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35-hour week (19)

Aer Lingus (6)

Agency workers (46)

Airport (44)

Amicus (53)

Anti-union laws (63)

Argos (13)

Aslef (76)

AUT (7)

Axiom (3)

BAA (3)

BBC (158)

Besna (17)

Bin workers (56)

Blacklisting (94)

Bloc (3)

BMW (26)

Bosch (2)

British Airways (75)

BT (46)

Burslem 12 (9)

Bus workers (69)

Cadbury (6)

Cadbury-Schweppes (3)

Call Centres (16)

Car workers (40)

Care worker (11)

Care workers (63)

Civil Service (178)

Classroom assistants (8)

Cleaners (114)

Clyde (1)

Coastguards (7)

Compulsory redundancy (8)

Construction (222)

Construction workers (151)

Corus (37)

Council workers (131)

Crossrail (10)

CWU (309)

Dockers (22)

Docks (8)

Drivers (173)

DVLA (16)

DWP (152)

Electricians (65)

EPIU (3)

facility time (9)

FBU (214)

Fiddlers Ferry (9)

Firefighters (201)

Ford (94)

Fujitsu (14)

Gate Gourmet (7)

General Motors (11)

Glaxo Smith Kline (1)

GMB (204)

Health and safety (73)

Heinz (6)

Honda (8)

Jaguar (16)

Jane Norman (1)

Jarvis (9)

JCB (15)

JIB (7)

JJB Sports (4)

Jobcentre (49)

Jobs (1327)

Journalists (69)

Lecturers (78)

Linamar (40)

Lindsey (39)

Lindsey Oil Refinery (26)

Local government (213)

London underground (140)

LOR (12)

Lucas Aerospace (2)

Manufacturing (47)

Metro (36)

Metronet (13)

Milford Haven (8)

Miners (156)

Ministry of Justice (12)


Natfhe (10)

National Grid (2)

NUJ (59)

Nurses (118)

NUT (343)

Oilc (4)

Outsourcing (39)

PCS (791)

People's Charter (1)

Peugeot (8)

Pfizer (7)

POA (79)

Port workers (4)

Postal dispute (25)

Postal workers (136)

Printers (1)

Prison officers (46)

Railworkers (9)

RCN (23)

Redundancies (105)

Redundancy (26)

Refinery (36)

Refuse workers (16)

Remploy (49)

Reps (45)

RMT (642)

Rover (31)

Saltend (18)

Seafarers (8)

Shelter (34)

Shipyard (3)

Shop Stewards (219)

Siemens (3)

Single status (29)

Sita (6)

Social workers (13)

Sodexo (7)

Stagecoach (15)

Staythorpe (1)

Steel (83)

Strike (2676)

Sunday trading (1)

Superdrug (3)

Supermarket (27)

Teachers (430)

Textile (7)

TGWU (56)

Thomas Cook (3)

Total (15)

Toyota (1)

Trade union (502)

Trade Union Freedom Bill (4)

Trade unions (345)

Train drivers (28)

TSSA (45)

Tube Lines (5)

Tube workers (46)

Tubelines (3)

Twinings (2)

UCATT (29)

UCU (153)

Unfair dismissal (14)

Unions (852)

Unison (903)

Unison witchhunt (5)

Unite (722)

Usdaw (90)

Vauxhall (42)

Vestas (24)

Visteon (90)

Volkswagen (7)

Waterford Crystal (1)

Wedgwood (1)

Whipps Cross (61)

Zero-hour contracts (146)

Reports and campaigns:

Anti-capitalism (1235)

Anti-fascist (561)

Anti-racism (701)

Anti-war (1487)

Asylum (209)

Black and Asian (391)

Children (372)

CNWP (108)

Corporate crime (2)

Disability (200)

Education (3889)

Election campaigns (2440)

Environment (603)

EU (449)

Finance (99)

Food (270)

Health and safety (33)

Health and welfare (311)

Housing (1025)

Human Rights (379)

LGBT Pride (141)

Local government (2169)

Local services (3643)

Low pay (506)

Migration (56)

Nationalisation (145)

New workers party (467)

NHS (1832)

Pensions (700)

Post Office (222)

Poverty (571)

Privatisation (1014)

Public Services (1125)

Socialism (867)

Socialist (43)

Sport (195)

Stop the slaughter of Tamils (89)

Students (1813)

The state (1366)

Transport (547)

TUSC (997)

Welfare rights (710)

Women (758)

Workplace and TU campaigns (8233)

Youth (1957)

Related websites

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Workplace and TU campaigns / Anti-union laws

photo Sujeeth

10 June 2015

Fight austerity! Fight anti-union laws!

Come to the NSSN national conference

More ...

photo Senan

photo Senan

13 May 2015

Organising resistance to Tory cuts starts now!

Public sector workers will be at the sharp end of more austerity but also at the centre of the opposition against it, writes Rob Williams, National Shop Stewards Network.

More ...

