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Middle East (156)

Palestine (111)

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Qatar (10)

Saudi Arabia (36)

Syria (102)

United Arab Emirates (2)

Yemen (11)

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19 April 2002

Israel/Palestine War: The Failure Of Capitalism - The Need For A Socialist Solution

US SECRETARY of state Colin Powell's Middle East diplomacy has failed to end the Israeli occupation of Palestinian areas

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22 March 2002

No Support For Bush's War

AS BRITAIN'S Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon sends 1,700 British commandos to fight al-Qa'ida and Taliban in Afghanistan, opinion polls suggest there will be big opposition if Blair backs US escalation of military action to attack Saddam Hussein in Iraq, writes Roger Shrives.

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30 November 2001

Western War Coalition: Buying Friends And Influence

GEORGE BUSH'S 'war on terrorism' is a cover to expand the power of US imperialism. Aided and abetted by Britain, the US heads a loose and fragile 'coalition' which includes the G7 countries and Russia,...

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19 October 2001

US Attacks Provoke Mass Opposition

EVERY DAY that US bombs blast Afghanistan, opposition in the Arab and Muslim world to imperialism grows...

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