 July 2001

Strike Back At School Sell-Offs

Strike Back At School Sell-Offs

TGWU conference: Free The Funds

Icy Blasts Of Recession

Wales: Tuition Fees Damned - Now Abolish Them!

Capitalism's Bitter Coffee

Put All The Warmongers On Trial

Northern Ireland: New Sectarian Dangers - Workers' Response Needed

Hackney Bin Workers Score Quick Victory


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The Socialist 6 July 2001, Strike Back At School Sell-Offs

spotStrike Back At School Sell-Offs

"ONCE THE fat cats get a foot in the door it will soon be individual schools that are handed over to private companies for profit." "They will be charging teachers to rent their classrooms next!" Such sentiments are forcing teachers and support staff to take action against privatisation of educa, writes Linda Taaffe, Waltham Forest NUT and NUT national executive, personal capacity.

spotTGWU conference: Free The Funds

BILL MORRIS, the Transport and General Workers Union (TGWU) general secretary has been quoted in the press as saying that the union will financially support the Liberal Democrats, writes Teresa MacKay, TGWU agricultural trade group, personal capacity.

spotIcy Blasts Of Recession

THE CHILL wind of a world economic recession is starting to blow across Britain's shores. Whilst recession has not yet hit the finance and service sectors, the crisis in manufacturing is deepening. Engineering...

spotWales: Tuition Fees Damned - Now Abolish Them!

THE RECENTLY published Rees Report into student hardship and funding in Wales is damning in its criticism of tuition fees and the abolition of the student grant, writes Sarah Mayo.

spotCapitalism's Bitter Coffee

WHAT DO these two people have in common? Howard lives in Seattle, USA, and has just bought himself a $200 million stake in the Seattle Supersonics basketball team. Maria lives in the Eastern Highlands...

spotPut All The Warmongers On Trial

THE EXTRADITION of former dictator Slobodan Milosevic from Serbia to face war crimes charges in the Hague, Holland, and the drift toward civil war in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia, have once again thrust the region into the headlines, writes Dave Carr.

spotNorthern Ireland: New Sectarian Dangers - Workers' Response Needed

THE RESIGNATION of David Trimble, First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly over the issue of IRA arms decommissioning, ahead of the Orange Order 'marching season' with its expected flashpoints at Drumcree and elsewhere, poses new sectarian dangers for the working class as ROBERT CONNOLLY ex...

spotHackney Bin Workers Score Quick Victory

EARLY ON 28 June, workers at Millfields cleansing depot, Hackney, refused to take their vehicles on the road...