A TUSC supporter protesting outside Labour's Collins Review conference in 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

1 April 2015

How to fight the anti-union laws

Supporting Labour will not defeat them: The Tories have proposed even more repressive legislation, including that 40% of all balloted union members have to vote for strike action. Only 15 MPs would have been elected in 2010 on this basis

More ...

14 January 2015

Stop the Tory strike ban plan

Last Sunday, in Paris, Prime Minister David Cameron was happy to rub shoulders with fellow right-wing political leaders at the head of the millions strong march to defend 'democracy'

More ...

Prison Officers Association (POA) assistant secretary, Joe Simpson, photo  Socialist Party

Joe Simpson

6 July 2011

Fighting pension cuts and the anti-union laws

Interview with Joe Simpson, POA assistant secretary. An important part of the action on 30 June was the well-attended lunchtime protest meetings held outside many prisons by the POA...

More ...

RMT and TSSA members strike against cuts on the London Underground , photo Paul Mattsson

RMT and TSSA members strike

8 June 2011

Fighting the anti-strike legislation

The Con-Dems' attacks: The anti-trade union laws are important weapons in the bosses' armoury. Business secretary Vince Cable has threatened this week to make the laws even tougher, in the light of coordinated strike action. Alex Gordon, president RMT, writes.

More ...

24 March 2011

No to the anti-trade union laws

We have the most repressive anti-trade union laws in Europe, introduced by the last Tory government and maintained by New Labour...

More ...

23 March 2011

We're backing TUSC

"The Tories, Lib Dems and Labour all support cuts, privatisation and the anti-union laws...

More ...

Tube strike: RMT strikers picket the London Underground, photo Paul Mattsson

Tube strike: RMT strikers picket the London Underground, photo Paul Mattsson

21 March 2011

Rail unions win over anti-strike laws

On Friday 4 March 2011 the Court of Appeal in London handed down definitive judgements in two important industrial action cases, writes Alex Gordon, president of the RMT union. An edited version of this article appeared in the Socialist as 'Trade union victory over anti-strike laws'

More ...

9 March 2011

Fighting the anti-trade union laws

The appeal court in London has overruled a previous high court judgement that blocked the RMT calling its members from the Dockland Light Railway (DLR) out on strike, writes Bill Mullins.

More ...

Bob Crow, Railway workers union general secretary, RMT, addresses NSSN lobby of TUC, photo Suleman Civi

Bob Crow at NSSN lobby

4 March 2011

RMT secures major court victory on right to strike

Press release from RMT: Transport union RMT this morning secured a major victory in the Court of Appeal over UK strike laws that will pave the way for millions to take action over cuts to jobs and services in the months ahead...

More ...

26 January 2011

RMT leader slams anti-union laws

Alex Gordon, president of the RMT transport union, explained to delegates at the recent National Shop Stewards Committee how the anti-union laws were being used to frustrate industrial action by workers...

More ...

Trade Unionists lobbying parliament - trying to persuade at least 100 MPs to turn up at John McDonnell's Lawful Industrial Action bill's second reading, to prevent the Tories crushing it, photo by Suzanne Beishon

Trade Unionists lobbying parliament - trying to persuade at least 100 MPs to turn up at John McDonnell's Lawful Industrial Action bill's second reading, to prevent the Tories crushing it, photo by Suzanne Beishon

20 October 2010

Fighting the anti-union laws

Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill 2010: On 22 October, two days after the government announces its savage public spending cuts, left Labour MP John McDonnell's Lawful Industrial Action (Minor Errors) Bill has its second reading, writes Jim Horton.

More ...

26 May 2010

Workplace news in brief

Human rights and the anti-union laws: Rail union RMT has launched a challenge to the anti-trade union laws in the European Court of Human Rights...

More ...

19 May 2010

British Airways: Another intolerable court judgment

Editorial: During the evening before a 20 day strike by British Airways cabin crew was due to start, British Airways bosses won a court injunction against it...

More ...

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, speaking to the press, photo Paul Mattsson

Bob Crow, general secretary of the RMT, speaking to the press, photo Paul Mattsson

7 April 2010

Mobilise to defend the right to strike

Editorial: The rail union democratically agreed and planned an effective strike. Network Rail bosses went running to the courts...

More ...

3 November 2009

Victory at Crown Aerosols

Workers in the unions Unite and the GPMU stopped production at Crown Aerosols UK in Sutton in Nottinghamshire on 19 October, writes Socialist Party reporters.

More ...

9 September 2009

TUC conference: Workers willing to fight - in spite of leadership

This year's TUC conference takes place in Liverpool. There could not be a greater contrast between the city's working class, with their tremendous history of struggle and the TUC leaders, who lack any...

More ...

Linamar workers support sacked covneor Rob Williams, photo Sarah Mayo

Linamar workers support sacked covneor Rob Williams, photo Sarah Mayo

17 June 2009

Recent industrial disputes bring important lessons for the future

Editorial: THE VICTORY of Rob Williams, in getting his job back and being reinstated into his position as convenor of the Swansea Linamar car parts plant has tremendous lessons for the future. And it reveals, along with other struggles that have broken out in the last six months, the crucial role of conscious socialists in the workplace.

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