The Socialist

The Socialist 4 April 2003

The Bloody Price Of War

The Bloody Price Of War

Reject Agenda For Change

UNISON elections

School Students Put Blair On Trial

Opposing Imperialist War...

International reports

Building The Anti-War Movement

Iraq Invasion - Igniting Arab Opinion

Kurds - A History Of Western Betrayals

After the horror and destruction: Rebuilding Iraq In Uncle Sam's Image?

Powell's speech deepens capitalist splits

Local election campaign: Anti-War? Anti-Privatisation? Vote Socialist Alternative!


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The Socialist 4 April 2003, The Bloody Price Of War

spotThe Bloody Price Of War

We won't pay: A SENIOR US Army official has said that the US is ready to pay a "very high price" to win the war in Iraq...

spotReject Agenda For Change

Government Plans Wage Cuts For NHS Staff: ALL NHS workers know that they are underpaid, undervalued. and overworked. But New Labour's latest Agenda For Change (AFC) proposals do nothing to improve our situation, writes Brian Loader, NHS Logistics UNISON steward, personal capacity.

spotUNISON elections

Elections for UNISON's national executive council (NEC) are under way. Five Socialist Party members are standing as part of the UNISON United Left group: Raph Parkinson, national additional male seat,...

spotSchool Students Put Blair On Trial

Guilty...: ON SATURDAY 29 March school students from International Socialist Resistance/Youth Against the War in Waltham Forest, London put Tony Blair on trial for war crimes, writes Frank Thomas, Kelmscott school.

spotOpposing Imperialist War...

WHEN THE military chiefs and politicians feel the need to come onto the TV and insist that everything is going to plan in the war against Iraq, and that everyone is united, you know that the exact opposite is true...

spotInternational reports

A Late Arrival To The Warmongers' Ball: ON THE night of 28 March, the Socialist Party (SP - CWI, Australia) led a 500-strong demonstration to a Liberal Party function where Prime Minister, John Howard, was guest speaker, writes Socialist Party, Melbourne.

spotBuilding The Anti-War Movement

THE FIRST national steering committee of the Stop The War Coalition (STWC) since the conflict started, and since the 22 March demonstration, took place on 28 March, writes Ken Smith, Socialist Party rep on STWC steering committee.

spotIraq Invasion - Igniting Arab Opinion

"PEOPLE SEE this as an occupation. If the government gives us weapons we will fight the Americans and the British."...

spotKurds - A History Of Western Betrayals

THE US is using armed Kurdish groups in the north of Iraq as a proxy army against Saddam Hussain's forces...

spotAfter the horror and destruction: Rebuilding Iraq In Uncle Sam's Image?

Learning the lessons of Bosnia: ALREADY, WHILE a bitter and bloody war is still taking its grim toll in Iraq, the world's big powers are discussing what will happen when the war is over...

spotPowell's speech deepens capitalist splits

"We didn't take on this huge burden with our coalition partners not to be able to have a significant dominating control over how it unfolds in the future."...

spotLocal election campaign: Anti-War? Anti-Privatisation? Vote Socialist Alternative!

The first of May, or May Day, is international workers' day. This year it will be a day of mass anti-war protests worldwide. Here in England and Wales, it is also the date of the local council and Welsh...