The Socialist

The Socialist 26 May 2005

Brown bashes low-paid workers

Brown bashes low-paid workers

Our rights under attack

BBC workers striking back at job cuts

Kick the fat cats out of football

G8 Protest - Demonstrate at the G8 - Make capitalism history

Germany - workers punish Schröder

Northern Ireland - fighting for socialism

Telecom workers' strike against privatisation

Left victory in PCS union

Defend NATFHE members, safeguard union democracy


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The Socialist 26 May 2005, Brown bashes low-paid workers

spotBrown bashes low-paid workers

LABOUR'S CONTEMPT for low-paid workers was revealed again last week as Gordon Brown called for "wage discipline" in the public sector...

spotOur rights under attack

LABOUR'S REDUCED majority in their third term seems to have done nothing to curb their zeal for introducing anti-working-class, anti-democratic legislation...

spotBBC workers striking back at job cuts

MEMBERS OF the three main unions at the BBC - BECTU, NUJ and Amicus - were out on strike in force on 23 May...

spotKick the fat cats out of football

OVER 500 Manchester United fans crowded into a public meeting in Manchester on 19 May...

spotG8 Protest - Demonstrate at the G8 - Make capitalism history

Make Poverty History: G8 Protest
The millions of people who were moved by a sense of international solidarity to give money to the tsunami appeal are acting again...

spotGermany - workers punish Schröder

FOLLOWING THE catastrophic, though not unexpected, election result in the region of North Rhine Westphalia, the German social democrat (SDP) Chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, announced an early general election fo...

spotNorthern Ireland - fighting for socialism

THE SOCIALIST Party in Northern Ireland has been fighting now for decades to end the problems of sectarian divisions through a working-class, socialist and internationalist solution...

spotTelecom workers' strike against privatisation

THE MUSHARRAF government has launched a massive new privatisation campaign worth $1.7 billion...

spotLeft victory in PCS union

THE CIVIL service union PCS national executive committee (NEC) elections have resulted in a resounding victory for the left in the union...

spotDefend NATFHE members, safeguard union democracy

THIS YEAR'S conference of the lecturers' union NATFHE takes place at the same time as the continuing employers' offensive in both further and higher education (FE and HE)...