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29 September 2010

Global AIDS crisis: Profits punish poor

The Millenium Development Goals summit recently brought together the leaders of 140 countries to review the progress made in the decade since the eight development goals were set...

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9 September 2010

Global food crisis reveals failure of capitalism

RESIDENTS OF Maputo, Mozambique's capital, took to the streets last week protesting at a 30% hike in the price of bread, writes Simon Carter.

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1 September 2010

General strike movement sweeps South Africa

THE COSATU trade union federation in South Africa has warned the African National Congress (ANC) government to meet 1.3 million public sector workers' demands for an 8.6% pay increase and a housing allowance of R1,000 a month, writes Weizmann Hamilton of the Democratic Socialist Movement in South Africa.

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4 August 2010

Profiting from wrecking the environment

AN OIL trading company has been fined 840,000 after being convicted for concealing the dangerous nature of toxic waste which was subsequently dumped in the Ivory Coast in 2006, causing thousands of people to fall ill, writes John Sharpe.

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7 July 2010

Mali's master of the ngoni

If you define music as 'pro-fessionally' delivered crotch-grabbing and screeching, it was absent. The musicians did not pose in designer clothes of the latest haute couture; nor were there 50 underwear-clad...

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7 July 2010

South Africa: 5,000 sacked miners on strike

Socialist Party councillor (Australia) speaks to strikers: ON SATURDAY 26 June I travelled with two comrades from South Africa's Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM, the Socialist Party's counterpart in South Africa) to a mass meeting they had called in Rustenburg, about two hours north west of Johannesburg, writes Steve Jolly,.

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16 June 2010

Fast news

Plugging the media: WHILE BP struggles to stem the flow of oil escaping into the Gulf of Mexico it has been more successful in restricting news media coverage of the unfolding catastrophe - assisted by various US government agencies...

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9 June 2010

Soccer World Cup 2010: South Africa, the ugly backdrop to the beautiful game

NOTHING SYMBOLISES more graphically the ugliness that forms the backdrop to the beautiful game than all the scandals, corruption and greed surrounding the 2010 World Cup, writes Sheri and Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement, South Africa.

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Gulf of Mexico oil spill spirals towards New Orleans, photo NASA Earth Observatory image

Gulf of Mexico oil spill spirals towards New Orleans, photo NASA Earth Observatory image

12 May 2010

Gulf of Mexico disaster: nationalise the oil giants

AFTER THE explosion which sank the BP-leased Deepwater Horizon oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, causing eleven deaths and threatening an environmental catastrophe, many people must be wondering what is to be done with the oil companies - not least the relatives of the workers killed in the explosion, writes Pete Mason.

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21 April 2010

Planes, trains and automobiles

FOUR DAYS after planes were grounded in the UK leaving 150,000 British travellers stranded abroad, the government finally got around to deploying Royal Navy ships to help bring stranded Britons home...

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8 April 2010

Nigeria: Ajegunle Police Killings Update 2: Police Arrest Dagga Tolar and two others today

Press statement from the Democratic Socialist Movement (the Nigerian sister party of the Socialist Party): Police today April 7, 2010 arrested Dagga Tolar, the Secretary of the Lagos state chapter of Labour and Civil Society Coalition (LASCO) and a member of Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM), Akpos Okoro, community activist and Aderemi Ismail, community activist and organizer, Ajegunle Branch of DSM...

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27 January 2010

Imperialism in Africa today

In a renewed 'scramble for Africa', the continent is again a competing arena for all the big powers globally - China, the US, the EU, Russia...

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15 December 2009

Video/Audio: International meeting of socialists from around world

London Socialist Party held an international meeting of socialists from around the world. Here are Video and audio files of their speeches...

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9 December 2009

Solidarity with striking South African miners

SOLIDARITY IS urgently needed for striking South African mineworkers at a plat-inum mine in Rustenburg whose dispute has become extremely bitter, writes Weissman Hamilton and Mametlwe Sebei, Democratic Socialist Movement, (DSM, CWI South Africa).

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9 September 2009

Return of al-Magrahi to Libya ignites a political storm

Justice Secretary Jack Straw has denied any 'oil for al-Magrahi' deal with Libya. However, according to The Times, Straw was personally lobbied by oil giant BP over Britain's prisoner transfer agreement...

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12 August 2009

South Africa: A cold winter, but mass action shakes Zuma

Barely 100 days into Jacob Zuma's presidency, the class contradictions that have produced political polarisation and then a split in the African National Congress (ANC), have sharpened with a vengeance, writes Weizmann Hamilton, CWI South Africa.

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6 May 2009

ANC returned to power in election landslide

ON 22 APRIL, in a record turnout that reversed falls in voter registration and polling in the two previous elections, 17.9 million voters - the highest number since the first democratic elections in 1994 - returned the African National Congress to power in a landslide, falling short of a two-thirds, writes Weizmann Hamilton, Democratic Socialist Movement (DSM - CWI, South Africa).

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21 January 2009

Exiled Zimbabweans demand Brown acts

OVER 400 Zimbabweans in the UK demonstrated outside Downing Street, London, on 13 January. The singing and dancing protesters waved placards saying: "Mr Brown: Allow Zimbabweans to work and pay taxes"...

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26 November 2008

Somalia piracy - a consequence of western powers' intervention

THE HIJACKING of the supertanker Sirius Star, carrying 2 million barrels of oil, has dramatically highlighted the problem of piracy along the Somali coast, writes Neil Cafferky.

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19 November 2008

Democratic republic of Congo: Civil war erupts once again

RENEWED FIGHTING has broken out around the city of Goma in the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) between armed forces led by the rebel general Laurent Nkunda and those of the Congolese president Joseph Kabila, deepening the region's humanitarian crisis...

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