The Socialist

The Socialist 11 September 2004

A Spiral Of War And Terror

A Spiral Of War And Terror

Bloodbath in Beslan

What Lies Behind The Terror

Protest Against Low Pay

Civil Servants Prepare To Fight Jobs Slaughter

Strength In Numbers

Save Southmead Hospital

Action - The Only Language The Government Understands

Blair And Beckham - The Champagne Charlies

Blair's Welfare Wonderland

Thousands Looking For An Alternative

Lessons Of The Sandinista Revolution

A Long View Of History


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The Socialist 11 September 2004, A Spiral Of War And Terror

spotA Spiral Of War And Terror

Capitalism is to blame...: THE HORRIFIC massacre of children, parents and teachers at High School No1 in Beslan, North Ossetia, reached a new level of barbarity. The hostage-takers crossed the line between humanity and inhumanity. They deliberately targeted children...

spotBloodbath in Beslan

THE BLOODY end to the school hostage crisis in Beslan, North Ossetia, angered, sickened and shocked people around the world. Officially, more than 340 died, and the figure is expected to rise substantially. Many hundreds are injured...

spot What Lies Behind The Terror

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotProtest Against Low Pay

Join the action: FRIDAY 17 September will be a day of action against low pay. Every week International Socialist Resistance (ISR) and Socialist Party members are meeting workers of all ages - but particularly young workers - who are fed up with low pay...

spotCivil Servants Prepare To Fight Jobs Slaughter

THE PCS is preparing to ballot its 310,000 members for strike action against New Labour's job culling plans. Chancellor Gordon Brown has told the union and everybody else that he won't be put off his plans to sack 104,000 civil servants...

spotStrength In Numbers

WHEN THE head of the bosses' organisation calls trade unions increasingly irrelevant, you can guarantee it comes from his fear of increasing militancy from workers rather than a genuine concern over our welfare!...

spotSave Southmead Hospital

Bristol campaign: "WE DON'T need to consult the public over casualty - keeping it open would put patients in danger." This was how North Bristol NHS Trust told local people that Southmead Hospital's Accident and Emergency (A&E) department, which has served north and north west Bristol for decades, was closing without consultatio...

spotAction - The Only Language The Government Understands

THIS YEAR'S TUC will feature much huffing and puffing by the union leaders on what to do about New Labour's assault on workers' rights and conditions...

spotBlair And Beckham - The Champagne Charlies

Wembley Stadium: THE LOCK-OUT OF 250 workers who were employed in the construction of the new Wembley Stadium is continuing. The workers were sacked at two hours' notice on 10 August. Their dispute has since been made official by the GMB union, which...

spot Blair's Welfare Wonderland

spotThousands Looking For An Alternative

European Social Forum (ESF): THE EUROPEAN Social Forum (ESF) in London will begin with a huge rally on Thursday 14 October, and finish on Sunday 17 with a large demonstration through central London against war and the occupation of Iraq...

spotLessons Of The Sandinista Revolution

Nicaragua 1979: ON 19 July 2004 thousands of Nicaraguans gathered in Managua's main square, once called Revolution Plaza, to remember the day 25 years ago when they celebrated the fall of the hated Somoza dictatorship and the coming to power of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN)...

spotA Long View Of History

JOHN KERRY is doing his best to lose the US Presidential election but can George Bush steal it as he did the one in 2000? Gore Vidal, in a collection of brilliant essays on the history and contemporary situation in the USA, warns that...