Joining the Socialist Party


Being a Socialist Party member: What will it mean for you?

Branch meetings

We encourage all our members, where possible, to attend weekly local branch meetings, where we discuss the political issues which affect us and what we intend to do about them.

Branch meetings are by the far the best way for members to keep in touch and keep up to date with the latest developments. Everyone gets the opportunity to express their views.

See our What's On page for some examples of our meetings

Branch meetings are the weekly antidote to all the lies and misinformation in the media, and to discover the information that never makes the media at all - the real struggles of the working class.


We encourage members to help us with our campaigns once a week. These are discussed at the weekly branch meeting.

But every member’s contribution to our party will vary - some will have much more time available while others cannot always participate in these activities. They will find other ways to help build our party.

Party members are entitled to stand as delegates for local and national conferences of the Socialist Party. These issues are also discussed at the local branch meetings.

At conferences we elect the party leadership, such as our National Committee, which has day-to-day responsibility for building our party.

Our conferences democratically decide our policies and strategy for the year ahead. Motions and amendments are moved by the branch delegates.

Subscriptions or dues

Members pay a regular subscription to the party - your subs. How much you pay depends on your circumstances. You decide. We only ask you to contribute as much as you feel you can.

We receive no money from big business or the government. Our money comes from the sacrifices of working people.

Our members' subs or dues mean that our party can organise national events and campaigns with full-time party workers without relying – like most parties – on donations from "fat cat" rich businessmen who will always want something in return for their money.

Membership subs range from 50p a week from those who are on a very low income to five, ten, twenty pounds or more - in many cases much more - from dedicated members old and new.

Big business would never consider financing a party like ours because we want to end the tyranny that big business inflicts on working-class people.


We ask members to buy their copy of our weekly paper the socialist, and, if possible, to sell it on our activities. Why not also subscribe to our monthly magazine Socialism Today.

We think these publications give the best week-by-week and month-by-month analysis, argumentation and organisation to assist working-class activists in the struggle for socialism.

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  • E-mail us

  • Write to us at the Socialist Party, PO Box 24697, London E11 1YD

  • Call our national office on 020 8988 8777

  • Ring our Regional Organisers - their phone numbers are on the home page, on the right hand side column.