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Banking crisis (12)

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Bolsheviks (19)

Bonapartism (1)

Bonuses (46)

Bourgeoisie (9)

British economy (11)

British politics (2)

Budget (162)

Bureaucracy (12)

Capitalism (571)

Capitalist (421)

Carry trade (1)

Clause 4 (1)

Clause four (1)

Coalition government (12)

Coffee (5)

Commune (6)

Communism (8)

Communist Manifesto (6)

Competition (15)

Consciousness (3)

Counter-revolution (13)

Credit crunch (17)

Democracy (69)

Depression (10)

Economic crisis (41)

Economy (270)

Engels (17)

Euro (31)

Farmers (25)

Feudalism (1)

General strike (198)

Global (94)

Globalisation (21)

Great Depression (6)

Hedge funds (7)

Imperialism (155)

Import controls (1)

Independence (27)

Inflation (18)

Insurrection (3)

Interest rates (12)

Jacobins (5)

Jpmorgan (1)

Keynesian (5)

Keynesianism (2)

Lenin (33)

Lisbon Treaty (3)

Maoists (4)

Market (137)

Marx (74)

Marxism (48)

Marxist (29)

Materialism (7)

McDonalds (13)

Minimum wage (81)

Mortgages (12)

Nationalisation (67)

Nationalise (30)

New workers parrty (6)

Nobility (1)

Northern Rock (30)

Northern Rock (30)

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Occupations (9)

Oil (210)

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Sub-prime market (2)

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The Socialist (382)

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Transitional Programme (5)

Trotsky (65)

Trotskyism (3)

Wealth (8)

Wealth gap (11)

Workers press (1)

Working class (425)

Working class (425)

World economy (40)

capitalist crisis (15)

capitalist system (11)

soviet (27)

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Bakers Union National President Ian Hodson on a protest for a 10 minimum wage, photo by Jim Jepps

Bakers Union National President Ian Hodson on a protest for a 10 minimum wage, photo by Jim Jepps

31 July 2014

10/hr Now! Because the bills keep coming and the rent won't wait!

'Because the bills keep coming and the rent won't wait'. This slogan, a version of which was used by Seattle's victorious $15Now campaign, makes the case for raising the minimum wage devastatingly

More ...

100 years since the Great Slaughter - World War One

100 years since the Great Slaughter - World War One

31 July 2014

WW1 - 100 years since the great slaughter

One hundred years ago World War One began, unleashing slaughter on an unprecedented scale. It was dubbed the 'Great War', the 'war to end wars'. For the ten million killed and more than ten million seriously injured it was certainly not great.

More ...

Marching against austerity on 20 October 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

Marching against austerity on 20 October 2012, photo Paul Mattsson

31 July 2014

Economic recovery - so where's our share-out?

The Tories can barely conceal their glee. With a general election just ten months away, Chancellor Osborne has announced that the economy has now expanded for the sixth consecutive quarter

More ...

31 July 2014

Socialist Party news

Waltham Forest Socialist Party reading group meets on Wednesday evenings. As a new member of the reading group, I have already found that the reading and discussion has been useful

More ...

31 July 2014

Solidarity with Birmingham student occupiers

Students at the University of Birmingham have occupied a building to protest against the recent suspensions of two students for taking part in previous sit-ins, writes Nick Hart, Birmingham Socialist Party.

More ...

31 July 2014

Miliband needs a makeover... ...of his party and his politics

Labour leader Ed Miliband doesn't have an image problem, he has a policy problem. The problem is he doesn't have any, or at least policies that answer the gravity of the situation, writes Nancy Taaffe.

More ...

31 July 2014

Southampton: Channel 4's Immigration Street condemned

In a meeting pulsating with anger, about 150 people from Newtown and Northam in Southampton discussed the idea of 'Immigration Street', the sequel to Channel 4's 'Benefit Street', writes Phillip Sneider.

More ...

31 July 2014

Them & Us

Clipped wings: Record house prices and low wages mean that millions of young people cannot move out of their parents' home

More ...

24 July 2014

Brighton Socialist Party: Domestic violence - What is the socialist answer?

As rape crisis services and domestic violence units fall victim to cuts and austerity, what lessons can be learned from the successful socialist-led Campaign against Domestic violence in the 1990s?

More ...

18 July 2014

To comrades and friends of Dave Boyes,

We have to share the very sad news that Dave passed away on 17 July after his prolonged battle with illness

More ...

17 July 2014

Brighton Socialist Party: Iraq 2014 - Imperialism's bloody legacy

As Iraq is torn apart by a revival of the Shia-Sunni sectarian war, with violent Sunni group ISIS seizing large parts of the country, it is important to understand the link between the 2003 US-led invasion and today's events

More ...

Picketing Hackney Town Hall on 10 July 2014, photo Paul Mattsson

16 July 2014

J10 strike success: Now build movement to end low pay

"Work should pay, not keep you in poverty." After the 10 July strike of over one million workers, no one could be in any doubt that low pay is a major issue in Britain

More ...

16 July 2014

Scotland: Threat of a Yes majority forces concessions

The independence referendum campaign in Scotland is approaching its concluding two months with opinion polls still showing a lead for the No side - 57% compared to 43% for Yes

More ...

16 July 2014

Them & Us

Tough at the top: Poverty pay and the cost of living crisis are the big issues for many workers and their families. But for those at the top, life it seems couldn't be better

More ...

16 July 2014

SWP's Marxism: absence of serious debate and strategy

'Marxism', the annual 'festival of ideas' hosted by the Socialist Workers Party, does not have a good record for open and democratic discussion

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