The Socialist

The Socialist 19 July 2002

Unite To Defend Public Services

Unite To Defend Public Services

Safety Before Profit!

Not So Generous Gordon

Student funding: New Labour Targets Students - Again

No To Bush's War For Oil Profits

Rape: "No" Really Does Mean No

Behind The Financial Scandals

Steel Jobs Massacre


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The Socialist 19 July 2002, Unite To Defend Public Services

spotUnite To Defend Public Services

GORDON BROWN'S announcement of extra cash for education will be welcomed by parents and teachers - but many will be wondering why it's taken so long to deliver extra funding when education was meant to be New Labour's top priority! writes Martin Powell-Davies, Lewisham NUT.

spotSafety Before Profit!

NEW EVIDENCE of the responsibility of private contractors for the Potters Bar rail crash emerges almost daily, but still tube-workers have to walk out on strike to stop the government handing control of London Underground's tracks to the same firms, writes Bill Johnson, RMT.

spotNot So Generous Gordon

Public spending review: What we think: GORDON BROWN, or 'Gorgeous Gordon' as he is now being called by some in the media, has just announced the biggest sustained rise in public spending since the 1970s

spotStudent funding: New Labour Targets Students - Again

A REPORT by MPs on student funding has tuition fee hikes and high interest loans as its main proposals, writes Kieran Roberts.

spotNo To Bush's War For Oil Profits

A LEAKED Pentagon paper revealed plans for a massive US-led invasion of Iraq to try to remove Saddam Hussein. This "regime change" could kill more than 10,000 Iraqi civilians, writes Dave Carr.

spotRape: "No" Really Does Mean No

THE TRIAL of top snooker player Quinten Hann for rape, highlighted all the prejudices, backward attitudes and myths which still surround this issue, writes Christine Thomas.

spotBehind The Financial Scandals

World Economy: ARE THE colossal financial frauds exposed recently just the swindles of a small minority or a symptom of the collapse of the boom of the 1990s

spotSteel Jobs Massacre

TO MARK the end of two centuries of iron and steelmaking at Ebbw Vale in South Wales, BBC Wales started a series Hearts of Steel, dealing with the aftermath of the job cull in the steel industry last year, writes Rob Williams.