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Welfare rights / Benefits

Demo against Atos, St Helens, 19.2.14, photo H Caffrey

20 February 2014

Atos - not capable of assessing work capability

A day of action against Atos continuing in its role of assessing work capability took place on 19 February

More ...

TUSC on the 28 March 2012 NUT London strike and demonstration, photo Socialist Party

29 January 2014

We need councillors who stand up for us

On Thursday 22 May a little bit of history will be made. Hundreds of working class people – some of them already organised socialists, but many of them ordinary workers, trade unionists, young people, members of their local communities – will stand before the electorate and ask for votes

More ...

29 January 2014

Landlords, the real beneficiaries of benefits street

Channel Four's infamous Benefits Street 'documentary' has featured a squalid four-bedroom rented home that is so riddled with damp that water runs down the walls

More ...

29 January 2014

Them and Us

Not giving Atos: Atos, the private company used by the government to conduct its work capability assessments of disabled welfare claimants, is notorious for accusations of harassing claimants

More ...

22 January 2014

Benefits Street: A caricature of poverty

TV review: Channel 4's recent controversial "documentary" series, Benefits Street claimed to depict life for residents of poverty stricken James Turner Street in Winson Green, Birmingham

More ...

15 January 2014

More attacks on further education funding

The government has withdrawn funding for students on level three and four further education courses

More ...

15 January 2014

Pensioners are not economic 'joy riders'

Austerity: 'We're not being feather-bedded' I am not often driven to put pen to paper but the following headline, "Someone needs to fight the selfish, short-sighted old", on a recent Guardian article by ex-MP, ex-prisoner Chris Huhne did nothing for my blood pressure

More ...

8 January 2014

Greedy landlords create housing hell

Fergus Wilson - one of Britain's largest private landlords - says he will not accept any more applicants who rely on housing benefit

More ...

5 December 2013

Reactions to the Autumn Statement

Millionaire Osborne: 'The plan is working' - Working class people: 'Oh no it isn’t!' 400,000 people are using foodbanks, hundreds of thousands have lost their jobs and households are struggling under historic levels of debt. Only the super-rich could seriously think things are improving

More ...

4 December 2013

We need mass house building

Not more subsidies for lenders and landlords! All the politicians say we need more housing. But new home ‘completions’ in England fell 8% to 107,910 in the year to September, according to figures issued last month

More ...

4 December 2013

Why I believe in socialism

Seventeen year old Matt, a new member of York Socialist Party, gave a speech on 'why socialism' at his school

More ...

Tale of Two Cities - Youth Fight for Jobs protest against Workfare in Stratford's Westfield shopping centre in London 25 February 2012 , photo senan

Tale of Two Cities - Youth Fight for Jobs protest against Workfare in Stratford's Westfield shopping centre in London 25 February 2012 , photo senan

27 November 2013

No recovery for Britain's young people

The supporters of capitalism might be calling the feeble growth in the economy a "recovery" but Britain's young people are still left reeling

More ...

27 November 2013

Them & Us

Energy rip-off: Millions of hard-pressed households have just had their energy bills ratcheted-up to stratospheric levels by the 'big six' companies, accompanied by apologetic letters saying their 'hands are tied' due to government taxes, transportation costs, etc

More ...

13 November 2013

Benefit sanction figures expose Tory lies

On 6 November, the DWP issued figures for Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) claimants sanctioned under new rules brought in from October last year, and last June, writes an advice centre worker.

More ...

16 October 2013

Jobcentre staff struggling to cope

When the latest plans for cuts in benefits were announced, familiar trumpets were blown about the Work Programme and Mandatory Work Activity (MWA), writes Sean Dempsey

More ...

16 October 2013

Fight Tory plans to scrap lifeline for young

Cameron's proposals to scrap benefits for under-25s is yet another attack on young people from this government of millionaires

More ...

9 October 2013

Them & Us

Tory MP Paul Maynard is concerned people might get a 'food bank habit'. He said: "I do not believe that immediate food relief should be the role of the government...

More ...

2 October 2013

Tory millionaire tells Britain: 'Back to the workhouse!'

Millionaire chancellor George Osborne announced at Tory conference a plan to keep the country on rations until 2020! Ken Douglas writes.

More ...

25 September 2013

Stop privatisation of the Probation Service

On 19 September Chris Grayling put the Probation Service up for sale. The trade union Napo called widespread lunchtime protests. Hopefully, industrial action will follow. We need public protection, not

More ...

19 September 2013

Stop privatisation of Probation Service

On 19 September Chris Grayling put the Probation Service up for sale in the European Journal. The trade union Napo called widespread lunchtime protests.

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