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From: The Socialist issue 910, 13 July 2016: Organise the resistance: fight the Tories and the Blairites

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CWI in brief

Irish Republic: Repeal the eighth amendment!

ROSA activists campaign for a woman's right to choose in Ireland

ROSA activists campaign for a woman's right to choose in Ireland   (Click to enlarge)

ROSA activists (for Reproductive rights, against Oppression, Sexism and Austerity), including CWI Ireland members, shown campaigning for a woman's right to choose.

They are demanding a referendum to repeal the eighth amendment to the Irish constitution which prohibits women's abortion rights.

Anti Austerity Alliance TD (MP) and Socialist Party Ireland member Ruth Coppinger has a #repealbill up for debate in the Dail (Irish parliament) in October. Campaigners will use the run up to that debate to put as much pressure as possible on all TDs to vote in favour.

China: Solidarity with striking Walmart workers

CWI members in Hong Kong express solidarity with striking Walmart workers in China

CWI members in Hong Kong express solidarity with striking Walmart workers in China   (Click to enlarge)

CWI members in Hong Kong express solidarity with striking Walmart workers in mainland China.

China has been hit by unofficial strikes at Walmart stores in at least four cities after company bosses imposed new rotten work contracts. The workers' strikes are unprecedented because they are coordinated - using social media - in a police state where strikes are usually confined to one workplace or city.

Brazil: CWI member contesting council seat

Marzeni Pereira, contesting a council seat in Brazil

Marzeni Pereira, contesting a council seat in Brazil   (Click to enlarge)

Marzeni Pereira is a LSR (CWI) member, a leading water workers' trade unionist who was sacked last year for exposing the water crisis in Sao Paulo. He is standing as candidate for the Sao Paulo council, as part of the PSOL party which LSR participates in as a revolutionary socialist current.

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