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16 September 2014

Inequality and fightback in the richest country in the world

A wave of strikes by fast food workers and the election of Kshama Sawant to Seattle city council are indicators of the change taking place in the US. Peter Taaffe reports on his recent visit.

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The Socialist (Scotland)

The Socialist (Scotland)

16 September 2014

Scottish referendum: "Britain will never be the same again"

With four days to go, the referendum is on a knife edge. Whichever side wins, Britain's ruling elite will have suffered a battering which will leave it permanently damaged.

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12 September 2014

Scotland: Defeat Project Terror with socialist policies

The possibility of a majority 'Yes' vote for Scottish independence has produced panic and trepidation among the British capitalist establishment and their counterparts internationally

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11 September 2014

FBU Ring of Fire tour

The Fire Brigades Union has announced a nationwide "Ring of Fire" tour of the UK to highlight the devastating impact the government's austerity agenda is having on the fire and rescue service

More ...

Health workers in Liberia have been on strike demanding better protection from Ebola virus and improved pay

Health workers in Liberia have been on strike demanding better protection from Ebola virus and improved pay

10 September 2014

Ebola virus: Victims of a failed capitalist system

Infectious bodies rotting in the streets... health care facilities overwhelmed... health workers dying in shocking numbers. These horrific scenes are spreading across West Africa

More ...

 University, college and school students protest in central London against higher tuition fees and education cuts , photo Suzanne Beishon

10 September 2014

Students: Fight debt, poverty and capitalism

Going to university is supposed to be a stepping stone to a job which you couldn't get without a degree. The reality is that, because of Westminster politicians, the only thing guaranteed for students after completing a degree is debt

More ...

10 September 2014

Unison Bureaucracy Unmasked

At Unison's 2007 conference, the union's standing orders committee ruled out of order a third of branch motions, including ones questioning union strategies and the union's link with Labour

More ...

Tamil Solidarity Day attendees listen to Unison executive member April Ashley, photo Fauzer Mahroof

10 September 2014

Solidarity Day: a great success

Over 100 people from Tamil, Turkish and Kurdish communities, with other activists and trade unionists, celebrated Tamil Solidarity Day 2014

More ...

10 September 2014

US: building a movement to end poverty pay!

On 4 September strikes and protests took place in over 100 cities around the US demanding an end to low pay in the fast food industry and a $15 an hour minimum wage

More ...

10 September 2014

North West marches for end to austerity

Hundreds of trade unionists from across the North West marched in Manchester on Saturday 6 September calling for an "End to Austerity"

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10 September 2014

TUC votes for 10 minimum wage

The first day of the TUC congress was dominated by discussion over pay in the public and private sectors, writes Neil Cafferky.

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2013 Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax, which has now been defeated in Scotland, photo Jim Halfpenny

2013 Glasgow demonstration against the bedroom tax, which has now been defeated in Scotland, photo Jim Halfpenny

10 September 2014

Scotland in revolt against austerity

'Yes' support hits the Tories: Polls showing big growth in support for a Yes vote have sent dismay and terror coursing through Westminster's capitalist elite

More ...

10 September 2014

Scottish referendum: A mass revolt against austerity

The 6 September YouGov survey for the Sunday Times has sent shock waves through the capitalist political establishment in Britain

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