The Socialist

The Socialist 3 November 2005

Don't let Blair wreck hospitals and schools

Don't let Blair wreck hospitals and schools

NHS - fighting cuts and sell-offs

No to two-tier schooling

Sacked for defending union rights

USDAW presidential election

How the Labour Party was formed

17th Century terrorism

Bush presidency goes into freefall

Constitution will not prevent Iraq decay

Belgium: massive resistance to pension cuts


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The Socialist 3 November 2005, Don't let Blair wreck hospitals and schools

spotDon't let Blair wreck hospitals and schools

BLAIR'S GOVERNMENT is destroying our public services. As our reports from Yorkshire and London show our NHS and our schools are more and more...

spotNHS - fighting cuts and sell-offs

Charing Cross hospital: PRESS REPORTS this summer said that services at Charing Cross hospital were being sold off to private health care provider BUPA...

spotNo to two-tier schooling

NEW LABOUR'S proposals for education academies argue that poorer families and deprived areas will benefit...

spotSacked for defending union rights

London bus driver: ANDY BEADLE, the TGWU shop steward for the Peckham bus garage in south London and a long-standing member of the Socialist Party was "summarily dismissed" on 28 October...

spotUSDAW presidential election

Broad Left candidate speaks to the socialist: USDAW, BRITAIN'S fifth largest union, is currently seeking nominations for the positions of President and Executive Council (EC)...

spotHow the Labour Party was formed

IN THE second article of a short series on the fight for a new mass workers' party, PETER TAAFFE, general secretary of the Socialist Party, looks at the lessons workers can learn from how the Labour Party firs...

spot17th Century terrorism

400 years ago, on 5 November, Parliament met briefly where it was recorded that:...

spotBush presidency goes into freefall

IF YOU enter Google on the internet and type in the word 'failure', and then click on 'I feel lucky', the search engine comes up with the biography of George Bush...

spotConstitution will not prevent Iraq decay

IN THE eyes of the occupying powers, the new Iraqi constitution was meant to be an important step in the direction of a "sovereign and free" Iraq...

spotBelgium: massive resistance to pension cuts

THE BELGIAN establishment was shaken by the second trade union-organised national day of action in the course of three weeks...