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Tamil Solidarity

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24 April 2013

Caste discrimination: MPs side with oppressors not oppressed

Hundreds protested outside parliament on 14 April to demand the outlawing of caste oppression in Britain, writes Senan, Tamil Solidarity international coordinator.

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17 April 2013

Widespread caste discrimination ignored in the UK

STOP PRESS: widespread caste discrimination is ignored in the UK. Thousands of protesters from south Asian backgrounds raised their anger over this issue outside parliament on 16 April. Anger was directed...

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20 March 2013

Riots Reframed - starting the debate

Around 1,000 young people patiently queued to watch a new documentary film, Riots Reframed, in Tower Hamlets, east London on Saturday 16 March, writes Emma Smith.

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20 February 2013

Action needed to end caste discrimination

The first employment tribunal to deal with caste discrimination was dismissed recently after the judge 'recused' herself from the case, writes Senan, Tamil Solidarity.

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6 February 2013

Tamil Solidarity looks at 65 years of Sri Lankan 'independence'

Around 100 people attended the Tamil Solidarity meeting at Queen Mary University on 4 February - Sri Lanka's independence day

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23 January 2013

Leicester: Build a united campaign for community resources

Over a year ago an Islamic charity, As-Salaam, tried to buy a disused scout hut on Thurnby Lodge estate in Leicester, intending to use it as a prayer room and community resource, for Muslims and non-Muslims

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12 December 2012

Mass protests in Egypt against Mursi and his reactionary constitution

Big demonstrations have opposed Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi's attempt to seize new powers and railroad through a repressive Islamic constitution

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12 December 2012

Sri Lanka: Solidarity with Jaffna students

Protests outside Sri Lankan embassies against the brutal suppression of Tamil students in Jaffna, have taken place around the world...

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7 December 2012

Release political prisoners in Sri Lanka

Tamil Solidarity has launched a new campaign in protest at the arrest of students at Jaffna University by the brutal Sri Lanka regime...

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7 December 2012

Demand the immediate release of Ramy Sabry and all activists in Egypt

The CWI condemned the organised killing of journalist Al Housseini Abou Dayf, and the kidnapping and torturing of activists by Muslim Brotherhood members during the recent mass protests

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5 December 2012

Belgium: Defend Tamil activist from deportation

Tamil Solidarity activist Muruganandam Murugathas - Thas to his friends - was arrested in November and taken to a closed centre for asylum seekers in Steenokkerzeel, in reality a deportation camp...

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28 November 2012

Egypt: Mursi power grab provokes mass protests

Build a united front of workers and poor for 'second revolution': The declaration of sweeping new political powers by Egypt's president Mursi has provoked a violent backlash, leaving two dead and hundreds injured, and further polarised society along pro- and anti-Mursi lines...

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7 November 2012

Football: Showing racism the red card

Newspaper sports pages are filled with debate about racism in the 'beautiful game' or the 'ugly game' as the Sunday Mirror (4 November) now calls football...

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Tamil demonstration in London, photo D. Carr

Tamil demonstration in London, photo D. Carr

17 October 2012

Tamil Solidarity

Tamil Solidarity was set up in 2009 as Tamil-speaking people were being slaughtered by the Sri Lankan armed forces. It's estimated that 75,000 Tamils were massacred...

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Malcolm X, 12 March 1964, Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection, Ed Ford, World Telegram staff photographer

Malcolm X, 12 March 1964, Library of Congress. New York World-Telegram & Sun Collection, Ed Ford, World Telegram staff photographer

17 October 2012

Who was Malcolm X?

"By any means necessary" - Malcolm X's expression of militant civil rights - is known worldwide by young people fighting against racism, writes Hugo Pierre, Tower Hamlets Socialist Party.

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27 June 2012

Unison backs Tamil Solidarity

The recent Unison conference overwhelmingly supported the resolution to affiliate to the Tamil Solidarity campaign, writes Senan, Tamil Solidarity international coordinator

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Tamil Solidarity protest scores victory as Sri Lanka president Rajapaksa cancels speaking engagement, photo by Sarah Sachs Eldridge

Tamil Solidarity protest scores victory as Sri Lanka president Rajapaksa cancels speaking engagement, photo by Sarah Sachs Eldridge

6 June 2012

Tamil protest scores victory as Rajapaksa cancels speaking engagement

'Rajapaksa can't attend the meeting because the police can't guarantee his safety'. That was the attempt to explain away the Sri Lankan president's no-show at the Mansion House

More ...

6 June 2012

Heathrow protest against warmonger Rajapaksa

Tamil Solidarity meeting: "War criminal", "terrorist", "go home" - a cacophony of angry chants reverberated around the arrivals hall at Heathrow airport as over 500 Tamils protested on Sunday 3 June, writes Sarah Sachs-Eldridge.

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