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Housing / Accommodation

6 July 2011

Leaked memo shows government lied over its homeless policies

Welfare cuts could make 40,000 homeless according to a leaked letter sent on behalf of Eric Pickles by his private secretary to the prime minister on the planned benefit caps

More ...

6 April 2011

Labour 'campaigning' - casework style

Around 50 elderly residents of sheltered accommodation, some support staff and relatives were protesting at Waltham Forest Labour council's decision to implement Tory cuts by picking on the old and vulnerable, writes Linda Taaffe.

More ...

7 April 2010

Tories reveal yet more anti-gay bias

THE COMMENTS of shadow home secretary Chris Grayling last week show the continued existence of anti-gay prejudice in the Conservative Party, writes Ian Pattison, Leeds Socialist Party.

More ...

7 October 2009

University accommodation scandal: Students must defend rights

Around 800 first-year students at De Montfort University in Leicester have been forced into hotels around the city after the university 'ran out of space' in halls, writes Becci Heaghney, Leicester Socialist Students.

More ...

7 October 2009

Young parents need support, not attacks

IN HIS keynote speech at the recent Labour Party conference Gordon Brown made out that young single parents are a significant 'problem', writes Jane James.

More ...

2 October 2008

Student debt soaring

 Students from Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and Oxford lobby John Denham MP , photo Ben Robinson

Students from Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester and Oxford lobby John Denham MP , photo Ben Robinson

STUDENTS BEWARE! The price of beans, bread and beer is going through the roof! And with a financially punitive student loans system debt is piling up for those going to university...

More ...

20 February 2008

Record fall in home ownership

THE NUMBER of homeowners in England fell by a record 83,000 in 2007, according to a survey by leading mortgage lenders Halifax...

More ...

30 January 2008

Reality of London students' debt trap

Christmas may be over but many Goldsmiths students are still playing mousetrap... By James Kerr, Goldsmiths Socialist Students

More ...

31 May 2007

Defend and expand public housing

Housing crisis deepens: Government minister Margaret Hodge created a furore in the press when she stated that 'indigenous families' should be given priority for social housing above 'new migrants'...

More ...

22 February 2007

Another profit-making racket

Student accommodation: THE NATIONAL Union of Students' (NUS) recent survey of student accommodation costs shows that roughly a quarter of students live in university halls or purpose-built accommodation from corporate providers...

More ...

7 December 2006

"Stop the rent rises!"

Durham students say: : ON 1 December, 250 angry Durham University students demonstrated against a proposed 7% increase in the cost of living in university halls of residence...

More ...

22 November 2006

Homelessness: Privatising the problem

THE BBC launch their homelessness season this week to mark the 40th anniversary of the famous TV drama Cathy Come Home...

More ...

12 July 2002

Another Dangerous New Mental Health Bill

NEW LABOUR'S Mental Health Bill includes provision for people with mental illnesses to be committed to long stay accommodation in case they may become a danger to the public (or themselves), writes Clare Wilkins.

More ...

14 December 2001

Homeless Headcount Farce

IT'S CHRISTMAS so once again well-heeled politicians are scrambling for that photo opportunity with the homeless, writes Steve Nally, London homelessness worker.

More ...

24 November 2000

No Way to Run the NHS

THE BRITISH Medical Association described the NHS as "in trouble and under pressure." This is mainly because the New Labour government puts its faith in the private profit system...

More ...

28 July 2000

Council Housing: Stop the sell -off

TORY AND New Labour housing policy has been catastrophic for social housing and for millions of working-class households living in sub-standard or overcrowded accommodation...

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