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Welfare rights / Benefits

22 October 2014

Them & Us

Classless Ukip?: Ukip claims to represent 'all social classes'. So what is the commons voting record of Ukip's newest MP, Tory defector Douglas Carswell?

More ...

15 October 2014

The myth of 'self-employment'

If you have friends or relatives in the construction industry, you know exactly what the Tories mean when they boast about how they have got workers "off benefits and into work"

More ...

15 October 2014

Them & Us

Victorian pay: Real earnings for workers have slumped by a massive 8% between 2007 and 2014 according to the TUC, ahead of its Britain Needs A Pay Rise demo on 18 October

More ...

Demonstrating outside Labour's national conference in Manchester to demand a 10 minimum wage,  photo Hugh Caffrey

Demonstrating outside Labour's national conference in Manchester to demand a 10 minimum wage, photo Hugh Caffrey

24 September 2014

We need 10 an hour now!

Ed Miliband has pledged that Labour will increase the minimum wage to 8 an hour. But you'll have to wait till 2020!

More ...

17 September 2014

Why I'm a socialist

In schools we are taught to share, respect each other and work together. This made sense. We got more done than we would have separately, giving us more time to enjoy ourselves

More ...

17 September 2014

Bradford benefits under attack

"Look for work nine to five, or face losing your benefits." That was the government's right-wing mantra for cities like Bradford, which has about 14,500 claimants for Jobseeker's Allowance, and is part of a pilot scheme to pile on more misery, writes Peter Robson, Bradford Socialist Party.

More ...

20 August 2014

Them & Us

Mind the gap: The fall in average earnings in the last economic quarter didn't affect Britain's fat cat executives

More ...

2 July 2014

Pensioners Parliament opposes austerity

Pensioners gathered in Blackpool on 17 June for the three-day annual event organised by the National Pensioners Convention

More ...

25 June 2014

Blame the profit system not its victims!

Miliband attacks young unemployed: In the same week that a new TUC report showed the dismal job prospects for young people in Con-Dem Britain, due to the miserable failure of British capitalism to invest, Labour leader Ed Miliband has launched yet another attack on us

More ...

18 June 2014

"Self-employed" and exploited

Who do they think they're fooling? With the number of registered unemployed reportedly at an all-time low for this recession, the government again claims their policies are working

More ...

4 June 2014

NHS: Night shift and a cold rage

I'm a psychiatric nurse in a crisis/home treatment capacity in a South Yorkshire mental health trust

More ...

Mitie cleaning workers striking for decent pay on 21 January 2014, photo Neil Cafferky

23 April 2014

Hungry Britain: Fight for jobs and a living wage for all

One million people are now being fed by food banks. In an effort to cut across the horror and sympathy this figure generated, government sources have denounced the author, Trussell Trust charity

More ...

17 April 2014

Food Bank use escalates

Nearly one million people now rely on food banks

More ...

16 April 2014

Working on zero-hour contracts

At the Sports Direct (SD) store I work in, 90% of us are on zero-hour contracts. Before Christmas they were hiring so many people, every day there was someone new. Over 180 people were working in the store

More ...

Housing emergency!

9 April 2014

Housing emergency

Cap rents not benefits - build quality council homes: My local area, the Labour-controlled south London borough of Lewisham, is no longer an affordable place to live, writes Chris Flood, Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) candidate in Lewisham.

More ...

26 March 2014

Fight for a 10 an hour minimum wage

Under the Con-Dem government, households at every income level have had a fall in living standards, declared the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS)

More ...

19 March 2014

Activists in the US demand $15 Now!

On 15 March a national day of action took place across the US as part of the 15 Now campaign for a $15 an hour minimum wage

More ...

13 March 2014

Them & Us

Poverty safari: The idle rich used to go on big game safaris. Now it seems that 'poverty safaris' are all the rage

More ...

5 March 2014

Fight the government's vicious sanctions regime

Experiencing the daily grind of poverty and fruitless job searches when you're out of work is very demoralising. But the Con-Dems go the extra mile

More ...

5,000 people marched against the Welfare Reform Bill on 11 May 2011, photo Paul Mattsson

26 February 2014

'Welfare reform' - an avalanche of misery

"We must, as a society, face up to the fact that over half of people using foodbanks have been put in that situation by cutbacks to and failures in the benefit system, whether it be payment delays or punitive sanctions." These aren't the words of an opposition politician or an angry protester

More ...

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