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The Socialist 24 January 2004

No Fees!

No Fees!

Top-Up Fees And Blair's Future In The Balance

Make Big Business And The Rich Pay

Australia: Fees Don't Work

For a fighting leadership of the teachers' union

Strike Back Against Low Pay

Fighting Low Pay At Sainsbury's

Ealing's Financial Crisis

Support Francis Tienga Ngale

Karl Debbaut - Next Hearing 26 January

London: Obscene Wealth And Abject Poverty

Iraq: Imperialism's Quagmire

NGOs Provide No Solutions For The Exploited


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The Socialist 24 January 2004, No Fees!

spotNo Fees!

"WE SHOULD go on strike about this!" was a frequent comment made by young people signing our 'No to top-up fees' petition just before Christmas...

spotTop-Up Fees And Blair's Future In The Balance

"I WILL survive" said Blair on a Newsnight special about top-up fees (19 January). But will he?...

spotMake Big Business And The Rich Pay

SOCIALIST PARTY member John Reid was invited along to Newsnight with his daughters Nathalie, a student currently 11,000 in debt, and Stephanie, who is seriously reconsidering whether she can afford to attend university in three years time because top-up fees will saddle her with debts of at least 20,000...

spot Australia: Fees Don't Work

spotFor a fighting leadership of the teachers' union

Martin Davis, NUT Lewisham Association Secretary
NUT general secretary election: THE NUT officers' committee in Lewisham has voted to support Martin Powell-Davies for general secretary of the National Union of Teachers (NUT) in the forthcoming election...

spotStrike Back Against Low Pay

OVER 100,000 civil servants, PCS members, in five departments have voted decisively for industrial action over pay. (See below)...

spotFighting Low Pay At Sainsbury's

PICKETS WERE out again on both gates of Sainsbury's giant distribution depot at Haydock, Merseyside on 15 January. Again the strike was solid amongst the 750 USDAW members...

spotEaling's Financial Crisis

EALING COUNCIL in west London is facing a massive financial crisis, which local authority workers and services users will be expected to pay for. This crisis has been brewing for some time...

spotSupport Francis Tienga Ngale

FRANCIS TIENGA Ngale is a Cameroonian asylum seeker, a member of Cameroon's main opposition party, Social Democratic Front and the Socialist Party. He is battling against deportation because of the dangerous conditions he will face if he is returned...

spot Karl Debbaut - Next Hearing 26 January

Socialist Party feature

spotIraq: Imperialism's Quagmire

THE POLITICAL problems confronting the US-led occupying powers in Iraq continue to mount. Last week, tens of thousands of Shias, under the political leadership of cleric Ayatollah Sistani, demonstrated in Iraq's second city Basra against the US authorities'...

spotNGOs Provide No Solutions For The Exploited

World Social Forum 2004, Mumbai: OVER 120,000 people attended the World Social Forum (WSF) in Mumbai, India. The majority came in their tens of thousands from the most poverty stricken areas of India as well as other countries in Asia such as Pakistan, South Korea, Tibet...