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The Socialist 29 June 2006

NHS SOS: Action needed now 


Manchester marches to defend the NHS

Save our baby unit!

Take over the drugs giants

What the Socialist Party says:

Young people - fight for your rights!

SWP / Respect conference: Flawed perspectives

Greek students' protests ignite solidarity action

New regime in Somalia a setback for US imperialism

G8 leaders fail to make poverty history

Police and fascists attack Moscow Pride

Fight back against homophobic bullying

Hands off civil servants' pension rights

Support striking Asda workers

Anger at leadership's tactics

Not just: " Lie back and Think of England"

General Motors meets workers' resistance


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The Socialist 29 June 2006, NHS SOS: Action needed now 

Socialist Party NHS campaign


Demonstration at Whipps Cross
LIKE MANY other hospitals, Whipps Cross in east London is threatened with huge job cuts and closures of wards and theatres.

The government's drive to force hospitals and other healthcare trusts to "balance the books" is putting the very future of the NHS into jeopardy. It's part of their plan to invite big business vultures to pick over its most profitable parts.

UNISON joint branch secretary Len Hockey, spoke to the socialist about the cuts being proposed at the hospital.

spotManchester marches to defend the NHS

TWO "TOP doctors" resign, two private hospitals open to compete with the NHS, two hundred on the march... This is Manchester's NHS in 2006, writes Hugh Caffrey Manchester.

spotSave our baby unit!

THE FIGHT against proposed cuts at Wythenshawe hospital's premature baby unit was given a boost with the launch of the "Save Our Baby Unit" (SOBU) campaign...

spotTake over the drugs giants

A NEW report shows how global pharmaceutical giants use unscrupulous marketing techniques to influence doctors and persuade consumers that they are ill...

spotWhat the Socialist Party says:

* No to NHS job losses, cuts and closures.

* No to health privatisation and 'the market'.

* Rebuild the NHS as a publicly funded service free at the point of use, and with immediate cash to end the crisis of under-funding.

* Unite the many campaigns already in existence to defend the NHS...

Socialist Party youth and students

spotYoung people - fight for your rights!

Cardiff ISR campaigns against low pay
Feature: Fed up with bullying bosses, long hours and unsafe working conditions? As young people, we very often end up in low-paid shop, bar, catering or factory work. Often these jobs are casual or part-time in unsafe conditions.

Socialist Party feature

spotSWP / Respect conference: Flawed perspectives

TRADE UNIONS are presently being circulated with an invitation to attend a conference of 'rank and file trade unionists' later this year on the theme of 'anti-union laws, privatisation, deregulation, job losses and the crisis of political representation' initiated by Respect and the Socialist Workers' Party (SWP), writes Peter Taaffe Socialist Party general secretary.

International socialist news and analysis

spotGreek students' protests ignite solidarity action

SEVEN WEEKS after the uprising of the Greek university students began in the first week of May, 415 out of 456 colleges over the whole of Greece are under occupation, writes Andros Payiatsos, Athens.

spotNew regime in Somalia a setback for US imperialism

WARLORDS WHO ruled the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, for 15 years have recently been driven out by a coalition of Muslim groups backing the 'Islamic Courts Union', writes Kevin Parslow.

Socialist Party campaigns

spotG8 leaders fail to make poverty history

LAST JULY, members of the Socialist Party and our counterpart organisations in Europe took part in the week-long protests at the 'Make Poverty History' summit of the G8 (rich) countries...

spotPolice and fascists attack Moscow Pride

EuroPride: THE LESBIAN, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community will be marching in London on 1 July at EuroPride. Many important legal reforms have been made, such as civil partnerships, which have improved the lives of LGBT people...

spotFight back against homophobic bullying

THE SHIFT towards the left in social attitudes over the last ten years has meant that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people have won important rights in Britain, writes Tom Penman, Socialist Party LGBT group.

Socialist Party workplace news and analysis

spotHands off civil servants' pension rights

Public services not private profit campaign lobby of parliament - photo Paul Mattsson
HEADLINES SUCH as "No. 10 orders shock U-turn on pensions," (Sunday Times, 25 June) infuriated trade unionists in the civil service...

spotSupport striking Asda workers

As we go to press, the unions have confirmed that the planned strike action at Asda has been called off, as a result of negotiations. This report was carried in the socialist before the action was called off...

spotAnger at leadership's tactics

UNISON'S ANNUAL conference displayed a growing anger and questioning from delegates towards the union's leadership, writes Ken Smith reports from Unison conference.

spotNot just: " Lie back and Think of England"

IN APRIL, Peugeot announced the closure of its Ryton plant in Coventry with the direct loss of 2,300 jobs, which also threatens another 6,000 jobs in the West Midlands car industry, writes Alistair Tice.

spotGeneral Motors meets workers' resistance

GENERAL MOTORS is in trouble - and not just economically. Daniel Behruzi, SAV (CWI Germany) examines a plan to close down the factory in Azambuja, Portugal and move the production of the Opel Combo to Zaragossa in Spain.