The Socialist

The Socialist 30 June 2010

Only one choice... Fight Back!

Only one choice... Fight back!

Western strategy on Afghanistan in tatters

From stimulus to austerity at dizzying speed

Academies: Fight the Tories' offensive on state education

Opposing the slash and burn budget

Spending cuts increase deaths

'Get on your bike'

Fast news

Unison general secretary election: Prentis vote falls despite Con-Dem attacks

Tube workers ballot for action

Thousands of jobcentre workers threatened with dole

Workplace news in brief

United for Education day of action 21 June

Students say no to rip-off graduation ceremony

No to cuts in EMA!

National Shop Stewards Network conference: An urgent call for united working class action

France, Italy: Workers struggle against savage austerity cuts

Australia: Gillard replaces Rudd but Labour's right wing policies remain

Trotsky admirer copies his idol

Challenging the global warming sceptics


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The Socialist 30 June 2010, Only one choice... Fight Back!

Only one choice... Fight Back!

Only one choice... Fight back!

Government's swingeing cuts: Millionaire Tory leaders George Osborne and David Cameron are going to write to every public sector worker in the country to ask where the billions of pounds of public spending cuts should be made, writes Nancy Taaffe, Library worker.