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The Socialist 4 January 2002

Build The Socialist Alternative

Build The Socialist Alternative

Argentina: Capitalist Crisis Intensifies

India/Pakistan conflict: Only Socialism Can End the 'Madness Of War'

Brussels demos: Marching Against Capitalism And War

2002: Capitalist Crisis - Workers' Struggles


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The Socialist 4 January 2002, Build The Socialist Alternative

spotBuild The Socialist Alternative

2002 - Capitalist crisis set to deepen: THE TRIUMPHALIST launch of the Euro on 1 January cannot disguise the massive problems in the world economy, writes By Ken Douglas.

spotArgentina: Capitalist Crisis Intensifies

"WE ARE hungry; we want food!" chanted the demonstrators who braved police tear-gas and rubber bullets as they marched on the Argentinian congress building

spotIndia/Pakistan conflict: Only Socialism Can End the 'Madness Of War'

GLOBETROTTING TONY Blair has jetted off in a bid to avert a looming military conflict between Pakistan and India

spotBrussels demos: Marching Against Capitalism And War

ON 13, 14 and 15 December 2001, workers and young people from all over Europe converged on Brussels in their thousands to protest at the European Union (EU) summit, writes Rob Crowhurst.

spot2002: Capitalist Crisis - Workers' Struggles

AT THE start of a new year, PETER TAAFFE, general secretary of the Socialist Party, asks will the recession last? Will the workers move into action? What are the prospects for 2002?