The Socialist

The Socialist 23 October 2004

STOP the Warmongers

Stop The Warmongers

Vote 'No' To Agenda For Change

Boss's 15-year Pension 'Holiday'

A Danger To Us All

Fight The Witchhunt In The Firefighters' Union

For A Fighting Unison Leadership

Capitalism Condemned But Where's The Alternative?

Black Gold Rush And Casino Capitalism

The Collapse Of Stalinism

German Walkout Starts Fightback

Socialist MP Fights Sell-Off Fiasco

After the General Strike


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The Socialist 23 October 2004, STOP the Warmongers

spot Stop The Warmongers

spotVote 'No' To Agenda For Change

NHS pay and conditions: "WE WILL be taking a wage cut of 1,350 per year if the Agenda for Change (AfC) goes through" said Lynne Saker, a medical secretary in Guys hospital in London...

spotBoss's 15-year Pension 'Holiday'

Pensions crisis: FROM 1967 to 1983 I worked for the NFC road haulage company, now called Exel plc. I get a pension of 151 per month from them. Recently, Exel sent me an annual review of their pension plan...

spotA Danger To Us All

Mental Health Bill: THE MENTAL health charity Mind believes that if the new mental health bill becomes law, it will: "Seriously restrict the rights, the choices and the well-being of millions of people - while failing to provide the improved public safety its supporters claim."...

spotFight The Witchhunt In The Firefighters' Union

THE LEADERSHIP of the Fire Brigades Union (FBU) has banned the organisation Grassroots FBU after a six-month inquiry headed by soon-to-be-retiring assistant general secretary Mike Fordham...

spot For A Fighting Unison Leadership

Socialist Party features

spotCapitalism Condemned But Where's The Alternative?

European Social Forum: FROM 15-17 October, London hosted the third annual European Social Forum (ESF). Under the slogan 'Another world is possible' up to 20,000 anti-war activists and anti-globalisation campaigners from across Europe converged on the city...

spotBlack Gold Rush And Casino Capitalism

A 'BLACK gold' rush is in full swing. Profiting from the soaring price of oil, financiers are gambling billions on the New York and London commodities markets...

spot The Collapse Of Stalinism

spotGerman Walkout Starts Fightback

General Motors: WORKERS AT Opel's Ruhr area factory in Bochum made a swift, angry and determined answer to General Motor's (GM's) announcement of 12,000 redundancies throughout Europe. Their unofficial strike has hit the headlines in Germany...

spotSocialist MP Fights Sell-Off Fiasco

THE FIANNA Fail-led coalition government in Ireland had plans to privatise the country's state airline Aer Lingus. The airline's management (publicly appointed officials running a state-owned company) announced that they wanted to compete for...

spotAfter the General Strike

Nigeria: BETWEEN 11 and 14 October, for the third time this year, the overwhelming majority of Nigerians showed their opposition to the continual rise in fuel prices in a totally effective four-day general strike...