The Socialist

The Socialist 21 April 2005

Market madness wrecks NHS

Market madness wrecks NHS

Big business plunges NHS into crisis

Drive poverty pay out of the NHS

The Socialist Alternative

Save Rover

Renationalise Rover - change the system!

Renationalise London's tube

Private hands off public services!

Profits soar, wages fall in the globalised economy

A socialist world is necessary

  Nancy 'woos' voters with socialism

Socialist Party complains about imbalance in Newsnight

How red are the Greens?

When Blair ditched socialism from the Labour Party


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The Socialist 21 April 2005, Market madness wrecks NHS

spotMarket madness wrecks NHS

NHS privatised say doctors: IT'S OFFICIAL. The NHS is being privatised, and will be further ruthlessly privatised - for the benefit of the rich - under all the established capitalist...

spotBig business plunges NHS into crisis

LABOUR'S ELECTION manifesto declares that "Whenever NHS patients need new capacity for their health care, we will ensure that it is provided from whatever source."...

spotDrive poverty pay out of the NHS

UNISON Health Conference: THIS IS the first time since the Agenda for Change (AfC) special conference last October that delegates from UNISON health branches will have the opportunity to discuss the problems that the pay and regrading reorganisa...

spotThe Socialist Alternative

"I voted Labour last time but I won't be voting for them again."...

spotSave Rover

THE SOCIALIST Party is standing a candidate in the general election to highlight the scandal of Rover's collapse and to call for the renationalisation of the company...

spotRenationalise Rover - change the system!

MG Rover crisis: THOUSANDS OF Rover workers have now got their redundancy notices. Thousands more jobs are going in component suppliers all over the country. And now...

spotRenationalise London's tube

METRONET IS a consortium of big private companies that controls two-thirds of London Underground's (LU's) infrastructure...

spotPrivate hands off public services!

"NOTHING IS off limits now and the potential for the private sector is massive," one businessman gloated to the Financial Times...

spotProfits soar, wages fall in the globalised economy

IN A recent national opinion poll 73% of respondents were in favour of increasing the top rate of income tax on incomes of greater than 100,000 from 40p in the pound to 50p...

spotA socialist world is necessary

One hundred and eighty million young people aged under 18 are involved in dangerous work, slavery, forced labour, the armed forces, commercial sexual exploitation and criminal activities...

spot  Nancy 'woos' voters with socialism

Nancy Taaffe
NANCY TAAFFE, Socialist Party candidate for Walthamstow, did some "speed dating" with a difference for the BBC Newsnight programme this week...

spotSocialist Party complains about imbalance in Newsnight

MOST VOTERS who are fed up with the blandness of the media's election coverage will be equally fed up with media commentators complaining how boring the election is...

spotHow red are the Greens?

LAST WEEK the Green Party launched their election manifesto. They put forward many policies that socialists also support - on the environment, against...

spotWhen Blair ditched socialism from the Labour Party

ANYONE WHO is getting interested in socialist ideas for the first time must find it incredible that the Labour Party ever had the aim of replacing capitalism with a publicly owned and democratically run economy, i.e...