The Socialist

The Socialist 7 September 2001

Stop The Private Profiteers!

Stop The Private Profiteers!

End The Bosses' Pay Spree

Expose Asylum Lies: Unite Against Bosses' Racism

Refugees Are John Howard's Scapegoats

World Economy: The Panic Spreads

Profits Bonanza But Education In Crisis

Argentina: No Light At The End Of The Tunnel


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The Socialist 7 September 2001, Stop The Private Profiteers!

spotStop The Private Profiteers!

TUC Must Put Words Into Action: TONY BLAIR asks union leaders to help 'modernise' public services. But, even they know, like millions of others, that he means more privatisation of health and education...

spotEnd The Bosses' Pay Spree

NEXT TIME the credit runs out on your mobile phone and you need a fiver for a Vodaphone top-up card, think how that firm's top executives benefit from your cash, writes Chris Moore.

spotExpose Asylum Lies: Unite Against Bosses' Racism

THE CRISIS surrounding refugees aboard the Tampa and at the Sangatte Red Cross refugee camp in France has allowed the media and governments to intensify their racist divide-and-rule tactics about asylum...

spotRefugees Are John Howard's Scapegoats

HAVING ENDURED shipwreck and then detained by armed SAS troops aboard a sun-baked Norwegian freighter, many of the 438 mainly Afghan asylum-seekers, instead of finding refuge in Australia, will now end up on the largely uninhabitable island of Nauru in the south Pacific...

spotWorld Economy: The Panic Spreads

A RECENT Economist special report on the world economy, 25 August, sums up the panic now gripping the capitalists internationally...

spotProfits Bonanza But Education In Crisis

AS A new academic year begins, all the problems in education that existed under the Tories have only got worse under New Labour while Blair has added a few new problems of his own making...

spotArgentina: No Light At The End Of The Tunnel

ARGENTINA'S FINANCIAL crisis is threatening an economic meltdown which could also sink the economies of South and Central America and have a catastrophic impact on the world economy...