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The Socialist 12 April 2002

We Can Beat Privatisation

We Can Beat Privatisation

Socialist Councillors make a difference

Israel / Palestine: Who Can Live Like This? Who Can Die Like This?

The Oppression of Women


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The Socialist 12 April 2002, We Can Beat Privatisation

spotWe Can Beat Privatisation

Birmingham tenants' victory: ONE OF the wheels of New Labour's privatisation bandwagon came off when tenants of Britain's largest landlord, Birmingham City Council, voted by a 2:1 majority to reject plans to sell off council housing to a group of private landlords, writes Clive Walder.

spotSocialist Councillors make a difference

Coventry: COVENTRY SOCIALIST Party will he standing in eight seats in the local elections on 2 May. One of our main tasks is to get Dave Nellist re-elected for his second term as a socialist ' councillor

spotIsrael / Palestine: Who Can Live Like This? Who Can Die Like This?

THE WORSENING situation in the West Bank has horrified millions of people around the world

spotThe Oppression of Women

What Lies Behind...: In the first article in an occasional series on Marxist classics Christine Thomas looks at Friedrich Engels' book, The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State