The Socialist

The Socialist 13 July 2001

Unite Against Racism

Unite Against Racism

Racist Match That Sparked Growing Anger

Support the Merseyside firefighters: Defend Public Services

Lilley The Pinko?

Northern Ireland 'peace process': Sliding Into Sectarian Conflict

Solidarity with Turkish political prisoners

Stop The Ilisu Dam!

Racism: Oppose The Bosses' Divide And Rule


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The Socialist 13 July 2001, Unite Against Racism

spotUnite Against Racism

Police tactics spark Bradford riots - Eye-witness reports: ALMOST 20 years to the day after Britain's cities simultaneously erupted against the policies of Thatcher's Tory government, there has been a series of explosions revealing the simmering anger against Blair's Britain...

spotRacist Match That Sparked Growing Anger

LABOUR HAS been quick to provide its knee-jerk solution to the recent inner-city riots; bring out the water cannon...

spotSupport the Merseyside firefighters: Defend Public Services

MERSEYSIDE FIREFIGHTERS have voted by a 82.7% majority for strike action. Chief fire officer, Malcolm Saunders and the Merseyside Fire Authority want to recruit non-uniformed staff directly into uniformed...

spotLilley The Pinko?

PETER LILLEY and the right wing London Evening Standard and Telegraph, leading members of the Tories, more often seen as the party which locks people up, have called for the legalisation of cannabis, writes Jane James.

spotNorthern Ireland 'peace process': Sliding Into Sectarian Conflict

'PEACE PROCESS' is fast becoming a misnomer to describe what is happening in Northern Ireland. Trimble's resignation as First Minister has put the future of the Assembly and therefore of the Good Friday...

spotSolidarity with Turkish political prisoners

THE CURRENT economic crisis in Turkey adds to the horrific repression already suffered by the Turkish and Kurdish people, writes Keith Pattenden.

spotStop The Ilisu Dam!

THE BUILDING of the Ilisu dam in south-east Turkey will lead to the forcible eviction of nearly 50,000 people, mainly Kurds, writes Onay Kasab.

spotRacism: Oppose The Bosses' Divide And Rule

JUST TWO decades after the 1981 riots, clashes such as those in Bradford last weekend show the deepening anger and bitterness amongst Britain's Asian population about hostile policing, racist attacks and poor social conditions...