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The Socialist 21 June 2002

Enough Is Enough

Enough Is Enough: Time to fight back!

Hands Off The Post Office

Protesting At World Bank

Defend Asylum Rights

Does The Fall Of The USSR Prove That Socialism Will Inevitably Fail?

German Building Workers Strike

Unison conference: Delegates Back Privatisation Battle


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The Socialist 21 June 2002, Enough Is Enough

spotEnough Is Enough: Time to fight back!

WE COULD be heading for a "summer of discontent". Public sector workers in particular have had their fill of privatisation, cuts and attacks on working conditions. Many are saying "enough is enough".

spotHands Off The Post Office

WHEN OUR manager announced the 1.1 billion loss in Consignia and the additional 17,000 job losses on top of the 15,000 already announced, my workmates cheered at the resignation of Chief Executive John Roberts, a London postal worker writes.

spotProtesting At World Bank

SEVERAL PROTESTS are planned against the World Bank's Annual Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE) in Oslo from 24-26 June, writes Trond-Sverre Kolltveit, Norway.

spotDefend Asylum Rights

THIS WEEK is Refugee Week. Thousands will be demonstrating in London to defend the right of asylum

spotDoes The Fall Of The USSR Prove That Socialism Will Inevitably Fail?

What About Russia?: MILLIONS OF people have joined anti-capitalist and anti-globalisation protests internationally; angry at the economic crisis that's wrecking countless lives; at the wars waged by the USA and its imperialist partners, at the oppression, exploitation and environmental destruction of modern-day capita, writes Pete Dickenson.

spotGerman Building Workers Strike

THOUSANDS OF building workers downed tools and walked off sites throughout Germany to demand a 4.5% pay rise

spotUnison conference: Delegates Back Privatisation Battle

UNISON LOCAL government conference, meeting for two days before the main UNISON conference, saw the leadership overturned five times in the first four hours, writes Bill Mullins.