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The Socialist 31 August 2001

Labour Fails The Education Test

Labour Fails The Education Test

Workers Priced Out By Housing Crisis

Hackney Workers Prepare For Battle

Macedonia's Impending Civil War

Asylum Seekers Kept In Squalor

Come to Socialism 2001


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The Socialist 31 August 2001, Labour Fails The Education Test

spotLabour Fails The Education Test

EVEN BEFORE the new academic year starts next week, a crisis is gripping the education system...

spotWorkers Priced Out By Housing Crisis

A HOUSING crisis is developing across England and Wales, warns a report by the National Housing Federation, writes Ken Douglas.

spotHackney Workers Prepare For Battle

AMID THE chaos that is working life in Hackney council, workers are preparing to ballot for further strike action, writes By a Hackney UNISON shop steward.

spotMacedonia's Impending Civil War

NATO HAS launched 'Operation Essential Harvest' in Macedonia, marking the fourth intervention by Western forces in the Balkans in ten years, writes Niall Mulholland..

spotAsylum Seekers Kept In Squalor

Desperate Acts At The Channel Tunnel: EUROTUNNEL OFFICIALS are taking action in a French court to try to close a refugee camp near the cross-channel firm's French terminal at Sangatte outside Calais...

spotCome to Socialism 2001

A discussion on the future of the Left in Britain: Socialism 2001 is a weekend of discussion and debate organised by the Socialist Party. It is an opportunity for anyone who is angry at the poverty and inequality in society, for anyone who is fighting...