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Welfare rights / Benefits

16 October 2013

Jobcentre staff struggling to cope

When the latest plans for cuts in benefits were announced, familiar trumpets were blown about the Work Programme and Mandatory Work Activity (MWA), writes Sean Dempsey

More ...

16 October 2013

Fight Tory plans to scrap lifeline for young

Cameron's proposals to scrap benefits for under-25s is yet another attack on young people from this government of millionaires

More ...

9 October 2013

Them & Us

Tory MP Paul Maynard is concerned people might get a 'food bank habit'. He said: "I do not believe that immediate food relief should be the role of the government...

More ...

2 October 2013

Tory millionaire tells Britain: 'Back to the workhouse!'

Millionaire chancellor George Osborne announced at Tory conference a plan to keep the country on rations until 2020! Ken Douglas writes.

More ...

25 September 2013

Stop privatisation of the Probation Service

On 19 September Chris Grayling put the Probation Service up for sale. The trade union Napo called widespread lunchtime protests. Hopefully, industrial action will follow. We need public protection, not

More ...

19 September 2013

Stop privatisation of Probation Service

On 19 September Chris Grayling put the Probation Service up for sale in the European Journal. The trade union Napo called widespread lunchtime protests.

More ...

28 August 2013

Nothing new at Sports Direct

As a former employee of Sports Soccer which was the predecessor of Sports Direct it came as little surprise to me to learn that this company is one of the worst culprits for using zero-hour contracts, writes an ex-Sports Soccer worker.

More ...

14 August 2013

End zero-hour contracts now!

At Sports Direct, Boots, Buckingham Palace, Wetherspoons, even for the government, zero-hour contracts are becoming widely used, writes Helen Pattison, London Socialist Party.

More ...

31 July 2013

Atos misery: scrap work capability assessments!

The government recently announced that they will be bringing more private companies in to do work capability assessments alongside hated current provider Atos.

More ...

31 July 2013

Benefits shock: London family on state handouts avoids the benefit cap and bedroom tax

Royal birth deflects from campaigns to save maternity services across the UK

More ...

17 July 2013

MPs' pay to rise to 74,000...

BBC website points out how Socialist Party member Dave Nellist only took a worker's wage when he was an MP from 1983 until 1992

More ...

10 July 2013

Privileged perks for Kate and Wills... Maternity cuts for us!

The Finland government has generously sent Kate and Wills one of the maternity 'boxes' given to all expectant mothers in Finland since the 1930s, writes Suzanne Beishon

More ...

3 July 2013

Them & Us

Burger blunder: Picture the scene - the day before Chancellor George Osborne announces more devastation to come our way in the Comprehensive Spending Review, he and his advisors desperately try to think of ways to get people to connect more with him

More ...

Fight back against austerity, photo Paul Mattsson

28 June 2013

Trade union action urgent to stop Osborne's spending plans

This week's government spending review continued war waged against us - all of us not part of the super-rich 1%. George Osborne announced a further 11.5 billion of cuts. By 2017-18 government spending is expected to be down a third from when the Con-Dems took office.

More ...

 Hardest Hit Protest: Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

Hardest Hit Protest: Disabled people and their families protest in central London against government spending cuts, photo Paul Mattsson

22 May 2013

Cuts kill: Con-Dem benefit 'reforms', mental health and suicide

Steven Bottrill, whose disabled mum Stephanie killed herself because of the bedroom tax, said: "Hopefully now someone will listen. Someone will realise what has gone on and change things"

More ...

15 May 2013

Con-Dems' benefit fact fraud

A survey carried out by the TUC earlier this year revealed that people believe, on average, that 27% of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently, writes Ben Golightly.

More ...

8 May 2013

One in five borrow to buy food

Five million families in Britain are struggling to pay for food and are reaching "breaking point" according to a 'Which?' survey...

More ...

1 May 2013

IDS' 'wealthy pensioners' smoke screen

Reasons for a 24-hour general strike: Iain Duncan Smith's proposal that "wealthier pensioners" should pay back universal benefits is a cover for a full blooded attack on pensions and benefits

More ...

Youth Fight for Jobs Workfare protest Feb 2012

Youth Fight for Jobs Workfare protest Feb 2012

1 May 2013

The 'precariat': fighting for real jobs

'Get a job!' is the constant refrain of privileged Tory ministers and vicious right-wing tabloids. A million unemployed young people are the subject of a relentless campaign of smears and lies

More ...

10 April 2013

Tories and press use Philpott case to attack 'welfare culture'

An advice worker explains what life on benefits is really like..

More ...

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