The Socialist

The Socialist 29 May 2004

The Real Cost of War

The Real Cost Of War

Iraq: Bush's Plans For Puppet Regime

Fight The Great Pensions Robbery

Greater Manchester Firefighters Stand Firm

United Action Can Defeat Bosses' Attacks

Tube Workers Ballot For Action

PCS Left Unity Landslide

LibDems: Just another big business party

Coventry: Labour Should Feel Worried

Socialism 2004

Wanted: A Real Childcare Strategy

Gaza: Sharon's Scorched Earth Policy


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The Socialist 29 May 2004, The Real Cost of War

spotThe Real Cost Of War

125,000,000 a month. That's how much the government says it is spending on the Iraq conflict. Several defence experts argue that the real figure is 250 million...

spot Iraq: Bush's Plans For Puppet Regime

spotFight The Great Pensions Robbery

PENSIONS MINISTER Andrew Smith recently announced a 400 million pensions compensation package. But this reform was only squeezed out of the Treasury to save the government's Pension Bill...

spotGreater Manchester Firefighters Stand Firm

AS WE went to press, 120 firefighters had been suspended across Greater Manchester. Last week a Salford watch refused to operate new equipment without the agreed pay rise. In the following hours, management scuttled from station to station, suspending...

spotUnited Action Can Defeat Bosses' Attacks

FIREFIGHTERS, RAIL and tube workers, civil servants, health workers and local government workers - all appear to be lining up to 'have a go' in the next few months over pay, pensions, working conditions and job cuts...

spotTube Workers Ballot For Action

RAIL, MARITIME and Transport Workers' Union (RMT) members on London Underground are to be balloted for strike action over pay. Action could take place on 10 June, the day of the Greater London Assembly elections when Ken Livingstone will be seeking...

spot PCS Left Unity Landslide

spotLibDems: Just another big business party

THE LIBERAL Democrats launched their Euro 2004 election bid on an anti-war ticket. What a rip-off! Polls show around half of voters oppose the war on Iraq. Support for Labour amongst Britain's Muslims has halved from 75% at the last general election...

spotCoventry: Labour Should Feel Worried

OVER 60 Socialist Party members and supporters have delivered 100,000 leaflets for the 14 candidates that we're standing in 12 wards in Coventry's council elections...

spot Socialism 2004

Socialist Party features

spotWanted: A Real Childcare Strategy

THIS MONTH is the sixth anniversary of the government's childcare strategy...

spotGaza: Sharon's Scorched Earth Policy

UNDER THE grotesque misnomer "Operation Rainbow", the Israeli regime sent its soldiers on an horrific killing spree in the refugee camp Rafah in the Gaza strip...