The Socialist

The Socialist 21 July 2010

Warning: NHS under attack

The Socialist issue 633

Warning: NHS under attack

Youth and students: organise to fight for a future

Class struggles on the rise

Stand united, fight the cuts!

Lessons of the cuts

Education workers must teach Tories a lesson

Fast news

Union recommends BT pay deal

Stop the courts closures

Wales: No to fire service cuts

Strike action wins at Tube Lines

Swansea Linamar

Cuts blogger!

PCS: a strategy to stop the cuts

TUC refuses national demo

Unite the struggle to defend pensions

Con-Dems propose denationalisation of the NHS

The Socialist Party needs you!

More join the Socialist Party in Yorkshire

Funding the socialist fightback

Building new workers' parties and the tasks of socialists

Egypt: Thousands protest over brutal police killing

Harder work, longer hours... All part and parcel?

A testing 'pudding' for councillors

Keep probation services public


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