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The Socialist 17 January 2004

Stop Top-Up Fees

Stop Top-Up Fees

Top-Up Fees - Your Questions Answered

Top-Up Fees - The Beginning Of The End For Blair?

"Don't let money mean more than minds."

Stop top-up fees Action Day

Asylum Seekers Fast For Their Rights

High Fat, High Sugar And High Profit

The Jungle, By Upton Sinclair

Sharon Pushes For Annexation

Haiti: Mass Protests Against Autocratic Rule

Respect Unity Coalition - what we think

Fight Low Pay

CWU Broad Left Affiliates To ISR

Fight For New Workers Party


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The Socialist 17 January 2004, Stop Top-Up Fees

spotStop Top-Up Fees

THE COUNTDOWN to the vote on top-up fees has begun. It's not certain that Tony Blair will get away with this latest attack on our right to a decent education. Labour MPs know that millions of people are outraged at a Bill that will price working-class...

spotTop-Up Fees - Your Questions Answered

Clare James, national coordinator of ISR, looks at what top-up fees will really mean for students and explains why we should organise to stop them...

spotTop-Up Fees - The Beginning Of The End For Blair?

WILL BLAIR sink with his 'flagship' Bill on top-up tuition fees? He's definitely pursuing a high-risk strategy. In the face of mass opposition from ordinary people and now from Labour MPs he's linked introducing top-up fees with his own authority and...

spot"Don't let money mean more than minds."

"I WENT to university in 1998 and spent four years in Newcastle. The year I started was the first year they introduced tuition fees...

spot Stop top-up fees Action Day

Socialist Party features

spotAsylum Seekers Fast For Their Rights

ASYLUM SEEKERS held a 48-hour fast in Nottingham city centre from 9 January to 11 January, protesting at laws making many asylum seekers in Britain destitute. ...

spotHigh Fat, High Sugar And High Profit

The food industry...: After the Christmas and New Year celebrations, many people resolve to eat more healthily and get more exercise. But as Jackie Grunsell explains, having a healthy lifestyle means tackling big business as well as big helpings...

spotThe Jungle, By Upton Sinclair

Books that inspired me: US PRESIDENT Theodore Roosevelt, it is said, choked on his breakfast and turned vegetarian when reading an advance copy of Upton Sinclair's expose of the meatpacking industry...

spotSharon Pushes For Annexation

Israeli/Palestinian conflict: THE END of 2003 saw a renewal of bloodshed in the occupied Palestinian territories and Israel. In the final two weeks of 2003 and first week of 2004 Israeli Defence Force (IDF) attacks killed 17 Palestinians, and a Palestinian suicide bombing in Israel...

spotHaiti: Mass Protests Against Autocratic Rule

Street demonstrations against Aristide's rule by decree: Haiti has two major claims to fame: firstly, it saw the first successful revolution against slavery, and, secondly, the country is the poorest in the Western hemisphere...

spot Respect Unity Coalition - what we think

spotFight Low Pay

Vote 'yes' in the PCS strike ballot: OVER 100,000 members of the PCS civil service union in five government departments are balloting for industrial action over pay...

spotCWU Broad Left Affiliates To ISR

ON 10 JANUARY representatives from International Socialist Resistance (ISR) were invited to speak at the annual meeting of the Communication Workers' Union (CWU) broad left...

spotFight For New Workers Party

Labour attacks RMT: THE LABOUR Party's threat to expel the railworkers' union, RMT, is a serious attack on all unions considering loosening or breaking their links with the Labour Party...