The Socialist

The Socialist 19 January 2006

Unite to save our NHS

Unite to save our NHS

1,500 March in Huddersfield

Growing anger at academies

Crime and anti-social behaviour

Build a political alternative to New Labour

Time for a new mass workers' party

Time for a political alternative

Are 'super unions' the solution?

Build for action

Visteon workers braced for attacks

Walk out prompts ASLEF ballot

Iran: Nuclear row raises fears internationally

One year on... where is the relief?


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The Socialist 19 January 2006, Unite to save our NHS

spotUnite to save our NHS

BRITAIN'S BIGGEST chain of private hospitals, BMI Healthcare, is said to be 'discussing' with the Department of Health about taking over the management of NHS hospitals that are currently struggling with mounting deficits...

spot1,500 March in Huddersfield

Huddersfield Demo
FOR THE second time in four weeks, the people of Huddersfield gathered on 14 January to oppose the Calderdale and Huddersfield Health Trust's plans to transfer hospital services out of the town...

spotGrowing anger at academies

Education: SOME GOVERNMENT ministers fear that the new Education Bill to create a system of trust schools across the country could be defeated in the House of Commons...

spotCrime and anti-social behaviour

New Labour's policies can't end ...: TONY BLAIR'S well-publicised ideas on "respect" in the community have pushed his views on crime and anti-social behaviour onto the political agenda again...

spotBuild a political alternative to New Labour

Bob Crow, General Secretary of the RMT
RMT conference on workers' representation: THE CONFERENCE on the crisis in working-class representation called by the RMT rail union this weekend is potentially an important step forward in the struggle for a new mass party of the working class...

spotTime for a new mass workers' party

Today’s conference is potentially an important step forward in the struggle for a new mass party of the working class. This is the first time that a national trade union has called a conference to discuss the question of working-class...

spotTime for a political alternative

AROUND CHRISTMAS, 3,000 City investment bankers were awarded at least £1 million each in bonuses, making a very tiny slice of British society as much as £5-6 billion better off, writes Time for a new workers' party.

spotAre 'super unions' the solution?

DURING THE course of 2005, talks took place between the TGWU, Amicus and the GMB trade unions on the proposal to create a new merged 'super union'...

spotBuild for action

TALKS BETWEEN the Group Officers of the civil service union PCS and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) management have failed to avert the strike called for 26 and 27 January, in defence of jobs, services and conditions...

spotVisteon workers braced for attacks

WORKERS AT Visteon, Ford's component supplier, are bracing themselves for the next stage in the company's attacks on their jobs, pay, conditions and pensions...

spotWalk out prompts ASLEF ballot

THE TRAIN driver's union ASLEF are to ballot their 2,200 drivers on London Underground for a series of one-day strikes. The socialist spoke to workers on the Northern Line:...

spotIran: Nuclear row raises fears internationally

THE WESTERN governments' hue and cry over Iran's decision to restart nuclear research has produced mixed responses around the world. Amongst the millions who oppose, and have campaigned against, nuclear weapons there is growing...

spotOne year on... where is the relief?

Sri Lanka: The tsunami legacy: WORKING PEOPLE around the world gave generously in order to support the victims of the 2004 tsunami - well before their respective governments began to release their statements of sympathy...