The Socialist

The Socialist 6 November 2004

Striking to Save Jobs and Services

PCS Striking To Save Jobs And Services

For A One-Day Public-Sector Strike

"Why I Am On Strike"

Understaffed, Stressed And Under Threat

They Can't Bury Our Voices

Hoe Street ward by-election

Unite Against Homophobia

Is there an alternative to global warming?

Big events will shake Bush win

End This Bloody Occupation

Arafat And The Palestinian Struggle

Fourth general strike in ten months in Nigeria

Volkswagen: Workers Stage Warning Strikes

Ministers Paper Over Growing EU Crises

Musharraf's Hypocrisy Won't End Violence Against Women


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The Socialist 6 November 2004, Striking to Save Jobs and Services

spotPCS Striking To Save Jobs And Services

PCS Striker
ALMOST 300,000 civil service workers in the PCS union are taking strike action on 5 November against the government's attacks on their jobs, pensions and sick pay...

spotFor A One-Day Public-Sector Strike

Prospect and PCS members on Strike
ON 5 November, 300,000 civil servants, members of the Public and Commercial Services union (PCS), are striking in defence of their jobs and working conditions...

spot"Why I Am On Strike"

The "Pensions Crisis" - The crisis for me is that I will have to work till 65 or 70 instead of 60, possibly without those extra years' contributions being added to my benefit...

spotUnderstaffed, Stressed And Under Threat

I WORK on an understaffed, stressed, Income Support processing section in Cardiff. Under the cuts plans there will be no benefit processors in the capital city of Wales...

spot They Can't Bury Our Voices

Socialist Party news and analysis

spotHoe Street ward by-election

THE SOCIALIST Party in Walthamstow, east London, is standing in a council by-election in Hoe Street ward on 18 November. Socialist Party candidate Louise Thompson spoke to the socialist...

spotUnite Against Homophobia

DAVID MORLEY, a gay man, was kicked and beaten to death in the early hours of Sunday morning. A mixed gang of six young people attacked three sets of people during 30 violent minutes. In at least two of the three incidents, the victims were gay...

spot Is there an alternative to global warming?

spotBig events will shake Bush win

There is deep disappointment in Britain and worldwide at the victory of Bush in the US elections. This, however, does not justify drawing pessimistic conclusions for the future or insulting the US people, as did the Daily Mirror: "How...

spotEnd This Bloody Occupation

THE US has had a policy of not even bothering to count the number of Iraqis killed during their war in Iraq. So an independent team of researchers risked their lives to survey 1,000 Iraqi households. They discovered that the death toll throughout...

spotArafat And The Palestinian Struggle

WHEN PALESTINIAN leader Yassar Arafat fell dangerously ill, Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon was worried enough about being blamed for his death to release him from the Israeli blockade in Ramallah to be flown to France for treatment...

spotFourth general strike in ten months in Nigeria

FACED WITH the Nigerian government's refusal to reverse September's 25% jump in fuel prices Nigeria's trades unions and radical opposition have called another general strike on 16 November - the seventh since June 2000...

spotVolkswagen: Workers Stage Warning Strikes

HOT ON the heels of General Motors-Opel and Daimler-Chrysler, bosses at car manufacturer Volkswagen (VW) in Germany are demanding that their workforce accept a 30% cost-cutting programme to restore the company's profits...

spotMinisters Paper Over Growing EU Crises

ON 29 October leaders from the 25 member states of the European Union (EU), meeting in Rome, signed a new European Constitution...

spotMusharraf's Hypocrisy Won't End Violence Against Women

THE NATIONAL Assembly in Pakistan has passed a Bill on 'honour killings'. It declares that anyone committing such a crime will be guilty of "intentional murder". The government says that this Bill is an historic step forward in eliminating...