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Public Services / Anti-cuts

10 June 2015

Protesters tell Labour councils to fight Tory cuts

Chesterfield: Disability, school crossing and other anti-cuts campaigners marched alongside people from Rethink Mental Illness and Our Vision Our Future self-advocacy groups to fight Tory cuts that are passed on by the local Labour council, writes Elaine Evans.

More ...

photo Senan

photo Senan

13 May 2015

Organising resistance to Tory cuts starts now!

Public sector workers will be at the sharp end of more austerity but also at the centre of the opposition against it, writes Rob Williams, National Shop Stewards Network.

More ...

30 April 2015

Anti-cuts councillor set to defend seat

This election campaign has shown the rising tide of anti-austerity anger

More ...

30 April 2015

After the election: prepare for the battles to come

While no one yet knows which political party or parties will be in government after the general election, many of the tasks facing the trade union and anti-cuts movement after polling day are already clear

More ...

TUSC candidate Jacqui Berry, photo Senan

11 March 2015

Why we're standing for TUSC

Three TUSC prospective parliamentary candidates say why they're standing

More ...

25 February 2015

Anti-cuts MPs would only take average wage of a worker

In response to the latest Westminster scandal, the Socialist Party argues that what is urgently needed is a party of a completely different type

More ...

11 February 2015

'TUSC has my values and principles'

Warrington rebel councillor Kevin Bennett speaks to the Socialist: Warrington anti-cuts councillor Kevin Bennett has left the Labour Party to become a Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition representative

More ...

11 February 2015

Welfare cuts kill!

Last summer a retired gardener from Newham, east London, killed himself. 66 year old Malcolm Burge had been driven to this desperate act because the government had slashed his housing benefit in January

More ...

Waltham Forest TUSC supporters campaigning for rent control

Waltham Forest TUSC supporters campaigning for rent control

14 January 2015

Help build an anti-cuts electoral alternative

Come to the TUSC conference, 24 January: The 7 May general election will be seen by many as an opportunity to ditch the Tory/Liberal Democrat coalition that has imposed the widest and deepest austerity for generations, writes Dave Nellist, TUSC national chair.

More ...

7 January 2015

Appeal to readers: cash needed to fight the cuts

The Socialist Party launched its general election appeal before Christmas. We are aiming to raise 50,000 over the next few weeks to help pay for the leaflets, posters and other essential material essential

More ...

26 November 2014

Way to go, Watford!

Watford and Hatfield Socialist Party members have collected around 900 signatures and 200 of fighting fund. In the last four months we have led campaigns on issues including bus service cuts and Israel's blockade

More ...

12 November 2014

Scottish TUSC conference votes to stand candidates in 2015

The Scottish Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) conference has voted unanimously to stand candidates in the 2015 Westminster elections on an uncompromising anti-cuts platform

More ...

Dave Nellist speaking at the Leicester People's Budget conference, alongside Tessa Warrington (left), cllr Barbara Potter (centre) and cllr Wayne Naylor (right), photo Ambrose Musiyiwa

Dave Nellist speaking at the Leicester People's Budget conference, alongside Tessa Warrington (left), cllr Barbara Potter (centre) and cllr Wayne Naylor (right), photo Ambrose Musiyiwa

29 October 2014

Leicester holds historic People's Budget talks

On 25 October around 60 people gathered to participate in Leicester's first ever People's Budget conference

More ...

29 October 2014

Scottish Labour in crisis

Build a working class anti-cuts alternative: The Labour Party in Scotland has been thrown into a deep crisis following the resignation of its Scottish leader, Johann Lamont

More ...

28 October 2014

Scottish Labour in crisis

The Labour Party in Scotland has been thrown into a deep crisis following the resignation of its Scottish leader, Johann Lamont

More ...

20 August 2014

Re-house Charlie Wort!

Southampton Labour-run council has evicted Charlie Wort from his home in St. Marys after the recent death of his mother. They claim he is no longer entitled to be housed by the council

More ...

Leicester councillors Wayne Naylor and Barbara Potter, photo Leicester TUSC

16 July 2014

Anti-cuts councillors join up with TUSC

Two Leicester anti-cuts councillors have joined up with TUSC in the fight against austerity

More ...

12 June 2014

Victory! Library to re-open on Monday

In a stunning victory campaigners have forced Rhondda Cynon Taff council to re-open Rhydyfelin library

More ...

28 May 2014

Local elections 2014: A good base for TUSC to build on

The vote tally for the 560 local election and mayoral Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition no-cuts candidates in the 22 May elections is 68,031

More ...

Jobs and homes not racism - stop the BNP! photo S Kimmerle

19 May 2014

Anti-cuts rally defies council ban and BNP

300 people joined Salford Against Cuts for a "Rally on the Lawn" outside the civic buildings

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