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Banking crisis (12)

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Northern Rock (30)

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Working class (427)

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6 September 2014

Tamil Solidarity Day

Tamil Solidarity, together with Day-Mer Turkish and Kurdish Community, is holding its annual Solidarity Day on 6th September

More ...

6 September 2014

Manchester: Austerity Wrecks Lives - march & rally

11am, assembling at Castlefield Arena, Liverpool Road, Manchester M3 4JR. The march will depart at 11:30 to march around the city centre and return to Castlefield Arena at 12:30 for the rally

More ...

4 September 2014

West London Socialist Party: How does the Socialist Party organise?

How does the Socialist Party organise itself in the struggle against the capitalist system? What's involved in being a member? How can every member, even the newest, contribute to building the party?

More ...

1 September 2014

Council proposes worst cuts in living memory

Last week, the Labour Cabinet in Kirklees introduced a cuts package of 70 million for so-called public consultation

More ...

30 August 2014

Newport: Anti-NATO demonstration

NATO was founded after WW2 as an alliance "in defence of democracy", despite the fact that various dictatorships were among its founders

More ...

29 August 2014

Fast Food Rights Day of Action

Yorkshire: On 28 August, eight protests across Yorkshire coincided with a US fast food workers' strike

More ...

21 August 2014

West London Socialist Party: Victory for $15 minimum wage in Seattle!

A recent visitor to Seattle will be giving a report, which will be followed by discussion

More ...

20 August 2014

Chester solidarity with Doncaster Care UK workers

When West Cheshire Trades Council members heard that managers from Care UK in Chester were travelling to Doncaster to strike break during the Doncaster Care UK dispute, they decided to act

More ...

London Gaza demo 19 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

London Gaza demo 19 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

20 August 2014

Capitalism means war: Join the Socialists!

Nato, the war-machine of Western capitalism, will descend on Newport in South Wales for its summit at the beginning of September

More ...

20 August 2014

Government's economic mirage as election approaches

Ahead of next year's general election, Tory Chancellor George Osborne and Lib Dem Treasury minister Danny Alexander have been regaling the mainstream media with tales of government success in increasing employment, in an expanding economy

More ...

20 August 2014

Socialist policies needed to answer Project Fear

Thursday 18 September will see an unprecedented mobilisation to the polls for the referendum on Scottish independence

More ...

Women munitions workers during World War One

20 August 2014

Protests, strikes and equality: Women in World War One

In this anniversary year there is likely to be scant attention given to the militant struggles of working class women during the four years of brutal conflict, where class divisions remained a feature of everyday life

More ...

20 August 2014

Scandal of underfunded mental health services

The shocking death of actor Robin Williams starkly highlights the fact that depression is a dangerous and life threatening clinical condition

More ...

20 August 2014

Jess Spear election success

Hot on the heels of socialist Kshama Sawant's earth shattering election victory in Seattle and the game changing success of the '$15 Now' end low pay campaign, comes Jess Spear

More ...

20 August 2014

USA: Ferguson erupts over police killing

The police killing of unarmed black youth, Michael Brown, in the Ferguson suburb of Missouri on 9 August, has led to a storm of protest across the USA

More ...

20 August 2014

Them & Us

Mind the gap: The fall in average earnings in the last economic quarter didn't affect Britain's fat cat executives

More ...

15 August 2014

Royal Mail workers stage unofficial walkout

CWU members at Royal Mail's Orton Southgate Delivery Office in Peterborough walk out

More ...

London Gaza demo 19 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

15 August 2014

Socialism and national rights

The bloody conflict in Ukraine, alongside the slaughter of the Palestinian people in Gaza, has brought the issue of the 'national question' once more forcefully onto the political agenda. How can we open a road to begin to solve seemingly age-old intractable issues? Peter Taaffe writes.

More ...

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